Fifty Shades of Grey

What could explain its box office success?

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This is gonna be a good thread

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all women are whores and desire to be raped

They are good comfy movies

Maybe it was just a good movie I dunno. If it's popular, then it's probably pretty good. That's why Top 40 radio hits are the best music.

What does it feel like having sex to a girl like this?

tfw Emilia Clarke turned down the role

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It's multiple idealized fantasy tropes for women wrapped into one narrative:
>Rich, handsome guy somehow becomes obsessed with milquetoast girl with a boring personality
>Said guy is also clearly masking his "Dark-Triad" damaged true self, which gives her an impetus to "save him" (even though Christian Grey isn't actually a sociopath and his tastes in BDSM isn't even remotely extreme, which is important)
>Ultimately she's able to "fix him" into becoming an ideal husband who is still obsessed with her / kinky but isn't as disturbed about it (even though he never actually fucking was)
>In the process, she out-competes other women for his affection / attention (including his own mother, who he obviously has unresolved issues with)
>They live happily ever after

God I fucking hated these films. Mostly because they could've genuinely been interesting if they had even the slightest balls. But, of course, then they wouldn't be nearly as possible because the point is to create a mainstream BDSM psycho fantasy which appears "edgy" but is actually no more so than the majority of romantic films.

On the bright side, watching the first in a theater did get me laid on a first date. Watched the other two out of morbid curiosity, but they somehow just kept getting worse

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Seriously? She give any reason?

Idk ask my wifes boyfriend

>then they wouldn't be nearly as profitable*

Wasn't this movie hated by fetishists because it brought a lot of new attention from casuals?

She didn't want to be known as "that whore" basically. That's not how she said it obviously

I wouldn't doubt it. The funniest scene in the entire series is when she tells Christian to "do his worst" (or something along those lines) and then leaves him after some light spanking (when she's not even bound) because he's "taken it all too far." Like, bitch, he didn't exactly attach jumper cables to your tits or whip you with a chain - shut the fuck up. The spanking scene isn't even remotely kinky.

Yeah I laughed my ass off when I saw that LMFAO. The movie is so tame it is unreal
.t Bondage appreciator

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All women are whores
>What about the shy girl that sits in the back of class

>laid on a first date
I hope that was the only date bro

I had a gf who was into these books and is still into erotica, she is the most bland self obsessed boring cunt you could imagine

fucking post it already

I heard that he doesn't even squeeze her boobs?

Sadly you pay the ticket before you know if it’s actually good or not
So a ticket purchase does not really indicate that the movie is good

The bigger question is how come we never got a wave of bdsm kino after that.

Unfortunately I dated her for six months only for her to cuck me by secretly sleeping with her ex the entire time. Worst part is, I found out when her ex called her at our anniversary dinner. Probably a big reason why I hate these (admittedly inoffensive) movies now lol

The climax of the film is literally her telling him to "do his worst" and then he spanks her six times (lightly in my opinion). Then she calls him a monster and leaves lmao

It was based on a ridiculously successful ridiculous book.

>t.will smith

Unironically you see the male fantasy movies getting success? This is the same but aimed at women, you could understand it more if you reverse the gender of the characters

Hey! At least I dropped the bitch.

Still was made a cuck though...

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Women are horny, just not for you. Next question.

Single mom's took their daughters to watch this and the whole kinoplex smelt like the Yukon

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Let a creepy old man explain it to you:

>omg so kinky, bdsm, extreme stuff
>some light spanking, missionary love-making, hands tied up a couple of times

yeah this is basically it. I asked my wife about it and she didn't like it and wasn't interested in it, but it's not really a trope or achetype my wife is into. Her friend, however, is really into it.
Different women are into different archetypes of a man. 50 Shades hits a few of those.

I was reading about female romance novel and they all generally follow the same tropes and blend a bunch of them together to create a new story. They are pretty consistently billionaire but with some aspect of ruggedness or violence to him, like he's a boxer or a mechanic or something.

I remember where everyone was panicking because Christian was Inn a helicopter or plane that crashed and it's 60 seconds of drama, then he walks in through the door and says hey I'm fine. I was like kek what, why even bother.

It's very easy to understand, if ever in doubt just apply the rule 63
>tfw no gorillionaire dommy suggar mommy to take care of me

The movies are filled with similar scenes.

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To be fair, sounds like both you and the ex were getting cucked.
She was just a whore, no tears needed.

Because there is a lucrative market for adult subgenres such as erotic thrillers, whodunits etc.

The billionaire trope just enables the author to create a magic man that can travel the world and do whatever he wants.

possibly, but it also makes him powerful I think

It's less about power and more about a man who can take women on spontaneous adventures where they can have sex all day.

Based sinister Sheev.
Captcha TVR4D

What movie is that?

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Lawyer Gloom

>6 months
>anniversary dinner
Oh user


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Kino interview


its generally porn for women, and considering most porn is geared to men they ate it up

i'm just suprised there isn't more like this

If you take off all the fantastic world bs from the "romance" that it proposed to you (which the series miserably fail) you actually has an Chad.

I honestly do have this fantasy of having extreme sex with some seductive evil genius billionare lady who's a batshit insane sub in bed. But when I say extreme I don't mean 50 shades of gray light spanking extreme, I mean whipping and cutting off pieces of flesh with a knife extreme.

>ex was into this stuff
>she would literally just lie there cuffed down and do fuck all
>she considered this the hottest thing ever for us both and told people our sex life was great
>it's actually the most boring shit I've ever experienced
Women into this shit are dull, boring people and it spreads into their sex life. It's just an excuse for the woman to do as little as possible.

>rich handsome guy inexplicably falls for average looking woman
>the reasons for this are because he's SOOOOO fucking kinky and only she can save him
Kek fucking hell, the whole series is tame as fuck and in the real world he'd be getting any fucked up shit from prime 10/10 escorts.

Had the exact same type of woman. It was the most boring sex I've ever had. And it was also the most toxic relationship I've ever had.

I think Henry Cavill would have made a better Christian Grey. The story and the movie is trash though

You can't buy sincerity

>Anastasia, I want to shit in your mouth.

It's called GFE, bucko.

yea the manlet was unconvincing

A cuck is someone who enjoys seeing their partner sleep with other people
If you didn’t know you’re not a cuck just someone who got cheated on

every "prude" girl i knew back then went to see the film to feel the tingles down there


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Came here for this

>this was deemed an attractive female in 2011

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