I will try this in my exams :D

I will try this in my exams :D

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i am a indian girl so i like this

post feet

good morning sirs


good morning sir! may vishnu bless you with many redeems

>Movie: no one can see me part 2

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I shit in the street watching this

how many time i ignore this video... now the time is come. i see it : o

worst robbari redeem vagen bitch

Anyone remember when OC was a thing?

fuck the shut up bitch lasagna

name of movie

Can someone reply me from which scene this movie taken from?

good morning

Now see me movie name

Hello beautiful lady sirs! Do milk!

post link of hindi dub please sir


The spics are bad enough, I really fear the day when Indians start flooding Yea Forums

thank you sir

>I really fear the day when Indians start flooding Yea Forums
someone tell him

Good morning sirs

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>102 million views
bizarre culture

>102 million views
every fucking time

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/r/incel on reddit got deleted which was 90% indians posting pics of themselves and guess where they were told to go


Came here to post this

Lol kek jej xaxaxa laughingcheetahs.jpg

WOW amazing sir

doing the needful sir


Fuck I miss this meme. Every night for like a solid month I would see a 300+ reply thread full of shitposts about Indians and redeeming cards and shit. A whole race became a meme. It was incredible

Thank u kind ser

si senor, hola
vamos Alcaraz

Let's see how many Legends are memeing this masterpiece in April 2022

why are you racist against us indians
we have done nothing to you

Absolute kino


Ok.., fuck u bloddy , benchod mother fuker

I love it......

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i am indian and let me tell you, being indian is actually a great thing. we have beautiful people and we have ugly people. just like any race. I for 1 am a great person, have great friends, and i take care of every one that is in my life and i am glad to do it, and for that i have people that love me around me. also, indian parents are one of the best parents you can have. sometimes they can be really strict, but they will take care of you no matter what, and they will buy you what ever it is that you need. as long as your not a selfish ****head. Also, we all have great jobs, lots of money and a family that we all love and take care off. suck my dick op suck my dick

I’m glad you replied to me user. I’ve recently been stricken by a melancholy that’s infected my whole life, everything seems pointless. But you’re here. You’re posting in this retarded thread too. That’s comforting in a weird way. I love you.

why didn’t they just swallow the card

I am Indian too, I hate Yea Forums of making fun of us.
I am a very normal person who eats twice a day. I only eat rice with pulses. I don't kill animals for food. Like firangis. I am grateful to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama for making me so good than firangis,
I am proud of being an Indian.

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bloody bastard

what's with indians and cheating? even indians outside of india cheat like fucking crazy.

>remember this one indian girl in school who was always praised as the best of our class
>find out at the end of the year she had an entire usb hard drive of the work already completed from her sister who is a year older

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good morning and may vishnu bless you are days and family

good morning great sirs
please support my new video sirs
I will give full refund on your iRS tax return

Hallo butyful my village have widest shitting street in all Uttar Pradesh

Thank you, friend

hello kind sir,
are you from Meerut? My friend lives in Meerut, he used to work for "Maple Refund Services Ind." before covid.
Whenever I am talking with him on whatsapp, he always mentions that street and how he met Mrs. Gurpreet there, while taking a dump together after doing yoga in adjacent Upper caste park.

Good morning

Hello friends, radio mumbai is doing good today ser. Lord Vishnu bless our many day for defense of India

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my sirs, i am so happy to meet you all.
Words can't express my happiness, which is bountiful. Thanks to lord Hanuman.

My father is calling me now, we are cleaning toilet of our priest today. My mother will clean his bedroom. My mother tells me that our great priest always helps her in cleaning when we are busy with his toilet.

Bye tc cya tata

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fuck you subhuman racists im glad that whites are dying off and are being replaced with more and more brown people
im fucking happy that i'll get to experience your despicable population die off and be forever be branded as monsters by history

Actually that’s just a conspiracy theory.

your father is conspiracy theory

Ok rape u next week

fkin indians lol