Gotham Knights game looks like shit
It’s Avengers in Gotham!

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It looks fine. Are people really this buttblasted about Jason's All-Caste jump?

This. Reaction seems weird and overblown. Looks like people were just expecting another Arkham clone.
Those games were good, but why not advance the system at this point? It's set in it's own universe anyway.

So is this like adjacent to the Arkham continuity the same way the Green Lantern cartoon is to YJ?

No clue yet.

>nigga jumps on his soul
lmao. tho i guess guess he has no need for staircases or elevators now

I like Dick's trapeze glider

I'm fine with it, lore-wise, but it looks a little goofy.

>Looks worse than the gameplay showcase 2 years ago
How? How does gane get worse with more dev time?

It's allegedly its own continuity that is juuuuuuust similar enough to Arkham one for people to be confused.
I wouldn't be suprised if this is some weird alt-continuity that stealthily spans out of Arkham Origins.

Did he have this ability in the comics? It’s look goofy as hell for a batcharacter.

Its dumb, but I've seen Batcharacters do dumber shit

More retarded stuff from Sleazy Lobdell’s garbage output.

>t stealthily spans out of Arkham Origin
Rumor in the streets is that the team who did Arkham Origins is all out of WB Montreal and the tema doing Gotham Knights are a bunch of Ubisoft rejects.

>but why not advance the system at this point?
Agreed, but this is a regression.


What? I’m genuinely curious, the only batcharacter with superpowers that I remember was Misfit that was created by Gail Simone to troll the DC editorial for the mishandling of both Steph and Cass. There is also Batmite but he is a 60s thing.

Because the previous gameplay footage showcased Batgirl. And I have a feeling that Batgirl is the most "figured out" and finished character so far.
WB Montreal didn't need to come up with any weird gimmicks for her - just copy-paste Batman's moveset from Arkham and it's gonna work. With Dick and Jason, you need to reinvent the wheel a bit, because copypasting their moveset from Arkham won't do. I don't think Nightwing even had any traversal options in Arkham, he was just legging it like a ponce.

Sleazy Lobdell change Jason’s origins in the Nu52 to be the inbred offspring of Ninja Cavemen who destiny was to kill Trigon and become the NuKing of Hell.

DC hasn’t gotten rid of this origin yet.


People want more Arkham games and if this was just Arkham with Batsidekicks people would pay money.

Only the arrogant and stupid mess with what works.

He was running around with magical soul swords for a time, so at this point double jump is really not that far out there.
For fucks sake, Tim can go invisible and teleport around using JL tech, and I wouldn't be surprised if Babs has fucking orbital bombardment at this point.

>Those games were good, but why not advance the system at this point?
Did you look the gameplay and graphics? This is worse than a regression compared to Arkham Knight, it’s modern AssCreed with a Batskin. If any recent game evolved the Arkham combat system it was Sifu who mixed with Sekiro elements.

Magic Blood Swords

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But it is Arkham with Batkids for all intents and purposes. Babs plays almost identically to Arkham Batman from what was shown and the general flow remains pretty intact with a dip into Shadow of Mordor/War here and there. Which isn't a bad thing.

He is some kind of Jason... Blood!?

Yea mostly and there’s no reason to add weird Magic garbage into it like you’re making a shitty Dark Souls knockoff.

They gave a 12-year old girl voice to Barbara and she looked worse than her DLC in Arkham Knight.

Any idea why the fuck it's not a part of Arkham verse while Suicide Squad (with couple of obvious retcons) is? Is it only because Barbara is still crippled in Arkham series so you can't make an action game with her as playable character?

Just look at the gameplay, this is done Ubisoft rejects who are making their AssCreed: Gotham City.

Then Sleazy Lobdell’s idea was to melt his entire Face Off Harvey Dent Style.

Here’s the Cover

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Stuff like this proves that DC has been dead for a long time now.

>Is it only because Barbara is still crippled in Arkham series
Preeeety much. And then you have to unfuck this whole thing with her and Tim and kill off Commisioner Gordon and so on.

Tbh Arkham series after Asylum inspired more and more from Ubisoft and other openworld shit, to the point that they introduced fucking towers and outposts in their games

Yea shocking save at the last moment of Lobdell admitting to one of the Dozens of sexual harassment cases against him which led to him being pull from the book for Tynion who has a last minute change to Magical Memory Loss from a Magic caveman.

I mean you still can do Tim/Barbara in game, it just needs proper execution. And at least with Arkham Batfamily we kinda know their stories and relationships between themselves while these guys are completely strangers to us.
Also Gordon is really dead in this game?

