You can only pick one

You can only pick one

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Right and I'm not even kidding. The tattoos were stupid, but the face tats were hard to see in the actual movie. Just keep his shirt on and I can live with it.

Furthermore, I also don't have a problem with Leto's performance. He did what he could with the material. It was fine.

right and im no letofag


I pick mark hamill

Right looks like the Joker and not some reject from The Hills Have Eyes

Between the two you dumb retard faggot, otherwise why would anyone ever pick anyone but mark. Pig fuck.

There's only one option BABAY

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leto and he was shit but this new joker is literally liberalism gone wild

lol muh birth defect

Left. Just a deranged incel who's gone full clownworld
Right makes absolutely no sense. He's a white mexican gangster who dresses as a clown and laughs like a fag just because? Tries to convince others he's deranged by getting perfectly drawn professional tattoos that explain to people that he's deranged? Everything about his image it too thought out, too considered, too contrived, it doesn't match the personality character is trying to put forward.


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Lose the tattoos and Suicide Squad had the best looking Jokester of all the cinematic Jokesters, followed by Nicholson followed by whatever. It honestly irritated me that they completely redesigned him in the Snyder Cut. His skin tone in Suicide Squad was perfect. It wasn't grease-paint white, but it also wasn't anything that looked like a natural flesh tone. It actually looked like artificially bleached out skin. And it looked kind of damp and gross. It was really well done and it's a shame that it gets overshadowed by the soundcloud rapper tattoos

to be fair, the makeup artist won an oscar for Suicide Squad. And that category is only voted on by other hair and makeup artists, so at least he was recognized by his peers.

>Right makes absolutely no sense. He's a white mexican gangster who dresses as a clown and laughs like a fag just because? Tries to convince others he's deranged by getting perfectly drawn professional tattoos that explain to people that he's deranged? Everything about his image it too thought out, too considered, too contrived, it doesn't match the personality character is trying to put forward.
He's a crime boss, with gangsters working under him. He was sent to prison and there got a bunch of tattoos.

Definitly the right. The newest one is already acting too much like Ledger and he looks like fucking shit Leto looks cool half the time

Crazy to think they somehow made a even more edgier version of leto's joker

The concept behind Suicide Squad was simple.
They were going to introduce Harley Quinn for the female audience and to have a hot Harley Quinn that female audience could identify with they needed a "hot" Joker that they felt the need to be with. That's why they hired Jared Leto, who's a rockstar with his own band and full with teenager groupies.
The costume design even went harder with this angle by basing their version of Joker on David Bowie and their version of Harley Quinn on Blondie, to complete the whole rockstar aesthetics.
Since David Ayer loves the whole Los Angeles thug subculture that is mainly influenced by Latin diaspora and because the movie was going for the idea of making the DC villains fit the role of real life criminals and thugs he also tried to make Joker really thugish and Harley Quinn really slutty. Thus all the trash-y nonsense with the tats and everything.

Those designs worked. Women loved this version of Harley Quinn and Joker. The Suicide Squad movie was a big hit with the female, Latin, and Black demographic. Something that completely baffled critics and culture opiniators that were still reeling from the box office disappointment from the female Ghostbusters remake.

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Joker will never ever crack a joke again. He will forever be le edgy kubrick stare silent introvert. Sad if you think about it.

So yeah... Suicide Squad Joker and Harley Quinn were never designed to please comic nerds. It was made to please women. Women and PoCs.

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There's a reason why this movie won a Oscar for costuming and makeup.

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Ah the contrarian thread. Like clockwork, Yea Forums.

She cute.

The butthurt this movie generated during its release was hilarious.

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I wish we could have seen more of Joker's gang in that movie. Their designs were really imaginative and it'd have been fun to see them wrecking shit,

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I agree. The left one is lazy edgelord bullshit. That guy didn’t even do a different voice from Ledger either. It’s the same voice only more sedated sounding.

Seriously, i wish that movie wasn't about some bullshit mutants from outerspace or some shit and was more about the squad versus Joker and his gang.

