Bros… it’s so kino…

Bros… it’s so kino…..

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So it's flopping then, alright i might give it a pity watch.

samefagging here but God I love this movie so much. It’s so comfy and adorable I just want to get this on dvd and play it on Christmas or something it’s seriously such a fun fucking movie Jesus Christ I love this fucking movie 5/5 10/10 whatever the fuck you go by this movie is perfect

Idc if it’s flopping I love this movie so much if no one else wants it I want it this movie I love this fucking movie I seriously can’t put into words how much I love it, I sound like a retard but I’m seriously so ecstatic right now this movie warmed by fucking heart

It did everything alright.
Every character in the film I thought was great and got a laugh out of eggman and his assistant and knuckles. There are logical error moments like the bar scene, where Sonic could clearly kick ass of everyone in the bar but didnt just for having more at stake. The ending could have been more epic. Other than that, its kino.

do I need to watch the first one before this?

Is GUN really in this movie?

Yes but they are just pretty much FBI/army. They don't have any cool tech except guns.

That mid-credit scene!

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Yes and no.
There are characters and contexts that are established in the first movie like Robotnik being stuck in the mushroom zone but you can definitely get into it without seeing the first one because of how its written.
I recommended watching the first one anyway because of how much of a big deal it was at the time. Maybe even a bigger deal than the current sequel.

No but you need to play the Sonic games and I'm not even joking.

And that includes Sonic Heroes.

You mean that scene most people were spoiled about already? Fucking youtubers and news articles have no shame. Day 1 spoilers even if you weren't looking for them.

it was still cool as hell having them referenced in the movie and im glad they didnt have it introduced all in Sonic 3.

Also, the Mean Bean machine reference

It’s actually shit. Fuck trannies. Imagine not criticizing mid media for something better

Its because the fucking movie premiered in France a week early.

The middle wedding segment was. Don't know why its in the movie, it had nothing to do with anything and could easily be cut from the film with no issues. Everything else was top notch. I liked the way they handled the Master Emerald (and whats inside it) without completely butchering the original lore form the games.

>Don't know why its in the movie,
Douge says it was the filmmakers trolling the audience

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I think it was more for the moms and gfs who have no real interest in the video games. They were the only ones laughing at the big black lady.

Lucky. I had to go looking for spoilers. I never get the good stuff.

That sounds like terminal cope.
>i-i-it was a joke, real 4D chess being played here!

as long as they have the orange one sitting on a park bench memed in somewhere

Why would Trump be in these movies?

They had Uganda knuckles. Who can tell how many more hidden memes they have there.

>They had Uganda knuckles.
No they didnt.

you dont need to, but it really fun and you should

They just need to have chaos in the next movie. Chaos would make such a fight scene. All the great water SFX in this movie, the fucking temple designs. GOD PLEASE GIVE ME CHAOS IN SONIC 3! I DON'T CARE WHAT TIMELINE JUMBLING HAS TO HAPPEN.

He wont get Doughnut Lord or the unfunny deputy.

I watched Sonic 1 in theatres when it came out and I completely forgot where the donut lord came from or that the unfunny deputy existed.

Why does Yea Forums hate everything? It's just a fun kids movie

We don't have everything, we just hate everything except Stargate.

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>Why does Yea Forums hate everything?
Are you new to Yea Forums?

huh? /teevee/ loves it
don't forget that the first movie went head to head with woke shit and beat it handily

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Yep Sonic won. Good chance word of mouth carries this above what the first made.

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Also, I hate stargate.


This one is gonna be plagued with salty as shit DBZfags mad that Sonic went Super in a live action movie before Goku did.

3rd movie is already confirmed too lmao. Sanicchads can't stop winning.


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I doubt it

b-b-ut we just keep loosing in the video game world :,(

I've got sonic golf and Mania. The franchise has hit its upper limit. It'll take over music again after it's jizzed all over hollywood's corpse.

Sonic 2 made 6.3mil in previews. Double what Sonic 1 did

It'll turn a profit. I have zero doubt. Sonic 1 was a modest success. I expect Sonic 2 to be slightly bigger success. Jim gets asses in seats, and the aggregates are higher among both critics and audiences than they were with Sonic 1.

Sonic should stay a 2d side scroller. Those were the only levels worth playing in generations as well

Absolutely. Sidescrolling is where Sonic has always been at its best. Even Street Fighter knew not to go full virtua fighter end of the day.
Some formats just don't do well with 3D. Could big open world sonic work? I think it could, but Sonic Team isn't competent enough to make it work.

>It did everything alright.

Oh so it takes place on Mobius now? You know, the planet where Sonic games take place? No? It's still a retarded ET clone with absolutely no connection to Sonic lore? Then they did everything wrong.

Live action Dragon Ball would be fucking retarded based on casting alone. They’d cast somebody gay like Simu Liu who’s totally unbelievable as Goku (who should be white)

Released early here. It really is kino, go pay for it in the theater if you guys want part 3
Waiting for it to be online will be a big mistake. Hollywood will stop making shows like this and make more trannyshit

They already made a dragonball movie

And that movie got one thing right being Kakarot is a white man

It's actually a surprisingly good film

>there are good people on both sides

>No CHADow the BESThog
No, thank you.

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But there was

Jason Griffith needs to come back and voice Shadow in order for the 3rd one to be decent. Otherwise it's going to flop hard.

Feels good that it was Sonic of all things that escaped the video game curse. Mario is going to fall flat on it's face

Mario is being made by Illumination and overseen by Shiggy directly user. It will be a solid 4/10 movie that will make a billion dollars at the box office and then another billion dollars in merch.

>and overseen by Shiggy directly user.
You say that like it's a plus

I didn't at all though. "being overseen by Shiggy directly" means it will be the safest, most predictable, most homogenized movie of all time.dnvgs

Predictions for Sonic 3:

>the Wachowskis are having a baby which makes Sonic think he'll be replaced. He runs away but gets captured by GUN.
>Shadow has same plot from SA2: revenge because of what happened to Maria. Sonic gets the blame for whatever Shadow does. Shadow redeems himself at the end.
>GUN starts working on a weapon to defend Earth from aliens, i.e. Metal Sonic. Shit happens so Sonic teams up with Shadow to fight him.

I'm assuming there's no Eggman considering Carrey's supposed retirement.

>samefag contrarian

imagine being THIS new