Young Justice Phantoms

New episode soon.

>Rescue and Search
>Bart Allen went shopping. Zatanna Zatara stops by to talk baseball. Daring Dan Danger returns.

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Does the Z stand for ZAMN! ?

I'm on break and forgot it was Wednesday night. Almost went to bed before this went up, thanks user!

Its up

Damn Lor Zod pulled a Snyder Superman

>Supes not co-operating with Nightwing and Zatanna who he has known for years
I get it - Supes keeps his word but seriously pretty frustrating.

hmm what does his word that prevent that? I remember him taking a vow with Legionaries to preserve the timeline consistency

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Pretty good episode overall.
Honestly gave me what I wanted from the show along - S1 main cast grown up working together. Hope the rest of the arc keeps the cast together.

was that Katama Tui or Soranik?


When are they killing Beast boy for good?
Or is he already dead?
Haven't followed this series to be honest.

Huh. Cool. Possible lead into Sinestro in the future too there then.

He finally went to a therapy session and he's now pretty much out of the story - probably crying somewhere.
Imagine he'll be back when Connor comes back.


"Fuck you"


"Fine my debt is me NOT killing you, fuck you"


Will watch when the pussy gets brutally murdered or commits suicide.
Until then

>end credits

Well, that’s fucking horrifying.

Somebody spoil the episode for me

The villains too fucking strong, heroes weak af

>nightwing is being dan danger
>zatana asks him for detective help
>they figure out superboy's in the phantom zone
>try to rescue him using klarion, fail
>meanwhile superboy spills the beans about krypton, superman, and his origin to Zod
>also thinks he killed superman
>phantom girl is merely pretending
>bart&crew are lor's bitches

The Kazier-Thrall twist is... really really fucked up.

So Darkseid and friends basically.. stuffed an 11 year old meta's near corpse into a box and turned into a weapon?

I liked the cameos by Jaime, Traci, Tye and Asami. I guess Jaime isn’t friends with Paco in this continuity?

Go watch shitty ass Marvel cartoons then if you want the heroes to always effortlessly win

So like.. is there any reason they didn't bring Conner's super OP psychic finance in on this? I kinda got it at first when Dick wasn't certain, false hope would just be a shitty thing to give but by the time they summoned Klarion he seemed pretty sure Conner was in fact alive.

Not that even as OP as she is she could do much against Klarion.

Is there any reason why they never used Raven for this series?
Like some license or copyright shit?

Zod got Nigged?
Only goes to prove nothing of value happened after S2.

No they just haven't gotten around to her yet + they've basically wanted to bring in the NTT in like one at a time since they had their own series and all.

Also do you really WANT another fucking Trigon story?

Zatanna and Dick seem to be the ones most sure he's alive with the others going along with it or more concerned about Bart. I'm sure Megan will get in on this as well at some point but given she can be pretty emotional, temperamental, and incredibly powerful it's probably best not to get her involved until they know for sure what they need to do to save Connor.

She's definitely emotional though in S3 and 4 I wouldn't exactly call her too tempermental. Only time we've really seen her get truly super angry in the last two seasons was when she confronted her Brother thinking he planted the Kryptonite. Though if it came to Lor-Zod.. yeah she'd want to fucking destroy him.

So... does Lor-Zod just expect to roll up to Oa and easily be able to take the shit he wants? Tomar-Re alone gave him a pretty decent fight, he'd have no chance against all the Corp stationed there.

this is still going on?
should i keep watching it? i pretty much stopped super early on after those whole racism thing on mars.maybe like 1 or 2 episodes after that story arc or whatever and then just stopped watching.

Soranik showing up was cool too. Now that Oa's going to be a focus for an episode or two, I'm hoping we see some payoff with Razer. The whole show could suck ass from here on out, but it'd be worth it if he appears with Aya.

There was also her mind blasting Kaldur in S2 though. She clearly get pretty rage filled when someone she cares for is hurt/killed which is understandable but in this case where there's so many variables that are still unknown it's probably best to not involve (yet at least).

