So did you like Frozen?

so did you like Frozen?

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In still waiting for the biopic. It'll be kino

that's a man

take me back to 10 yrs ago. I was 10 years younger and this whore was giving out nudes for free before onlyfans existed

I like the movie Frozen I guess I'll just eat a spoonful of coconut oil and I can do that EVERY day of the week before I go to bed or you can come over and watch the movie with me and I think I may be a little bit of a baby's arm and I'm going downstairs to eat seeds

Bitch has a face like she's deserving of getting raped.

Hello chang

Is she still releasing basic lewd cosplays and charging ridiculous money for it?

of course why would she stop now that shes married?

I was just wondering if she did the sensible thing and moved onto to porn already.

She has horrible fakes
Seriously, in a world where you can literally see a surgeon’s work before you pay them thousands of dollars, why do women routinely go to the worst fucking doctors and get their shit all fucked up?

Yeah, it was a fun little flick

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Because its cheap and realistically there's only so much you can do with small tits before they become hideous bolt-ons that would make a brazilian tranny hooker proud

Based natural titty goddess. One thing I’m always amused by is how a woman with huge tits will always make flat chested uggos in the general vicinity seethe uncontrollably. Big tiddies always get the room’s attention and subhuman “women” can’t stand it.

My neighbor played Elsa at Disneyland and had her own costume for girls birthday parties. A couple of years ago she was hard up for cash so I paid her for sex.

In costume?

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She's admitted that already, there was also a leaked post showing her post-surgery.
She explained that she had surgery because she had severe asymmetry with her tits, so it was more so for corrective purposes than anything.

Very nice. Did she wear the costume at the same time? That's the dream right there.

Yes. She started out the night in costume.

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I fingered her with the dress on but it was off for most of the activities.

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As long as it starts on then that's what counts.
Did she do any roleplay too?

did she leave the wig on?

Yes. But not the whole night. I asked her to sing let it snow when I went down on her.

Haha. The wig was the only thing that stayed on all night. Of course with readjustments.

It must be like a good hairline for baldos but even that doesn't come close. Is there a male equivalent to what titcows do to chestlets?

fucking based bro
its my dream to at least fuck a cosplay girl in costume

Based and snowpilled

Living the dream man. Every man wants a cosplay girl to play with him.

She looks nothing like her. This is literally the makeup on a potato meme.

what went wrong

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You went to far with the LARP

He’s lying. Of course


soulless vs soul

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Just go to a bar and get laid on Halloween. I fucked 3 sailor scouts, Wednesday Addams, and like a dozen catgirls.

I used to fuck a girl who cosplayed as Raven from Teen Titans.

fuck, me too.

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I use to dress up as Raven from Teen Titans. Tucked my cock away and fucked a couple guys.

No. Southern California.

she doesn't post nudes, there's that nude pic of her showing her post op tits but that was way before all that
she only shows her booty and that's it. and as a melanated individual that's the only thing I care about.

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user im happy you're living the dream but im enraged it wasnt me



It was right time and place. Only cost me a few hundred.

It must be a surreal experience to see a girl that has taken miles of British Broadcasting Companies in a Disney store.

did her face get wider?


She’s built for BBC lads

one day bros, ill fuck a gorgeous cosplay girl
one day

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Holy hell "she" has bigger hands than most men today. You can't fool me brotha

fuck off

>gf wants me to sleep in her place
>she has sister
>I sleep with her, her sister in a queen bed
>sister's ass sticking out
can some fucking faggots tell me basic etiquette of this? it's literally a scene out of porno but I am 100% certain I will lose my gf if I do anything. I'm thinking it's also a fucking trap. They are average looking I'm not a chad but definitely not fat

The one I replied to literally was built for it though. That's what she's famous for. I've seen her do it.

your raid isn't working leftypol

lol her husband is a stereotypical white guy

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user are you posting on Yea Forums while in bed like this? you already failed. but the etiquette is too spoon your gf, literally cant fuck it up

I am not raiding anything. I am telling you that the woman in this image is one of the most famous blacked stars out there. That is the only thing she is famous for. If I were a parent and taking my kid to the Disney store, it would be surreal to see her in there taking selfies next to a cutout of Elsa.

i know you all may disagree with me
but i dont think shes a fan of brittish television iykwim

If 18+ post her ass and then sniff it

you will not demoralize me leftypol

Ask them what's the deal and tell them it's inappropriate.
Their reaction might help you understand their intentions.

He’s a guaranteed cuck and she bounces on BBC every night

>Hey boys. How bout we go ta the seven'leven n get some dirty bird n' watermalone slurpees?

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