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>He’s a criminal, why does he have so many distinguishing tattoo’s. This doesn’t make any sense

He only appeared in a deleted scene so I'm hoping to God that left ends up being non-cannon. Leto's Joker could have been kino but that whole movie was shit.

Joker being a criminal kingpin doing criminal shit with criminal goons looking like one.

I forgot how much dumb critisim Suicide Squad got. Yeah, it was a garbage movie but they had the worst reasons to shit on the movie and it all just "waah muh racism and sexism!" Killer Croc was fucking in in the 10 minutes that he was in the movie but all these stupid feminist bitched that it was racist. 2016 was really something else.

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Joker in the comics isn't some hobo terrorist. He's a crime-boss first and foremost, then after that there's some background about him being a chemist capable of developing laughing gas and shit. So crime-boss slash chemist.

Basically comics Joker is Walter White. We should have a Breaking Bead series about the Joker rise to criminal empire. That would be fun.

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Seriously, more thought was put into Joker's gang that appears just for a few min in the movie and barely at that, then the actual meat of the movie that is just some space nigga with horns and some henchmen made out of googly eyes.

What a fucking waste of potential this movie was.

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The cholo authentic was so fucking stupid of Ayer. They should have kept it with zoot suits, or went with the Thin White Duke look. Joker is a classy crime boss, not some MS13 larping wigger.

>the trump of movies
Lmao yeah trump so racist haha lowest black unemployment in decades haha

>waste of potential
That is the entire DCEU

i'll take ayers cut joker, the gentleman's choice.

This shit is what the movie ends up being about. The Suicide Squad killing scores of niggas looking like this.

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Leto's joker only works as a corrupted Robin, I can't see him as the "real" joker.

What were they thinking.
They could have an entire movie with Joker and his gang wrecking shit, with maybe a bit more of Batman in it for a good measure. Might have made a billion.

But nooo. Lets do some Power Rangers shit that makes no fucking logical sense and sky beams.

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that’s the point asshat
I choose different option
I skull fuck you in name of allah

Jared Leto’s is just chocolate icing on the shit cake. The hapa joker hurts an otherwise great film.

>The hapa joker hurts an otherwise great film.
Yeah, nah.

Is that the lead singer from Mudvayne?

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They aren't prison tattoos though. They clearly were done at a highly reputable tattoo parlor.

This movie had some nice costumes shame it was a pile of shit. 3 helo crashed in 1 movie. Kek

>now suddenly everyone likes leto joker
Never change

Time to go back fagboy

I choose Melvin

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>make movie aimed at women
>Its complete shit

Why is Yea Forums the only place that dislikes the portrayal on the left


This is too silly for such a dark looking movie, if was more camp and bright with colors it would work.

The movie should’ve been assault on Arkham but live action. Why the fuck would you use Enchantress? Making Joker the villain actually gives Harley a reason to be on the team.

There’s just so much untilized shit in this movie


We're at the point where you contrarian retards are now making unironic defenses of SS and Leto Joker

t. Goblin who wants his fellow deformity representation in film

I genuinely cannot believe that there are so many faggots sucking off Leto and his terrible Joker. The design was the worst, the performance was the worst, and the writing was the worst.
Keoghan is in no way the best, but at least he looks like the fucking Joker and not some faggot with face tats.
It truly baffles me how unintelligent humanity continues to get as time goes on.

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>Keoghan is in no way the best, but at least he looks like the fucking Joker and not some faggot with face tats.
Only a retard you believe that. He looks nothing like the Joker.

I remember the build up for this and the fan theories that Leto was really Jason Todd and Batman was going to wind up the Antagonist, taking out the villains and throwing them in Arkham Alien style. Would have been a better movie desu

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left. I would choose Letos but I can't stand his look in the synder cuck movie. Also Batman looks fucking studin that too.

This is Letos Joker.

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>SUICIDE SQUAD has bought a baggie full of baby laxatives from the same person more than once