I'll miss this show the comedy back in s1 was top tier

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>sweet life giving kpop

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What's wrong with KPOP?

Telling Marcee you miscredited her name as Marcy the whole series.

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Endgame right here brothers

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What will the girls look like in the timeskip epilogue?

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It’s the best platonic ship

Anne will have a perm.

Realistically how far are they even gonna go with a timeskip? Months? Years?

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I don't see a big timeskip happening, what would be the purpose?


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Member the nude AU? I member

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It's unironically the most wholesome sibling relationship in modern western animation

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Nothing. I've even added the song to my running playlist

If Spored Anne goes Azul do more mushrooms grow out of her head and she becomes an OP flying zombie or do the branches and leaves push the mushrooms out?

Don't worry, I didn't forget.

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Years, if what they implied in the Q&A about Polly growing up to become an adventurer.

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Now THIS! This is what I've been looking for a while. I completely forgot to add this to my collection!

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I can't believe the show is almost over!

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You think Marcy tried some tentacle play with some kind of creature just to see what it would be like (before realising real monsters would rather eat you than eat you out)

God that felt so long ago
I remember all the fun we had coming up with scenarios

What is this fucking Owl House troon style


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Best AU.

So the best ship of the show

Never forget

I'm more surprised Sasha's face could cut paper.

>that guy saying that the owl house would kill the show

well well well
nothing like time to put things in perspective.

Sasha sees herself in an essentially male role of protecting and dominating the others. She acts like their pimp or bf

Despite Anne having experience working in their restaurant, I still believe Sasha can also be a great cook.

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>Seems like a cute show. Too bad Owl House is gonna make it go out with a whimper when all the ratings and fame goes to it instead.
I mean, more ratings and fame did go to it despite the cancellation

why the fuck is sasha's chin so sharp

I liked the food callbacks.
>Anything that isn't bugs?
>Oooh! Pillbug pancakes! ... I've been here too long
>It's the cicadas that make'em crunchy.

it didn't, it gets shit ratings and only troons on twitter talk about it

The better to stab with.


Just in case she loses her two swords and 50 daggers, she can now woodpecker her enemies to death with her chin

are he and his girl friend coming back?

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>50 daggers
Sasha stopped using daggers because they we're weighing her down that now she has two swords.

Oh shit didn't recognize him as the vocie


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Does anybody but us and twitterfags talk about Amphibia?
And I could swear with those ratings posts that usually get posted that TOH is usually on top

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Wally Jr. is a favorite.

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for me its beerus

Ironic because it was Darcy having an extra dagger that costed Grimesy his arm

All of them will have husbands

There's the kids that actually provide the numbers that anons bring up here. If they do talk about it, they'll be on Youtube, Reddit & Twitter

The guy is just unusually butthurt about owl house for whatever reason. He'll just go off about it in every amphibia thread.

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So this guy had a bore fetish right?

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>keep telling myself I will finish a drawing before Friday
>every day I'm too busy
>when I'm not busy I'm too tired
>will suck anyway
I'm such a failure of a drawfuck

kids watch amphibia on their tv and their mom's cellphone, unlike owlfags who just watch lumity clips and post gay shit on twitter

Done is better than perfect.

The last time I remember, he usually presents himself as Loggle, then bring the Disney+ Q1 rankings.

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