Season 1: 8/10

Season 1: 8/10
Season 2: 5/10
Season 3: 10/10
Season 4: 1/10

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He's just like me

there were no good women in this show except the tranny and the prostitute Elliot falls for

>every episode without alf: 1/10
>the episode with alf: 10/10

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oh does tv finally hate on the last season now? I remember you all sucking Esmails cock when the finale happened and I came on here and told you all it was dogshit

True your eyes are weird and you got molested

In this regard the show was realistic

based and alf-pilled

Tbf the episode where he has the mental break and thinks rose’s machine worked was pretty cool

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Season 1: 10/10
Season 2: 8/10
Season 3: 4/10
Season 4: 1/10
True Detective

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>stuck in a room episode
>flashback episode
>lost in a woods episode
>dream sequence episode

Wow yeah so cool, oh wait every single show that has ran over 100 episodes has done these tropes since the 1950s, yet Esmail ran out of content in 30 episodes and had to do it. The only thing creative at all in S4 was the inclusion of Alf.

vera was amazing in that one episode.
the rest was rubbish

3 was better than 2, 2 might be the worst

They ruined it with all the tranny shit.

Season four is definitely the worst. OP might not have the numbers right, but he has the order right.

I can't really tell because I only watched 2 episodes from S3 and it was so dry

2 was better than 1

That one season 4 episode with Vera is the epitome of


and it’s embarrassing that this board loved it

Caspere knew this

>Season 4: 1/10
absolutely filtered

holy KINO

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>muh girl boss got raped by hippies
season 2 was legitimately painful it was like metoo the movie and it has Vince Vaughn playing Vince Vaughn

you sound like a guy who enjoyed br49

was better than the original

Season 2 is Sams pleb filter, if you thought season 2 was too slow paced and boring you should have just stopped there because you never had a chance of getting the ending

Season 1 was a cool and exciting season of television that basically just used the plot of fight club to set up the rest of the story

Season 2 was when the show really became it’s own thing and dived into the madness of Elliot’s mind, if you were too low IQ for this season you never stood a chance with season 4

Season 1 is a 7/10 and seasons 2, 3, and 4 are all a 10/10

>Guess I'll just walk into the woods now
>Bye guys

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>Season 2 is Sams pleb filter, if you thought season 2 was too slow paced and boring you should have just stopped there because you never had a chance of getting the ending
Lmao I bet you watch Nolan films

This we have Patrick Bateman at home character should have never been dragged back into S4, was great in S1 though

9 9 9 6

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I can't watch anything with this fucking guy in it, I really cannot stand his face. He was alright in The Pacific which was total shit compared to Band of Brothers.


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>dude S4 is like too deep for you
>all of S4 is boiler plate sitcom plotlines, turns into a lesbian romcom, then the ending is literally "and then they saved the world"

why didnt wallström get more roles after the show?

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Even at its absolute best, I don't think I'd rate it more than 6/10. Maybe 7 if an episode was particularly goofy unintentionally.

You unironically didn't get it.

>Wading through the shit that is season 4, so I can finally stop watching the show and move on with my life
>People keep telling me to stick with it because le amazing theatre set episode is coming up and it is "so kino, bro"
>Entire episode is just overdramatics and then "I GOT LE RAPED GUISE" at the end
What a fucking horrible show. I was interested in it at season 1 because of the cool hacking shit, but the showrunners clearly don't give a shit about tech considering they drop all techie stuff after season 2. Every hacking scene is just Elliot typing a command into a terminal after sneaking into a building, so fucking gay.

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>Think of it this way Zhang, you didn’t lose the game, you just ran out of time.

Season 1: 9/10
Season 2: -5/10
Season 3: 0/10
Season 4: 0/10

Highly based

I am not sitting through 4 seasons of this

>what if we stretched fight club into 4 seasons
the show is well directed I'll give it that, but it's honestly not that good

I envy you

This show made me hate every single woman aside from the man pretending to be one


i can save her

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fuck you Yea Forums I cried at this scene ;_;

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I don't even remember this


I don’t remember a tranny in this show?

White rose was a tranny, I think they started off as a cross dresser but in the end went full tranny

Oh and that dudes wife was 3000000/10

Oh yeah, duh. Sorry, I get occasional bouts with being a retard.

I didn't realize that he was the same person until halfway through season 4

I think the edning ruins the entire series in retrospect. The season had good momentum. Then it tried pulling the fight club twist for the second time. Not to mention the cop out of all the weird shit in the end was "it was all a dream"

kek it's the BSOD

>So I see you're running GNOME. You know, I'm actually on KDE myself. I know this desktop environment is supposed to be better, but, you know what they say: Old habits, they die hard.

>An executive running Linux?

>Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'm an executive. I mean, why am I even running Linux?

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I hate the fuck that they had to throw in some retarded schizo angle. Why can't they just make a str8 forward hacker show?

Another way the show failed was in failing to show the uber rich as degenerate as they are. I mean, they did a good job showing them being aloof and detached from the everyman, but they could have showed sex parties and more murders/coverups etc.

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that episode was easily the best one

Season 1: 8/10
Season 2: 7/10
Season 3: 6/10
Season 4: 6/10

>that episode was easily the worst one

>for a Fight Club rip off
my sides

The writers stole the idea of sitcom absurdism from Natuarl Born Killers.

Yeah I know. They did it far worse too.

>the cheers on woody's entrance
kino, can't believe they got dangerfield

anything past season 2 is massive shit


>I was so poor growing up If I wasn't a boy I wouldn't have had anything to play with!

he literally rips off everything you dummy american pyscho fight club etc

I forgot how kino this movie is