Promo for series by Cartoon Saloon (The Secret of Kells)

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Another European ginger to add to the collection
Cartoon saloon is slowly making a monopoly

>Vikingskool, which was announced in 2018, has recently premiered on the French TV block, OKOO.
Fucking A so it finally got out of production hell? This shit was announced around the same time as Amphibia and Owl House. From the looks of thing it's already airing in Europe but there's no US release date. Get this shit to America Mouse

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Was this the dumb calarts viking show with poc and people getting mad because muh nigs?

You're thinking of Viking Tales, that's Cartoon Network.

>boy, girl and black boy
Now that's trio of main characters I haven't seen in a while.

is this the 100th dtv original?

who wants to bet that the ginger will turn into a wolfwalker?

This shit looks like it's for 5 year olds.

but she also sniffs butts and marks people by peeing on them

Okay. This answered my questions. His family are fishermen that just ended up in a Scandinavian country. I was going to say he was too black to be in the show if they didn't have some decent reason for him to end up where he is.

Who's the nigger, and why?

You know damn well why.

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So those guys are gonna DP the redhead right?

she exclusively fornicates with canines.

Did they change him to meet the diversity quota?

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The black kid looks completely out of place, not just cause it's a black kid in Scandinavia but because his design looks completely different from the other characters

It's region locked. Can you watch it with a vpn or do you need to pay for French cable?

You know it doesn't matter why, people are gonna get pissed about it here regardless.

It's not a question of being "pissed" per say, it's more an understanding of what it means to have a homogeneous ethnic group. The Japanese may have originated with people from China sailing on boats to Japan, but the Japanese would not have become Japanese if their history was endless waves of immigrants from China. If that were the case Japan today would just be another holding of China and the people would be indistinguishable from Chinese. What Im saying is the very existence of nordic people is evidence of a very long time period of not mixing with blacks. If blacks had been even 2 percent of the nordic population it would show up in the dna of modern people. This just isn't the case. They are falsifying history because I guess making a viking story about actual vikings would just be too racist.

>I guess making a viking story about actual vikings would just be too racist
All of them were originally vikings but they replaced the long nose guy because "muh diversity". Why are Americans like this?

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I actually like the justification here, and the idea of one of them wanting to become a bard. That's neat to me

erasure of a reality in which there was no diversity in order to make it impossible to argue against it. It also has to be everywhere to make it impossible for people to have the option of not receiving "the message". everything that does not comply has to be destroyed. which applies to many past things.

Cartoon Saloon is Irish

She looks like she fucks pigs.

Disney is involved with this show, I bet they have something to do with the change, only Americans care so much about skin pigmentation.

Yeeah, still bullshit though how black and brown people with no world traversal methods magically ended up in every single remote fictional medieval european civilization and village from the last decade, but you won't see a single white person (from cultures who had mastered world circumnavigation at the time) living as a native in African or Asian tribes, villages, or kingdoms.

Traders and such from non-white countries always seem to hang around white places, while white traders and explorers never seem to want to stay where they go, which is especially weird since non-whites have trouble absorbing vitamin D from the sun in colder climates which causes a whole range of medical issues and overall lower energy even today in modern living conditions with supplements, let alone in medieval times, whereas white people can get by just fine anywhere in the world.

The mass brainwashing campaign is truly scary, right now you have people calling first or second generation immigrants as being the same ethnicity as the locals of the places they immigrated to, in a generation or two you'll have people who grew up on these propaganda shows and media genuinely believing e.g. Scandinavia has been diverse since the beginning of time, because if they weren't why would we have media depicting it like that checkmate.

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Because "ethnicities" are bullshit. There's pretty much no genetic difference between a Scot and a Brit, the only reason they're considered different are beause of nationalism. And if we take nation as the primary method of distinguishing these people, then a guy who grew up and spent pretty much whole life in Scotland is Scottish.

>There's pretty much no genetic difference between a Scot and a Brit,
You fucking retard dumbass, you absolute moron, you incorrigible buffoon

It's a cartoon man. And it's a bard. C'mon. Be happy we got the Irish saving western animation

No, fuck off.

Fine, be a cunt. That's what your type does best. Be a cunt 24 hours a day. I'm sure that will get you far in life, nigger.
While you do that, I'll rewatch the Irish kino trilogy and prepare myself for this new cartoon.

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This, the fucking
>hurr durr we are le 1 race
bullshit have been debunked thousands of times already. Why do you think that modern progressive libtards ignore it entirely and worship le black man 24/7 while denouncing trans-racialism?

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So this is Disney's new DTVA cartoon show? yeah, I'm moving to Anime after Amphibia is over. Enjoy this sloppy trash, it's not my thing.

When i get hired as character designer for a medieval-themed animated movie or show i will make all the characters black, even the creatures will have black features, then i will relentlessly spam Yea Forums for (You) 's.

It has niggers in it.

>posts image that supposedly debunks what I said
>the chart only has "English" in it, not Irish, Scot, Welsh and so on.

Face it, there's literally no difference between different sort of Anglos except what part of the islands they were born in.

How about you educate yourself on the history of the ethnicities which you make such confident claims about

Ignore him.
There's obviously no meaningful difference between the north and south part of one island.

You said "ethnicities are bullshit" and that was already debunked

>take 500 white people and settle an uninhabited part of Japan
>500 years pass and they only mix among themselves while the Japanese natives also only mix among themselves
>some retard claims there's no difference between the two because they're inhabiting the same island
Top retard

It's just one black kid who has a reason to be there. Go watch Vinland Saga or some shit if you want to see a bunch of white people chimping out.

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But that's not at all what happened in England. It's just white people who've been there for thousands of years and other white people who moved there from the continent in the middle ages.

Instead of putting brown people in a cartoon set in Europe at a time before unfettered mass migration, how 'bout creators start making shows set in Africa etc? And ffs, start drawing blacks that actually look like blacks with those beautiful sloping foreheads and full lips and lovely broad noses.

Ah so there is no difference between brown people from the north of Africa and the brown people from the Indian subcontinent I got it now

Disney is the one who requested the blackwashing. That's the reason why the show was delayed.

No. Stop making fake arguments you child.

But that's what you said when you claimed there are no differences between the white ethnicities in Britain

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About fucking time. Now somebody get Netflix to give us a release date for My Father's Dragon.

>It's just one black kid who has a reason to be there

The reason is diversity quotas regardless of historical revisionism. The in-show context is just a reason to justify it. The early promo art suggests this was the result of pandering and not the original intent.

Porn when

No it's not. Africa and India are significantly more different than Celts and Saxons.
Those continents are separated by many thousands of miles and thousands of years of migration for genetic divergence.

>Viking Skool 720p france·tv WEB-DL
subs for e05 are missing

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VPN might be the case that you need to watch it