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Will Hooty be relevant in this upcoming episode?

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Hooty is always relevant

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No, it's me, King Collector!

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>Yfw the collector is a furry

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Gifting Amity a choker with a name tag that reads "Daddy's special kitten" for her birthday

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Willow's cute butt.

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S- so what?

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>Well this is weird but Papa suggested I started keeping a diary of my time here in this world. So where do I start I guess my name and the beginning?
> My name is Luz Noceda and a 14-year-old girl who got transported to another dimension. Shocking right? Bet your wondering how I got here well you and me both. I don't remember much but ill tell you what I can.
> I was around 5 years old when I got transported here by some sort of magic. I was terrified I found myself wandering around dark hallways looking for my Mom. I got scared and started crying that's when was met by two guards. They were shocked to see a little girl in her PJs walking around the castle alone but more importantly, they were shocked to see a human girl walking around.
> They took me and brought me to Papa or well as the people of this world call him Emperor Belos but to me he's Papa. Hates it when I call him that in front of others. Papa told the two that it was the will of the titan that I would be here. At that moment my life was changed forever. I Luz Noceda started my training as a witch in the name of the Emperor's coven. I guess that's all the basic stuff so far. Umm goodbye I guess.

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Amity, we must kill Dagoth Ur!
Quick, grab my boobs!

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How long until Belos grooms Luz into his child Bride?

>hurr me degenerate
>but not degenerate enough so me need to "add head to human body"
Hate coomer posers so fucking badly

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Hooty is always positive and happy for everyone.

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since we were talking about fics in the last thread it reminded me of this au green that got made a few threads ago

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Haven't watch the show since the end of season 1 which was kinda very underwhelming compared tp the previous episode. Is cotugno still working on the show?

>Is cotugno still working on the show?
idk. season 2 is really good though.

and I still have this
>knowing what Hunter is and after the Belos reveal, this just seems like another methode to bind Hunter and make his life more miserable

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damn, I wonder how Luz died in this au

Hunter gets to tap that?

>true endgame right here

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>Belos in a dress
he's not just gay, he's a fag

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>can’t make Luz want Hunter in a way that parallels Lumity because then it’s copying
>can’t just write something different because that would never happen
Look just say you hate the ship and don’t waste my time like this.

When the show ends, I really hope for a huge amount of TOH adult characters art. like this and fanfictions.

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what if the titan blood is the reason that make gus and willow so strong .

And this because I'm a huge fan of Amity and Willow's designs here.
I love Gogola's art.

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>Is cotugno still working on the show?
Why is that important?
>Haven't watch the show since the end of season 1 which was kinda very underwhelming compared tp the previous episode.
I think it was good, yeah it felt rushed but at least S2 explained why everything happened like that YBOS.

I'm going for Willow was 13 and now she is 14.

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Was there anything that specified Willow as 14?

Reddit AMA
>1 how old is eda gus and willow (and king) if this is too much to ask sorry and what are your thoughts on shipping
>Eda: mid to late 40s (same with Lilith except 2 years older). It never felt right to give these characters exact ages unless it was somehow super relevant to the story.
>Gus: 12
>Willow: 14
>King: ???????

>King: ???????

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She was trying not to spoil that he's an actual baby

Yeah but there's no doubt that King was in that egg for so many years.

>People are so desperate for Willow being 15 so Huntlow becomes acceptable.
Clearly she is 14 since this question was done after S1.

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this, just let us enjoy our ship in peace, and for fuck's sake, ignore the Lunterfag who keeps trying to start fights

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a robe is technically just a floor length dress except for guys, and you wear pants underneath them
>considering Belos is a mud person I wonder if he actually wears clothes and it isn't just formed out of mud
>Oh my god, it's all mud, isn't it?

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But the photo is from s2. She's probably 15, just give it up. Or she's 14 and Dana doesn't consider 16/14 to be a big age gap, especially considering Hunter's own maturity levels.

I bet Hunter is also chronologically like 6 or so, way younger than he appears
>Belos: well damn, that's gonna take a while, time for some fast grow, I just shove in the whole package

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Can't believe Willow was the pedophile all along

What if...a person doesn't have to die for someone to make a grimwalker of them. Chew on that.

Can't wait for Saturday to come. I've realize a week long Luz withdrawal is way too much for me

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Well, you need some amount of their bones to make one. So at the very least they need to be missing a body part.

No, the Gus from the picture has S1 design.

Then she turned 15 in season 1


I Don't see why people care so much just as long as one isn't 18+
No one gave a shit when Rapunzel fell in love with a 25yo man on her 18th birthday
This whole
>"but he's 16!"
Shit sounds like shipping cope

Bones regrow anyways
just surgically remove a shard from yourself so you can clone yourself a bro

Dana could've forgotten and I wouldn't be surprised if she just confirms Willow turned 15 regardless of the AMA. Like I said either she did or Dana doesn't think 16 and 14 is a controversial age gap. Either way Huntlow is being built up.

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Just saw the last episode, it made me care about Gus. Damn, I really like nearly all the characters, I'm going to miss them.
It would be easier to say goodbye to the show if all characters were cunts like in svtfoe

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Ngl when I was 16 I would've never dated a 14 year old, I would've thought I was too mature and cool for them. But Hunter didn't grow up in a society like ours. He's clearly not into Willow because she's younger and more vulnerable than he is. Hell the guy might not even be 16.

that little glimpse to luz skin is...TOT

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>Either way Huntlow is being built up.
I have no problems with that, in fact the I'm not into the shipping of the show. For me Amity, Hunter and Eda can go die.
>Dana could've forgotten
No source.
>Like I said either she did or Dana doesn't think 16 and 14 is a controversial age gap.
Ok, then Willow is 14, not 15.

I'm gonna keep calling her 15

Really? the episode made me care more for Hunter, Amity, Willow and Bump.
The Gus thing was an asspull and throwing bone for him. Those powers were a deus ex machine.
Gus made me feel cringe.

what if..
Philip really did die of old age
But the Belos we know today isn't a grimwalker, its The Collector puppeteering his lifeless corpse for the past 400 years which is why he looks so grody

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I don't think the 'they don't know what a hug is' makes any sense
like, we see that people on the BI's fall in love, kiss and so on, but you're telling me they don't know what hugs are? that's retarded
>it makes sense with Hunter though
>closest thing he ever got to a hug was some shoulder pats

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I think the "lol what is a hug" thing is overplayed but that pda of any type is considered inappropriate.

this goes on my list of inane theories, together with
>belos is a Grimwalker

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Just shitty writers trying and failing to make their world 2quirky4u

Ok then, believe in your headcanons.

Should've had Biden instead

how much incest-subtext is there going to be between Caleb and Philip when we see them interact in flashbacks?

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Belos with a gun!
Hunter with two guns!


Flapjack also has a gun!