What would you do to save your image if you were Will Smith?

What would you do to save your image if you were Will Smith?

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Convince him to leave his family and start a new one

Dubs for suicide

kill her, unironically.

Kill Jada but frame the kids

Ask Chris Rock to go on tour with him, let Chris rag on him then walk on stage 3/4s the way through, make a few jokes, explain his side, diss Hollywood, give thanks to Chris Rock and thanks to the fans.

Ignore Jada's existence.

become transgender

He'll have to Black Dahlia murder her if he wants to retain any kind of credibility or reputation.

The only thing left for him to save the last shred of his dignity is going the Chris Watts route.

I'll bet he does something weird with his hair. Screencap this.

Divorce Jada and confess that his son is a shit artist

Image? Irrecoverable. Dignity can only be salvaged by killing his piece of shit wife. What a horrid cunt.

This is far, far worse than Brendan Frasier.

Make a Wild Wild West sequel.

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First he needs to leave the witch. Then do some soulsearching/stay away from women and the media for a while/get therapy. Then maybe start a charity or something.

lol will needs to get over the fact that no woman will seriously love him

ritual suicide

Fucking witch. She seriously does just run her own little show where she tries her hardest to fuck with Will. Fucking demon. Will can do better.

Top 5 things I'm terrified of

1. Sudden death (aneurysms, heart attacks, etc.)
2. BPD and narcissistic women
3. Grizzlies
4. Cartels
5. Sudden C02 seeps

>What would you do to save your image if you were Will Smith?
>first come out divorce, pretend to keep it "down low" but have someone I trust "leak" it
>have Hollywood agents use media connections to "pressure" will for info
>"reluctantly" came out and talk about how abusive your relationship with her was
>say how she was the one who forced to open marriage bullshit and you just wanted tto make your family work
>say how she's an evil, manipulative person, but say it in a way that appears you really don't want to
>start working movies again, any budget you can find
>start looking for another wife, this time someone not related to Hollywood or someone who wants a family and is a good and decent person
>work hard and push out movie after movie or high budget TV shows
>push yourself in the lime light and say you are feeling better about your self, more than you have in years
>finally marry a new woman, who is younger than you and have a new kid, preferably a boy, if not, it doesn't matter
>take a more hands on approach with them then your previous failure of kids
>take him or her out camping and hunting and fishin, teach them about life and how to survive, how to change tires or whatever else
>shit like this has kids worshipping the very ground you walk on and that worship will only increase if you end up in big name movies but still manage to always be in your kids life
In 5 years at most, you'll have your old life back and have a newer better family. 10 to 15 years after that you'll have a successful kid who loves you unlike those ungrateful pieces of shit you spawned before.

Everything wrong with Will is shit he's done to himself. He needs to man up.

I don't get it. He's a world famous actor with a gillion dollars and is decently attractive. Why does he stay with a harpy who constantly publicly disrespects him at every opportunity? What's the point? He has enough money for an army of good divorce lawyers, and even if he gets completely shat on, he'd still be rich as hell and extremely famous. I've broken up with girls for as little as back talking me in front of friends, and I'm an ugly fat shift manager at burger King and have a criminal record. I just don't get why he stays.

murder her and then lead police on a kino manhunt & final car chase is ver the course of a few weeks

That should you insight into how those types of women can manipulate and mentally abuse you.

>save your image
His image is ruined, it's beyond saving. He'll be remembered more for this slap than anything else he's done, including his movies.

I just wanna give Will a hug bros. Does he have no friends willing to tell him Jada is horrible and needs to get her out of his life asap? Even now he could bang tons of hot bitches if he wanted to. Go the Leo DiCaprio route.

Around 15 years ago I was dating a girl with narcissism who had a mother with full blown NPD. They almost ruined my life.

eat a hobo's brain

I still don't understand how anyone can be weaker than a woman. Instead of white knighting and instantly destroying your entire image and reputation, he should have slapped the shit out of her, long ago. They need to be slapped, sometimes, sometimes choked a little.

Jada has NPD. These kinds of women grind away at a man's mental health through manipulation and bullyin over the years and isolate them from everyone so they can control them. Will certainly has nobody close to him other than Jada

You absolutely would be just as pathetic as he is once she gets in you head, Mr. Alpha Male.

I think it's a Deep State arrangement and they were told to be together. Now they're doing some weird ritual humiliation to him. I have more to this theory bit it's just a theory.

Rather I'll just predict what happens. ODs soon, rumors of depression, possibly homosexuality. About a week of the news and media pushing mental health. And then it's forgotten.

