Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Stressed Out

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Something’s wrong with Sonic. He’s more of a jerk than usual and that’s saying much! Eggman’s messing with forces he shouldn’t be messing with and that includes the blue blur! IDW meets STC in Stressed Out! Also, this is another one of those comics where I wish the artist had a scanner or at least took better photos of their pages.

Note: Starting on May 29 we will do Tails Gets Trolled. The whole main series.

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These pages start super fucking huge but after a while they get super fucking small. Fun times.

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Finally, I needed my daily fix of visual sonic fanfiction

I'm noticing some yellow coming off of Sonic. What's up with that?
Oh yeah!

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Oh boy, page 2 and they're already flirting!

This feels surreal.

I hope this takes advantage of the strange format and starts doing shit like Sonic jumping off the page or reacting to things outside of the book.

>Something’s wrong with Sonic
Why won't he and the rest just take their meds?

Sooner or later Sonic is going to start speaking with a British accent.

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Btw, work kept me busy but I was able to translate that 10 page Tails comic.

Goddammit, Tails!
Sonic's a flirt and he's taking it to the extreme!

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>I can tell something odd conspired between them. Queer even.



Later, schizo!
The art and effects are really nice. Mostly the colors are what stand out to me.
There's no meds strong enough for this.
Awesome and thank you! I'll save this for another day. Today's comic is lengthy.

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My neck!

Alright. Let's resave and try that again.

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Well, randomly sideways pages might be a thing for the first issue and first half of the second issue. Hopefully that's a one off thing.

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Things are getting a bit orthogonal here.
>Sonic's a flirt and he's taking it to the extreme!
I like the idea that he and Super Sonic share the same personality, but Super Sonic has no inhibitions or morals.
One day we'll get a comic where the Tornado doesn't crash after 3 pages.

Good job Tails, you didn't get you and Amy killed.

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This comic looks great


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>you didn't get Amy killed
Despite his best efforts

Yeah that's a thing. If it happens I'll resave and repost.

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I had to break my neck to read this.

Once again, hedgehogs not getting along.
Now if only the quality of the photos were as good.
Deal with it. This comic turned out to be a bigger pain to get ready.
Just not his day.

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These two are super tsun.

We kind of go around in time to the point I would've preferred it being strictly chronological but oh well.

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>Possibly digging out the corpse of children.
Went from 0 to 100 pretty quick there.
It's really pretty! I love the sparing use of colors.
Nice to see Tails' arm canon getting some use.


Oh my!

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Eggman's dastardly plan!
>Nice to see Tails' arm canon getting some use.
Getting a lot of use in fancomics.

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>Game on Stripes!
That's not the Stripes I'm familiar with, Super.

Oh, so we can blame this on Tails as well.

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to be fair its kinda dumb eggman never tried to make his own emeralds
inb4 sonic X metarax shit

Eggman...what are you doing?

Damn , freak ruins everything, even when he doesn't go schizo!

>super charged depression
I have to hand it to this comic, it has really come up with a different kind of way for Eggman to fuck with Sonic.

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>He’s more of a jerk than usual
he's always beyond jerk, menace, fiend, criminal, all of that
and look that menace doesn't respect actual heroes and ignores them

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For a moment, I thought that was Orbot's dick.

I like this explanation.

A bit rude to Tails this time I see.

>can't find the seventh emerald
>just get the master emerald
I... guess...
You'd think he'd be able to come up with some super infinite energy.
Something really bad.
Damn Tails!

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That thing seriously needs to be kept underground or somewhere not out in the open.

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Oh no! Is that a brap?

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Even if it was underground, it would still be major target for villains.

I swear, it's not me.

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>knuckles patting himself on the head

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Now hold on Knuckles. Maybe Eggman is telling the truth...

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>makes Sonic schizo
>now is pissing down from the moon
Someone stop Eggchad

Damn, Knuckles is a lot smarter in this than he's usually portrayed.

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Time to do things the old fashioned way!
And he's just getting started!

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The Super-Laser Piss strikes again.

Big is gonna be pissed

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>Knuckles actually being intelligent
What bizarre timeline is this.


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Knuckles is fucking pissed!
One where he gets to be very useful.

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Aw shit! Time to take a 10 minute break so I can finish fixing up the super small pages. Next issue, things get really fucked up.

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the white ichigo voice fits so well with sonic fleetaway

Dammit, boy! Don't let him piss on the island! Piss on him, then throw him off!

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>Knuckles lost

Every goddamed time.


Nice to see him actually think things through.
Aw yeah, this is happening! He's been looking pretty buff in this comic, very nice!
here's the voice im talking about

Sorry but im a firm believer that Fleetway has a british accent and that he calls everyone wankers a lot

Okay, name me a psycho british voice then

You never seen a single james bond film?

After Knuckles got his ass beat...

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Walter C. Dornez. Young Walter specifically.

Ah yes Cream, the future's greatest freedom fighter and destroyer of would be conquerors.

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