You guys remember this shit

you guys remember this shit

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No, explain it to a newfag.

god please no I can't deal with the constant reminder of how many fucking women there are on this board

Just wait for the next boys kissing boys thread for that

it's pretty self-explanatory
>on the internet

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is this fucking troll romance

Elongated nails typed this post

Women aren’t real user, they’re a metaphor.

Metaphor for what?

Post the one
You know the one

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A simile.

name 3 with a female creature and a male human

This is just the female equivalent of baalbuddy comics, now that I think about it.

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>the internet is one person
the only people who actually do this are soulless trendhoppers

next week should be a shota or bara

Why not both?

You're no fun

I like the way you guys think

I hate shipping culture
I hate shipping culture
I hate shipping culture
I hate shipping culture

I hate people taking two characters I like and pigeonholing them into specific archetypes from some shitty YA romance novel just because of them having superficial traits that resemble those archetypes. I hate people forcing these characters to have a specific dynamic all the time and not allowing them to act like normal fucking people in a normal fucking relationship. I hate people stealth self-inserting as one of the characters (usually the one they force in the submissive role if the author is female) and fucking ruining their great personality by making it into nothing but lusting for the other character because the author is lusting for them. I hate how this type of content can become so prevalent and poison the well of fanart and fanfiction, especially on sites like Twitter and AO3, to the point where thousands of people begin to see this shit as characters' actual personalities/dynamic and ignoring the way they are in canon. I could tolerate most of this shit if it wasn't so widespread and didn't lead to so much shitty content where the characters I like are twisted into something I would never even consider liking in a different context.

I hate shipping culture

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With the shota on top

Shipping really turned me off the idea of self insertion forever.

needs moar bucket

I've been seeing more and more people nowadays supporting polygamy
whats up with that?

Unironically based.

Sad how women are so disillusioned with themselves and reality that they fantasize about gay men

Retards are too indecisive about monogamous ships when it comes to love triangles so now they all jam them into threesomes, as a hardcore shipper I find this option to be for cowards.

Yea, I remember Tumblr, what of it?

what are your thoughts about harem?

That just happened. That's like mid-2010s stuff.


changing culture, changing times. It may also have something to do with the increasing difficulties and risks of securing a traditional marital relationship. Obviously things are different in different areas, and different subcultures have different views on it.

The mid-2010's were nearly a decade ago...
That's nothing something that Just happened.

do you feel the same way about yuri?

fuck is her problem?

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Lmao why does Yea Forums believe people liking gay ships = women creating them/browsing here? You guys love trap threads but apparently we making gay threads is a step too far.

What about em?

poly will never work, it's literally not possible, especially in a higher male ratio poly relationship.

Then how do you explain it working in reality?

You mean on trashy reality shows?

And social media.

Right, places that prove its trash.

it doesn't it always ends in abuse or murder

it's art memes
people draw character ships in these poses

Bottom is me every week.


I mean, what other lines are there to cross? Selling people on poly is easier than selling people on fucking animals or kids, at least in the public space.


Boco if you were in a poly who would you want to fuck out of all the Yea Forums namefags, jannies and tripfags over the years? Bea was hot, personally, do you remember Bea?

Everyone wins! In theory/fiction

>Love Birds
Why does one of them have three legs?


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Get out of here, faggot. This is women country now.

Well I think you're just perfect for each other.

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well obviously because birds have three legs

Shit i can't think of any. This needs to be rectified.

don't remind me

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