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why does it look so bad? the original show was fine, but these new designs are just ugly

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I love Yakko

Where did the color version come from? Only saw the uncolored leak
Also this is an intentionally grotesque reaction face storyboard, I wouldn't call it indication of the final design

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Creepy. Looks like something I would see in a surreal nightmare as a kid after watching too much Schoolhouse Rock

Home Eck cooking?

Yeah, that's pretty obvious.

I don’t care.

A general rule of thumb is that character originally animated with cells look off/worse when animated with modern computers.

TECHNICALLY they look better because they'll be able to stay on model and have brighter colors, but there's no denying older cell shows (late 80's/90's especially) had a sort of earnest charm to them BECAUSE they were done by hand.

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Cute Babsy

aren't they same designs? what's the difference?

Um sweatie this was drawn in the 2020s so it's automatically bad

>that shitty ass yellowish color for the fur instead of white
I hope this isn't the final colors because otherwise WHY
it looked like shit in nuAnimaniacs too

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The answer is they always use flat shading and super thin lines.

Legit Question: Is David Zaslav going to nix this show before it even gets going, like everything else he's nuking at WB, in order to cut production costs?

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The drawing is 100% real but it was originally presented with no color, so unless there’s proof then it’s someone coloring in the real one

>TECHNICALLY they look better because they'll be able to stay on model and have brighter colors
Lacking SOUL and that handcrafted look never makes something better.

They're wearing chef outfits. The OP colorist is special needs.

>hurrr making them look like someone pissed on them makes them look """"aged""""

>what's the difference?
Look at any screenshot of the old cartoon then compare them to the nu-designs. Admittedly the designs don't look all that different, but there are a few styling changes.
>Old: more edges, more feminine appearence, toned down colors
>New: Sharp edges, eyelashes have become a single lash instead of three, babs now wears a coat, the colors pop out more making babs look peachy instead of pink

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meant to say rounded edges on the old part

There, Now my OCD feels better.

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spongebob has way worse

Colored version is fanart.

Calling it now, Fifi is gonna be gay.

>Showing up at all
Also predicting it’s going to be Buster

I’m sure anyone could have easily replicated the old Animaniacs art styles and colors if they wanted to.
The showrunners of the reboot chose not to because they wanted a new take on the characters especially being done by a completely different team than the original 30 years back.

Honestly, I’d be genuinely happy if they Minerva Mink’d her. It’s better to be forgotten than ruined.

No. He is going to used it as a push for both CN and Max
Zaslav cares about TV ratings because ads

Betcha ten bucks they bring her back just to make her bisexual

They’ll probably do something. She’s popular enough they can’t just get rid of her, but she’s traditionally feminine enough that they’ll have to make changes so they can appease twitters outrage as well as their own.

>She’s popular enough they can’t just get rid of her
They got rid of every Animaniacs character besides five of them


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Fingers crossed then. Like I said, I’d rather they neglect her completely than give her the current year treatment.

Shinzo Abe is funding them to prevent Hiroshima 2. Trust the plan.

John K was wrong. Cartoons don't have to be ugly, that's just how HE sees the world. Katie was a terrible choice.

>It's a Plucky tries to get rich quick with crypto episode

shut up famicom

>more feminine appearance
what the fuck are you on about you weirdo

In a vacuum that is good art, you know.

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I know it isn't really related to the subject, but question.
Is the nu-Animaniacs at least a decent watching experience and worth a try? Friend of mine has a comfort character from there and I have been wanting to give it time of my day so I could better relate to said friend to some extent but since they have a bunch of other comfort shows, I don't wanna waste my time here when it could be spent on something they like I'd be more invested in at the end.

>"Help a fellow user out, Yea Forums?"
>Twiddles thumbs and fingers around

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NuManiacs can be enjoyable, but some cringe moments need to be edited out. Like out of character moments and jokes that will never age well no matter how the writers want them to.

It's not strong enough to stand by itself, but it's also different enough from the old show to be offputting to some fans. The voice actors are no longer on their A game, the animation sits awkwardly in between traditional and flash, and the writing often lacks a witty punch at the end. Most characters were cut, so you may not even see your friend's "comfort" character.
There's no reason to recommend it over watching the original. You don't even have to watch all of the old show, just the better episodes.

So, after doing some thinking, I decided I'll probably look into something from their favorite shows that looks like something I can consume more easily. Isn't their most favorite at the moment but it'll probably be nice to share a small interest of it with them at least.

Probably shouldn't be asking about rather I should get into something for my friend or not, especially on fucking Yea Forums, but thanks for your responses anyway you anons. I'll eventually watch one of these zany cartoons though. Lol

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A better question is who is the comfort character?

The Messiah

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Yakko, if you're actually that curious.

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What the fuck is a comfort character?
Is it just the Twitter way of saying waifu?

Somewhat off topic but why the hell is Yakko x Max so prolific and why does it kinda make sense?

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>pharfignewton (2)
>c'mon artists, do something!

Yes and no. Think of a comfort character as a character who has helped someone get through tough times, like "what would [name] do"/an imaginary friend/a nice distraction. A waifu COULD be a comfort character as well, but frequently on twitter people who say "comfort character" turn out to be fictionkin

Fangimaniacs is only worth watching if you like vore and never watched the original show.

Why even even mess with her and Buster being an on/off again thing? Just keep that to the side and focus on the comedy. That's the problem this whole nations has: sidelining the main focus to focus on sexuality issues. Do YOUR JOB, stop trying to indoctrinate. People don't like having social media issues shoved onto them in entertainment, and it's WORSE when they use franchises that had a following to do so. What about "Go Woke, get broke" don't they understand?

Who is the pilgrim?

That looks good though, very hand drawn and expressive feeling. Mellow colors are nice too

One-shot character.

Isn't that because modern voice actor contracts mean actors get paid thousands of dollars if they voice a character with a name, so productions just eliminate anyone that isn't part of the main cast.

No it outright shuts on him specifically

Wb upfront is next week I expect to hear more about this

>What about "Go Woke, get broke" don't they understand?
They understand go white be cancelled, or go white go broke

As long as they confirm their love I will watch this.

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