Do you ever get distracted by a character wearing a cross and wonder if they're actually supposed to be a Christian?

Do you ever get distracted by a character wearing a cross and wonder if they're actually supposed to be a Christian?

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Is there anything more attractive than a girl wearing a cross?

big boobs

Given all the emphasis on Judaism, I feel like it was probably deliberate in Uncut Gems, to make it clear that Howie was sleeping around outside his community.

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A girl wearing a star of david.

Sexy slutty girls wearing crosses is hot because of the contradictory nature of it

There's a scene in 187 where Samuel L. Jackson (explicitly a praying Christian himself), asks one of the punks troubling him, "Why do you wear a cross?" and the kid doesn't have an answer.

She had shiksappeal.

I do when I watch porn. Then I think about blowing a load on the cross and her unsure if I meant to do it or not.

Isn't that just a stereotype/myth though, like the self-loathing Jew or Catholic Guilt?

When I see a pretty actress wearing a cross, I hope it's not just jewelry and fantasize about going to church with her.

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How many movies have they made about Catholic guilt and Self Loathing Jews? It's still fodder for entertainment.

I'm a cradle Catholic and I've got more guilt than anyone, but I think Wikipedia says there was a study that debunked the concept, finding that Catholics don't really feel more guilt than the rest of the population

It’s just for fashion, you see tons of insta sluts and models wear cross pendants as well. It’s pretty common

I'm not saying it's true, I'm saying that even if it's false it's a cultural idea that people have made lots of movies about. Movies aren't science.

Yes. And it always seems to be on the neck of some harlot who couldn't care less about Christianity.

On another note, I've even seen a transsexual man wear one, for some reason. I don't understand the reasoning. Is it just to seem rebelious, or is it obliviousness?

Maybe they're just lower case t's standing for "terrific", cause some of these ladies sure are beautiful.

Only in porn. It makes me feel bad and I usually watch another video.

I'm christian but avoid people who advertise the religion like this

What is this guilt that you two are talking about? I'm out of the loop on this one.

i sold a dangly belly button ring to a hot girl wearing a cross necklace today at work

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Kek, this thread reminds me of that Kodak Black song
>You don't even believe in Jesus, why you got a Jesus piece?

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Church girls are often the biggest cum guzzlers

I can't actually find a full picture, but I'm fairly sure I remember one of Arno's henchmen wearing a cross as well, and that would probably also be on purpose.

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Do you work at a mall kiosk?

Chris Kattan has a bit in in his stand up act about getting head from a girl wearing a cross. He said her cross kept tapping against his balls, which made it feel even better.

No, because it is a graven image and using it as a symbol is a mockery.

Jesus stops Judeans from stoning a prostitute to death.
>Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.
Subconsciously, they wear crosses, because they are asking for His protection and forgiveness.

Well Arno himself was an Armenian Christian, so it makes sense that his goons would be too.

I'm not sure about this. One doesn't ask for forgiveness only to then keep sinning.

When I first saw it, I just assumed Arno was Jewish like the rest of the family, but then I pay attention to Judd Hirsch talking about him like an outsider, disgusted Arno said "Happy Holidays " about Passover, so I think you're right.

Shiksa Appeal Kino
>Annie Hall
>Much of Woody Allen, really
>American Pie

Catholic Guilt kino
>Who's That Knocking at My Door?
>My Night at Maud's
>Mean Streets
>Much of Martin Scorsese, really
>Bad Lieutenant (Ferrara, but hinted at in Herzog)
>Hail, Caesar

It's when you do something bad (morally wrong) and feel bad about it.

Of course, but is that it? Just general guilt? I thought you both were referring to a specific event.

Catholic Guilt is a cultural religious concept referring to Roman Catholics feeling an enhanced feeling or guilt, especially over sexual sins. There's also Jewish Guilt, but that's more about disappointing your mother than masturbation.

>Catholic Guilt is a cultural religious concept referring to Roman Catholics feeling an enhanced feeling or guilt
Ah, I see. I thought this was the norm since it was always my baseline.
Thank you for the clarification.

I deleted my previous post to correct my sleep-deprived logic.

no, the cross is an universal symbol

Why is no one posting babes wearing crosses in this thread?

I was thinking the same when I saw a girl named Tina davey wearing a crucifix when I was watching jimmy savile: british horror story

Fuck off, you are transparent.

i want to fuck her face so bad

I like Kattan but he's jewish so they say that kind of thing and push those kinds of stereotypes. Its why they have them wear crosses in porn too. Funny how everyone falls for such simple manipulation

Every Christian I ever met was a shitty person that doesn't practice anything they're supposed to be doing

It's so sad that those pokies aren't in 4K HDR

This is bait and hyperbole.

I will join the US army and die for Israel


Arent they siblings

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It’s for protection

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Usually wearing a cross means they're a slut.

No because I know jews produced what I'm watching and they use crosses as a whore accessory to signify a slut they want to defile.

They’re not hypocrites at all. Maybe you just don’t understand Christianity.

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Are you unfamiliar with Catholics?

Most women who wear a cross are giant whores and not Christian in the slightest.

you're supposed to LOVE God, this implies WANTING to know Him, the only way of doing that is going to the source, the bible, and when you get to know Him through the bible, there's no margin for whorish behavior like in these yous.
"Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate is wide and the road is spacious that leads to destruction, and many people are entering by it.
please, if you're not bothered by sin you're a false convert, God will not be mocked by the riotous lives led by people that never knew Him, please think about these things

Nope. Because it's totally irrelevant to the plot.

>She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her,
>Neither do I condemn thee:
>go, and sin no more.
did you intentionally leave out the operative instruction?

The bigger the cross, the bigger the penis of the woman

>self-loathing Jew
Not a myth. My stepdad was a Jew and he disliked them (in a habitual non-ideological way). Must be painful to be part of the God's chosen people and be a working class insignificant guy. It's like graduating from Harvard and going to study at Oxford on Rhodes scholarship and then working in a K-12 in Bumfuck, Missouri.

The only jews I've known who aren't total jewish supremacists are mixed jews who get fed up with the hypocrisy they hear from their relatives.

I will take everything you said super serious, schizo.