Simple: don't let her into your head. Usually accomplished by slapping her. This is getting redundant boy, if you want to keep being a simp go ahead, or maybe take my advice and slap a ho, just try it out.

Will Smith killing himself would absolutely not be glossed over and forgotten after a week, you're fooling yourself.

It’s so infuriating though. I mean he did something extremely wrong and mental, at the same time though it was to defend her honor of whatever. She just seems to have taken this as a sign of weakness that he’s completely wrapped around her finger and is just floating over him how much power she has now.

I don’t fucking understand how a guy lets it get to this sort of situation. I don’t get either how his kids could just not give a fuck about their dad who gifted them the fucking spoiled lives they’ve gotten to live.

It’s just extremely fucked up. This is why you need fucking bros that can tell you what is what.

Stab her dozens of times


unironically kill her its the only way he can even slightly get some sort of respect back and regain his manhood

He's finished, but at least he's given comedians some decent material


people still falling for this bs? grow up. people are dying

You've clearly never dealt with NPD before. Jada didn't treat Will like this from the beginning. It's a slow grind as she chips away at his ego and disorientates him over time. Women like this will suck the life out of you over time like a succubus, it's probably where the myth comes from, from women like Jada. I used to date a chick like this and been through it. I look back at it in disbelief it got as bad as it is. It's a frog in boiling water situation.

Why are people mad at Denzel for trying to pray the evil away that this witch has brought down upon Will?

why aren't you saving them? why are you wasting time posting here? grow up.

Hopefully Jada.

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I can't remember clearly, but I feel like Robin Williams' suicide was barely talked about. I'd even say a week was generous for him.

No way this is real. It's too fucking much.

Divorce this evil women is the only way

Talking about praying makes atheists seethe.

women used to be stoned for verbally demeaning her husband to the public

She is so fucking ugly. Will Smith could have gotten a hot white girl. I wouldn't even seethe at him getting top tier white pussy since I'm sure he already has. Why marry this fucking goblin?

See my comment here And this is incorrect;
>at the same time though it was to defend her honor of whatever

Will didn't do it for that reason. Will did it because the consequences of not overreacting would be punishing by Jada. In fact it's possible Jada used it as an opportunity to emasculate him even more with some snide comment like "it's weird as a man you SLAPPED him" "Tupac wouldve shot him" or something. You can never do anything right for the NPD, it's always criticized. In fact Jada has just said publically she never wanted to marry will and she cried in the aisle. This is almost certainly a lie, but she says it to hurt will. It takes years to get up to this point. Years of grinding away at his self esteem and his ability to think for himself. It didn't start like this and Jada will know how to dial it back if she pushes it too far. It's how manipulation works.

Trips wills it

Could be because thats their relationship power dynamics and only now has it been brought to public light

Could be she's BPD and he doesn't want to let her go

Could be she's doing everything in her power to emasculate him so he does some stupid shit and she can divorce him on much more favorable terms

Could be she's pushing him to the breaking point so he mans the fuck up

Could be she regrets wasting more than half her life on a loveless marriage with a gay plant

I mean really who the fuck knows, but at this point something doesn't add up, Will is fully functioning on sunken cost fallacy but neither of his kids seem to like him and both are some fucking new money space cadet primidone's, his wife including. He could easily get three more wifes that would worship the land he walks on and actually have kids that love him

Hope you grow a pair and smack the broad who has you so upset, bud.

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Divorce and fuck her entire family including the men.

Why though? No one's saying they should pray

I ended that relationship about 13 years ago because it was mentally crippling to me. I didn't know what NPD was and I was trying so hard to fix what couldn't be fixed. I moved on and married and have a family now. But now I have a bit of a fascination with these people and always perk up when I spot one. I did when I saw the red table talk with Jada which was before this slapping shit. I'm just trying to raise awareness of narcissism and NPD because so many people in here really mistake what they're seeing here. It's a NPD relationship and Will is a broken man.

he needs to pull a Dave Chappelle and take off to Africa. and after however many months go back and kill Jada and her lover. flee the scene and shit, and have a chase on the highway and his first son is driving him. and Carlton was there in the pool house. he saw will come and go. yeah something like that

Because she is honestly past forgiveness and prayer is hoping she will change. She obviously likes doing this to him for some reason. This isn't some misunderstanding, the bitch is evil.

I can sense the seethe of this comic artist.

Divorce her, get a new girl, make kinos again.

remember that time 4 years ago or so when people didnt call everyone a narcissist? good times

Namibia doesn’t have an extradition treaty with America. And it’s a relatively successful country (for being in Africa). Likely has to do with it being 6% white.

dude was probably crying as he drew this


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Don't ask me, ask an atheist.

murder her and shrink the gloves