Does Yea Forums read Twitter comics?

Does Yea Forums read Twitter comics?

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What's this, a FtM being sad about their body still behaving like a woman's?


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If it is, then it's dumb as hell because injecting testosterone would have given him a male body temperature.

A real man would punch that deer in the face.

It is almost like fucking with your bodies genetic and biological structure is a LE BAD THING?

A real man would be horrified at the sight of a talking deer wearing clothes. Then fight or flight instincts kick in and yes, punching can happen.

A real man would break that buck real good.

You can tell she's a woman because she acts like a total faggot.

Based deer guy

How do trannies even have any friends? It can't be fun being tone policed every day and then being made into a villainous asshole for their webcomics.

This comic is really funny let me explain.
Woman will take everything someone dear says to them to heart and let it echo around their head for years.
So its a double whammy of "Your a Girl"

Not a tranny but I cut ties with a bipolar woman because of this reason. Dealing with someone who bursts into tears at any second is exhausting.

>Woman will take everything someone dear says to them to heart and let it echo around their head for years.

Ah yes, all those women, like.... anons posting about middle school gaffes keeping them up at night ten years later

Being born male makes you not feel the cold? Literally what?

Bro, guys shittalk eachother all the time. It's normal. If the bunny was cis he would've just punched the deer in the arm and said "Shut up" instead of having a full blown meltdown.

Bitter femcel.

Literally only because certain people have been brainwashed into thinking you need to be a "good ally" to trannies no matter how shitty people they are.

Stupid woman should have done up her jacket, then.

my brother in law had his borderline/bipolar ex acuse him of beating her
Even the cops told her to fuck of

So does a comic like this make any money? Does he have patreon coming his way?



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They’re friends with other trannies and people they specifically call ‘allies’ all of whom choose the specific prerogative to be nice and support eachother on these things

This reads along the lines of something guys would say to a normal guy too. Like "be a real man", "man up","quit being a pussy", that's all guy banter. Girls are just not too used to it and I imagine a transitioning one would feel especially sensitive to hearing that stuff.
I feel sorry for transitioning women who are grasping at approval from men for how masculine they are, because even back when they were normal girls they were still pressured to get approval from men regarding their feminine looks. Like hey you haven't stopped subjecting yourself to the same evil male patriarchy boogeymen you wanted to escape just yet actually.
Young girls realize they don't like following society's femininity standards that are set to please others, and society tells them "this means you're trans because you're not Girly". Nah dude anyone would get sick of performing appearances for others' approval, it doesn't have to mean you're secretly a dude deep down. Remember when tomboys existed? Shit they are just girls being themselves not following standards.

Five isn’t that much to apply to, keep applying. Hey though I do feel for this person just not necessarily their willingness to take so much offense

>It's so easy to get a job now
Nobody says this.

>Real boys don't get cold
Who says this? I don't get cold anymore but that's because I spent a winter homeless lmao.

THE 41%!

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Sounds so weird too, like does Pinocchio count as a real boy because he's made from wood and can't feel the cold?

Two interviews out of five applications isn't such an awful track record, you really need to just keep plugging away. Yeah, it's demoralizing sometimes, but the key is too just keep at it and you'll land on your feet eventually. Also there's nothing wrong with getting in touch with the place if you fluff an interview and asking for feedback. It makes you look motivated and they may well put you on a callback list if the guy who pipped you doesn't work out.

You will never be a real boy. You have no body hair, you have no fat distribution, you have no body heat. You are a homosexual woman twisted by social pressure and fashion into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

When I got my first "good" job I think I'd applied at something like 120 places and of those 120, only four interviewed. But to be fair, my resume was an actual joke.
That said, it is piss easy to get a job if you're skilled right now. If you can program something that interacts with more than one file, you can make at least 70k/yr. I know it's hard, I wasted a lot of - most of - my youth giving up in one thing or another, but if you actually pick a skillset (doesn't have to be the cooder meme) and try dedicating some time to getting a professional understanding of it, you'd be surprised how you can suddenly make some money.

Yes, they do. Every boomer says this now, so it's the only thing the comic has gotten right.

>5 Applications
>2 Interviews
You literally have to apply to jobs as if it were your Job, I only got my most recent job by working my ass off and throwing applications left and right wherever I could fit them, even then there's a little leeway most of the time so I expanded it slightly out of my area where it overlapped with my education and previous experience.

My boomer parents think I could get a job for Disney just like that.

You sound like a jobless zoom zoom...
Why haven't you got a job yet?

>You have no body hair
I wish, some bitches need to shave.

I do, but only in relation to myself.
I've literally never been turned away from a job and usually wind up skipping interviews, most notably of which was when I was hired as I was handing my resume to them.

It has to be luck but it's quite fortunate because I never bother staying with a place too long as I get bored.

>no body hair

lmao try dating a Med or a Latino chick sometime

Yeah, but there's no way this "person" would let themselves stoop so low as to work just anywhere.

>fight or flight instincts
Ironically, the woman version of fight of flight, is freeze or fawn.
One being what deer do in headlights and the other being a baby deer.


