What even is the "big" show right now? I've watched Raised By Wolves, Yellowjackets, and From...

What even is the "big" show right now? I've watched Raised By Wolves, Yellowjackets, and From, none of which are really major shows aside from maybe RbW, but none receive more than a few threads a week on Yea Forums. The last Disneyshit I was half-interested in was Mandalorian, or Loki, whichever was most recent. Neither Book of Bobafett nor Hawkeye seemed interesting, and I haven't seen much attention given to them on Yea Forums

Was Arcane the last frequently threaded show? Or Squidgame? I've been watching Halo but it's so fucking I don't even care to make fun of it. I just miss BrBa threads so much, bros.

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euphoria unironically

everyone is watching you


why the fuck does it matter?

>foloows FOTM shit for his dopamine hit rather then setting boundries around his consumption of media and acquiring a taste for things he likes
For instance I only watch movies made 20 years ago and through this I discovered french new wave and the movies of Delon

>people watch boring zoomer melodrama unironically

I don't know if I'm just getting older, but it's so fucking weird seeing a show featuring a tranny become so popular. the women at my job talk about it nonstop, girlfriends of friends bring it up with almost zero context. Yea Forums will have six troon-hate threads up with like five replies, and some Euphoria thread at the same time with hit 200+.
What's the deal? Isn't just a Zoomer's Degrassi?

Euphoria is kino

how old are these coworkers

I watch other shit, but half the fun of watching FOTM shit is talking/shitposting about it with anons. I don't actually believe anything released recently has been good, just serviceable enough to get a laugh at. If /Trek/ was frequented by even half the board's population, I'd continue marathoning TNG, VOY, and TOS every week

I'm so embarrassed I misspelled follows'

if you’re asking this you need to find friends in real life and just watch what they are

Early 20s, no older than 25, I'd say.

There will never be another show that quite captures the cultural zeitgeist like GoT and to an extent Tiger King, the latter only due to the beginnings of the lockdown.

There is no big show anymore, it's just an endless torrrent of sputtering diarrhea, and sometimes a slightly bigger solid chunk comes out like raised by wolves.
Game of thrones was the last big show and it unironically killed the format, along with doing untold damage to writing for years to come.

>but half the fun of watching FOTM shit is talking/shitposting about it with anons

It's a Friday night and you're on Yea Forums so I just assumed you were drunk and ignored it
The issue with having friends is that they expect you interact promptly, as if my phone is a means to summon me, and not a personal convenience of mine. Some user isn't gonna piss and shit himself if I don't reply to his post within a minute

Right now, HBO is trying to push Succession as the next prestige series. It's a good show, but it's not in the same league as The Sopranos, The Wire, Twin Peaks, True Detective (Season 1), Mad Med, etc. In my opinion, television is starting to become like fashion. There are no major trends or subcultures anymore because everyone just does their own thing. This makes it way more difficult to build an audience. Even though Succession manages to win countless awards, its viewership is embarrassingly small (approximately 0.5 million per episode).

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Shows don't really last any more. After a week everyone forgets them. You need unfiltered autism to keep the interest alive and even then it's like less than 10 chatting in a general.

Gods I miss early GoT

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You know what is unironically one of the biggest shows on tv right now for viewers?
You wouldn't know it here because it practically doesn't exist in the eyes of Yea Forums. But for boomer normies it's the shit.
Its up there at pre collapse walking dead numbers I heard.

will shows like sopranos and breaking bad just be discussed forever?

my mom is in her early 50's and likes it.

It’s a big showx82gp

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Older women literally soak their panties for kevin costner.
My mom is 76 and she gets all dreamy eyed over him.

The Sopranos is eternal. It's basically the television equivalent of Moby Dick.

i saw middle aged mothers discussing the show on myfb feed and its amazing how pedophilic images are embraced and applauded on a grand stage, its vile, mans psychological environment has become so filthy that most cant even reflect on themselves

my grandmother is 70 and loves him too yeah. he's like a boomer sex symbol.

That prequel was discussed a lot on Yea Forums though

I disagree that there are no major subcultures left, the problem is that those culture are very niche so creating anything for them with a decent budget is unprofitable. But your right on the rest of it

I haven't noticed anything about it.
The only show to really get Yea Forums going in a long time was Chernobyl.

your mom is a whore if she spends her time passively consuming modern entertainment, its unirinically over. The generational line between the kids and the out of touch adult is now non existant, now the adults feed from the same vat, two mentally damaged genrations within the same household both trying to find the same thing

Maybe I'm just a boomer, but what are kids these days even doing? There's like e-girls, furries, and doomers now. Am I missing any other subcultures?

>mom is 76
How old are you, user....

36, which is why he is autistic and posting here.

It was talked about when it was airing, but I think most of it was just because it was "pozzed"

its just television user. are you alright?

Wasn't Terror also similarly popular? There were a lot of anons who had watched both posting in their respective threads

It was, IIRC there was even a general that inevitably degenerated into gay husbando autism


Sadly, many such cases

I honestly only know of one

there is nothing good right now. GOT is gone BRBA is gone SOPRANOS is gone.

go back to pol you sad incel

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nothing is just as is as nothing can exist in a vacuum, the implications and forwarding consequences are far more dire than your dudebro, take it easy brah, dismissive attitude. Society feel down Jacobs ladder becasue theyre foolish minds just saw it as a simple peg

boomers watched television while they had gen x. this isn't new stuff. literally everyone watches some form of media unless you go ted k and live in a cabin.

Where'd that whale come from?

the universe is so big that it just popped into existence fully formed, got to contemplate life for a few seconds before it splattered on the ground. Much like us all.

you will also notice how boomers were the first dysgenic gneretaion that upsurped tradition that continously followed the generational cycle. Historically, generation prior to the one that would eventually follow it werent at all distant in shared values. Boomers were exhibit A in the power of mass media, while it was bad it doesnt hold a candle to the modern, notice that cancer doesnt kill its host immeditalty, its requires time to proliferate. Boomer media was once considered profane and now reflects as wholesome and favored from a comaprative lens.

why are you even on this board if you hate media so much?

Euphoria is only "big" in small places: boards, tumblr, twitter etc

I enjoy movies from the 50s and French new wave

could have just said you were a fag.

>consumes new Hollywood LGBTQan9n+ shit
>calls others a fag

Better Call Saul is the "big show" from what I can tell. Normies in my real life have been talking about it recently because the new season is coming out soon

I enjoyed Mindhunter. Hopefully season 3 is better than 2 though.


kino only really comes out like once a decade. If you like more than that you might have shitty taste.

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The righteous gemstones, of course

Is there no season 3?

never will be last i heard. its basically on indefinite hiatus.

rip. Kemper was kino, I was hoping they'd get to Uncle Ted.

I thought they did do a season on Uncle Ted. I remember watching it.