So from Soraniks presence in the Corps can it be assumed that in the 4 years between the end of GLTAS and this Sinestro fell and got his yellow ring, maybe formed his Corp and shit?

You underestimate the nerf potential

I mean, Superboy Prime even had a tough time with the whole Corps. Zod Jr. is a retard if he thinks it's gonna be an easy win.

>dat fucking Magic School Bus reference

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When is Bart going to be gay

Gonna guess the final battle is gonna be something like

>Conner, Clark and some of the League and Team vs General Zod and Ursa

>The Legion + the rest of the Team vs Lor-Zod

>M'gann vs her Brother for the last time.

Nerfing the entire Green Lantern Corps is Arrowverse level shit, user.

who's the girl?

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Yeah, the show is basically nerfing everyone, and I mean it's good as long as they give respect for the characters. Not like Superboy who become a punching bag at season 1.

Well like in GL:TAS, Lor Zod could make a diversionary attack to bait lanterns out from their base, like when Atrocious attacking the HQ

This episode was fun as fuck. Seeing Dick and Zee work together is pure joy.

Really, frog user?

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The show has nerfed everyone compared to most continuties.. but in their nerfed states.. a Lantern is still shown to be able to put up a pretty good fight against a Kryptonian 1 V 1

So yeah I think for it to make sense it'd have to be like you say, he does some diversion to lure most of the Corps away from Oa.

So Kara is definitely coming if the show gets renewed. They wouldn't keep on mentioning Zor-El, bring up the fact he had a daughter if they didn't have a plan for her.

And apparently Greg and Brandon already thought about introducing her in S3 but felt she didn't fit so it's not something they are relucnant to do, they want to use her.

Has Dick fucked all the girls on the S1 team?

The only ones we aren't sure are Artemis and M'gann and he could of probably talked them into some group sex.

>I've finally come to terms with Conner's death
>lol he's not actually dead
Poor Kal

Dick as Zatannas Stagehand is something I never knew I wanted till now.

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I swear they get bigger every episode.

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Didn't recognize her without the top-hat, user. I've not been keeping up with this show. Dickboobs are nice though.

this is against the rules and the company policy
Greg Weisman and you people are ruining this for me
I was supposed to make dick a pure man
rot in hell

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Yeah, my dick

he was told the timeline was fucked if he said anything. However the bigger problem was that the reason he was told that was because he had to take Kon's place as the inspiration for the Legion, if Zee and Dick had told him Kon was alive he likely would have cooperated.

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Don't forget Supergirl

I know it was a long shot but I was kinda hoping Kon would have been adopted in to the House of Zod, after all the shit he's been through having proper parents would have been nice; plus it would have been a great plot twist.
Also, they keep calling him a clone and it still bothers me; you can't be a clone with half of someones DNA. Kon calls Kal his half brother which is outright wrong since he would need to have been either Jor or Lara's child for that to be true, he has half Clarks DNA so genetically he is his child not sibling.

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Watch them kill Starfire in Dark Crisis and Dick crying over her corpse

And then Slade is like I killed your Titans, I killed your Batman and I will leave you alive to suffer and watch as I and Pariah destroy this planet

"Fuck your hope, now you now what desperation and darkness is"

I would be kino
Slade winning and Titans losing
Also Justice League is gone

What do you mean? Supergirl hasn't showed up yet

Just thought of something... what if the only good character introduced since s1 is who brings back Kon? If Klarion can do it so can she.
Speaking of which, why can't Fate do it? Do the Lords of Order not use the same teleportation spell?

he also has mulatto plot armor on his side since we can't have a nigger look like a loser or a fool in current year, that would racist

probably planning to use M'comm to sneek in and take whatever he needs

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Child isn't coming back dumbass

why didn't Zee lead with that spell from the start?

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why so mad?

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Do you have some kind of brain disease? I don't need to be mad to call an idiot an idiot

I don't understand. When did the second half of S4 suddenly become GOOD out of nowhere?