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Regardless of who they are, I do genuinely feel for people who somehow can't manage to get a job, be it through maybe personal quirks (I know some people just routinely cave in to nerves and fall to pieces during the interview phase) or maybe geographical circumstances. I don't feel sorry for people who are unemployed but make a big song and dance about not applying for jobs they see as beneath them.


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So you're an emotionally healthy human, kudos.

There are also people whose parents didn't support them or worse, so all their confidence and self-sufficiency has to come from the ground up

A decent job surrounded by boomers so I can't help but pick up on their casual complaints. Below are examples I hear.
Fast food order is now twice as long.
>Are they too good to flip burgers? Why don't they want to work?
Roofing services are overbooked.
>Where are all the workers? I called X company a week ago and they said there will be a wait. They never before had a wait time that long!
Lawn moving services are behind.
>It's the fault of that damn unemployment! It keeps the bums too comfortable, not hungry enough.
Waits X minutes for wait service during dinner with the wife.
>Are they too good to be waiters now?
It's entertaining at this point. I've accepted that I may casually bitch about life too when I'm old.

Where's the joke

I see it thrown around on occasion, usually by people who already been hired.

The issue to me actually seems to be breaking into the job market in the first place, the more jobs you have under your belt the easier it is to get hired as long as you had a good parting with your previous ones and have a good reputation in general, Younger people in particular can get the short end of the stick because:

1) They don't have experience which means...
2) They probably need training which ties into...
3) Being young there is a risk that they will quit after they been trained to start studying again or getting a "better" job offer, which means you invested in training a "dud".'
4) Young ones can be naive, so you may be able to convince them into becoming a unpaid intern with promises instead of actually hiring them.

Though this obviously varies with employers.

5 whole applications? To which he showed up as a mentally ill tranny having without a doubt a dumb CV? Shock

Apparently they were working at a supermarket before, I doubt they're that picky.

Sometimes I wonder if being trans shouldn't just count as a handicap, sure they'll say it's offensive but at least that'd get them on the job market and off of twitter all day.
I know a guy with a shoulder fucked up enough to qualify him for programs, he gets fast-tracked on every application to the point he gets offered almost every job he tries to get.

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>Apparently they were working at a supermarket before, I doubt they're that picky
Then how could they have only applied for five jobs in the time it took to get two interviews?
They're clearly very picky.

> I don't feel sorry for people who are unemployed but make a big song and dance about not applying for jobs they see as beneath them.
I still feel sorry for them because they’re still unhappy unemployed people who have additional trouble getting with the program, which is like a disability and will ruin their life

These comics always make me laugh, cause I question what the jobs they applied to were. Like the goal is to find a job for income you take something like and entry level warehouse job, you get that good but keep applying for what you want but at least now you have income until you get it.

Catch 22...

This is actually a sign of a terrible relationship. It’s superficial and when you actually listen you might not like what they’re talking about and they’ll be confused since you used too, or alternatively they’ll realize you were never listening and start to resent you for it.

>5 applications
You can put out 5 applications in 15 minutes
>2 interviews
A 40% interview/application ratio is extremely high.
I do not at all sympathize with this FAGGOT.

Victor No!

Sometimes I can’t recognize myself or can’t feel where I am, as a person with a more conservative thought process, who likes all sorts of gay punk furry slice of life comics and art. It’s hard to say that I’m sexually attracted to this stuff, moreso aesthetically and thematically I think it’s great. While I don’t feel the need to be in some larger man’s arms or have a smaller man in mine, the general ‘I have no clue what I’m doing and am wandering through life like some insecure townie who can’t make decisions’ feeling is pretty much how I prefer to live my life. Maybe it’s more about being a burnout or a loser than it is about being gay, but it’s like yes I would probably like to be a little pushover who hangs out at the gas station and around town everyday smoking and insecurely complaining about everything as if my problem wasn’t just my own easiness to irritation

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isn't this bitch a diaperfur

>Maybe it’s more about being a burnout or a loser than it is about being gay
Congratulations Scott Pilgrim, you've figured it out.

I agree. The art is cute but I've never liked this punchline and how common it is. When you truly love someone you tend to hang onto every word and listen better.

That's supposed to be a woman? Okay twitter...

It's fine if you like furries, everyone has their taste. But get a life my nigga.

That would mean I would have to delve into the hellscape that is twatter, so no.
Also this.

Yeah that’s what makes it so sick. I’m pretty much a straight guy who likes punk cartoons, and some really colorful outsider stuff happens to come from babyfurs and discord homosexuals. Lamezone does channel his childish self-image into comics that really are not aware of the existence of responsibility or any obligations beyond your own neurotic thoughts, the art and comics are uniquely punk in that the artist himself is so out of it in that way. Then you have that one artist who’s name escapes me who does gay furry kid characters with the disoriented conservative Christian mom, that comic has a hilarious attitude and pretty much exists in a world where all life is is a gay friend discord. I don’t know, there’s really something calming and sheltering about this willingness not to join society and to just fuck around in your own head and with your spaz buddies all day. There are a good few comics like this

It’s not an obsession or anything I just always enjoy a good lo-fi loser’s slice of life when they’re posted