When did "it" happen to you, Yea Forums?

When did "it" happen to you, Yea Forums?

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damn that's pretty accurate

today when someone told me that yung lean was more popular than ever right now

another time when I looked at a bottom-feeding NHL team and knew like 2 players on the whole roster

I was never "with it" but ironically I vibe more with Gen Z than younger Millenials than me.

trap music and TikTok

High school.


I was calling someone a faggot on overwatch and everyone was genuinely upset with the f word. That word has a different meaning to me, unrelated to homosexuals.

most of my friend just magically stopped being racists year ago, before that they used to drop hard rs all the time
common phrases amonf them now:
fuck the cops
fuck nazis
fuck megacorporatipns

COVID. Dropped out of society for about 18 months and now I officially feel old.

I was never "with it" in the first place so there's really no pressure.

Begone eunuch

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Congrats on your friends transitions

The average person values the present moral trend over steadfast honestly held ideals. They are trash, is what I'm saying.

I was never with ''it'' and ''it'' was retarded when I was a kid. I remember shit like emos, everyone being a wigger with baggy jeans, then ripped jeans, people listening to Katty Perry and Lady Gaga, then dubstep, last year it was Fortnite and Among Us. Now I am not sure what's the it thing in 2022 but I am sure it's fucking retarded.
There has never been a time where I've looked at the popular thing and said that this time it's really good and I am into it.

Being mentally old is a choice. Where you just stop being curious about the world and think there’s nothing left worth discovering, and you just want to cycle through the things of your youth until you dir


twitch, youtube letsplays. i just dont get it i guess

This except I specifically use "faggot" to demean homosexuals.

when i started getting banned for talking shit in wow a couple years ago the future is fucking gay faggot niggers tongue my anus

around 2017-18. Had massive panic attacks and dropped off the face of the earth. When i came back the world was unrecognizable. I'm 24

Tiktok, twitch, amoung us, any other pop culture past 2019. I don't feel any connection to my peers which is strange.

not to sound gay but I honestly feel like I was born a few decades too late

When Pokemon became popular again

>I honestly feel like I was born a few decades too late


Never, cause as far as I can tell people who are younger than I am haven't really come up with anything that's cooler than what people my age and older have been into.
t. 38-year-old


nothing significant has happened between 2017 and now

*2007 and now

reddit manchild vibes from this post

Hasnt happened, but I find myself unable to enjoy many movies or shows anymore.
Feels like im going backwards. Only thing i could stomach to watch tonight was a rom com. Plus one
Its actually quite good

Snapchat and Whatsapp

some time in the past 5 years

one thing is for sure, I longer understand the creatures that call themselves democrats

you said 2017

What the hell does that even mean and what are you guys talking about?

educate yourself faggot

history fell off a cliff after 2014.

Wasn't me.

Around the time you stupid faggots came along, no new OC in general for years, rehashing the same 15 threads every fucking day, and soundcloud.

Pokémon Gen 5.

This is me pretty much. The only mega popular thing I can think of that I liked was Pokemon.

what's your most recent console, Yea Forums?
for me it's wii

wii or ps3 or nintendo dsi which ever came last

Scott Pilgrim. I was born in '85 too.

I always felt the same way in the opposite direction. I know that I am too young to truly identify with Gen X but I lost the script on Millennials a long time ago.

>doesn't keep up with the prospects

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It's a curse with a silver lining. You are alone but you are free.

There are plenty of things to be curious about besides whatever empty pop culture is peddled at the moment.

Oh there's plenty left worth discovering, the thing is that literally none of it was created post the mid 2000s.

Kek, same thing happened to me. My best mate hated Africans and trannies, but now he hangs out with gays.

Thanks user, but then on the subject ”it” never happened to me, i always had the obscure tastes nobody else likes

This was a big one for me. When Pokemon Go came out I found out about it because my gf at the time went crazy on it. When she explained the geolocation shit I thought it sounded kind of cool - then I learned that you don't even battle the fucking Pokemon like in the old games or anything like that and it's literally just typical vapid smartphone "game" shit. I started playing Yellow again for the nostalgia, put an emulator on my ex's phone for her to play as she was 'in to' Pokemon now. Turns out she wasn't into Pokemon, she was into the Candy Crush style dopamine hits (and Instagram opportunities) she got from Go. I think that was the exact moment I fully understood how empty culture had become.

Few years later my sister was visiting with her kids and one of her sons kept doing these weird dances just to himself for no reason. I speculated to my gf, "What's that about? Is he autistic or something?" She explained to me simply that, "They do that dance now." I would later learn it was a Fortnight thing. I think THAT was the exact moment I fully understood how absolutely fucked the future is. Look at the generations beneath you and understand that these people will run the world during your lifetime.


Trap music, mumble rap and tik tok.

>Look at the generations beneath you and understand that these people will run the world during your lifetime.
Luckily society will collapse by that time. Zoomers are incapable of sitting still for 5 minutes let alone run a power planet or a build airplanes.


Resistance to the Chinese Takeover will be nil.

Yup, ditto.

Smart adults don't lose their curiosity, they just learn to appreciate the rarity of truly great and unique things.


TikTok has been the biggest one for me. Not even so much the app itself as the complete lack of self awareness it shows of the type of people who use it. It's like in a single generation humans have bred out the ability to perceive when they're making a fool of themselves. Anyone else who was in school in the early 00s, can you imagine the ridicule if a kid in your school started acting like a TikTok zoomer?