Looks like every other multi-character sandbox game these days.

The thing is that Rocksteady did everything better than Ubisoft, Arkham games had better combat, better story, better traversal, smalller world but more interesting, no fucking loot or micro transactions.

>And at least with Arkham Batfamily we kinda know their stories and relationships between themselves
Not really. They just kinda show up for 5 minutes and their relationships get retconned from game to game. This Tim/Babs relationship is some mother of all asspulls, because in Cityz they didn't even interact. I guess only Oracle is a mainstay in the series, but post-City she mostly gets replaced with Alfred anyway, while she's busy getting kidnapped.
And yes, Jim Gordon is dead. IIRC, this is what pushed Barbara to start beating up criminals again.

>Arkham games
>better story
No. Arkham series has a lot of good things, but story isn't one of them. The only story that is passable is the one from Oigins.

Nah. Story fall apart after second game, side quests weren't so great (at least in Origins and Knight, City's were solid) and while characters are ok they heavily requiring knowing their background from comics/cartoons/movies.
Combat is definitely better though

>If any recent game evolved the Arkham combat system it was Sifu who mixed with Sekiro elements.
My hope is that Gotham Knights bombs hard and Discovery let the Sifu devs make a Batman game that plays and look like the comics

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You are just salty that Cassandra Cain isn't in the game, aren't you?

Someone's jelly DC has superior games.

LOL this looks like Avengers but even worse. DC had a winning formula with Arkham games that could be refined but this is AssCreed tier shit.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, but the game looks like shit regardless.

Just look at how much Origins has been downplayed. It's clear Akham's original developers don't want other people playing with their toys.

What exactly have Rocksteady been doing since Arkham Knight? I don't buy that it's been Suicide Squad for the last seven years like they claim since it's a shitty GaaS that's testing horribly internally (I can see it being Crystal Dynamics Avengers all over again) and is loaded with DCEU synergy.

I there was that Superman game that was scrapped and I *think* they started prototyping Gotham Knights (because we kept hearing rumors about Batman vs Court of Owls game for years) until getting stuck with SS. To be fair, I don't think even Rocksteady wants to make that dumb SS game.

I mean, even with Barbara being crippled you can easily go with "she got better" excuse (like the devs did in Gotham Knights anyway) and move on. Simone's no longer at DC, she won't throw a tantrum.
I would rather suspect that WB Montreal wanted more creative freedom with their story and not be tied down with Arkham continuity. Because, let's be fair, some Arkham story choices were... questionable.

>Give Dick a glider like all the recent open world games
>It can go up
It's a game design mistake , the players are supposed to batrope their way up and THEN glide down.
If they can fly up, might as well make a superman game.
God this make me angry

Eh, even in BTAS Batman was using a rocket-propelled glider. And then there is Terry McGinnis.

>It's a game design mistake , the players are supposed to batrope their way up and THEN glide down.
That's what Batgirl does. She's supposed to be the most "Arkham" of them all. I guess the devs wanted to make every Batkid play uniquely and that includes unique traversal options. I guess I see the logic behind it - why pick between 4 different characters if they all feel like reskins of each other?

These games take a long time to get made.
Batman's lines in Knight took 2 years alone to record.

shit take

But even then - 7 years is an overkill. Knight was released in 2015 IIRC? It's an entire console generation that went by.

Seven years is an extremely long dev cycle, even for a new IP. Especially when the studio hasn't released anything substantial since. I mean, that glorified VR tech demo came out in 2016.

It's anyone's guess why it took them so long. Maybe it was the fact that it's an online game, they were initially developing something else, or they took a break.
The most logical step for the next Arkham game would be a Batman Beyond one imo.

>Seven years is an extremely long dev cycle
It's also pretty suicidal to have such a long dev time. Because while you are dicking around with your game, the technology keeps getting better and better, which means you have to keep updating stuff constsntly and wasting precious resources rewriting the code to fit new hardwares, which turns your project into a complete mess. I mean - Duke Nukem Forever and CP2077 are some nice cautionary tales.
I would assume they were doing concept work for games that got eventually got scrapped - like that Superman game. Because no studio would be sitting on their hands doing nothing for half a decade.

I love that the Arkham games ended on an unsatisfying cliffhanger setting up this game only for this game to just say fuck it and be a different continuity.

Which leads me to believe that GK originally WAS the next Arkham game, up until someone changed their mind.
Always bet on WB doing some stupid and shady shit.

>Gotham Knights game looks like shit
Good. Fuck the bat family.