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Tik Tok MaryWhoreKeks

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This shit again?

Feliciawhorekek and Gwenwhorekek are never going to win

>Two months to 2 years of drama until Peter goes back to MJ
Getting real tired of this cycle

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No one cared when Slott had Jackal Ben do this, why should they care now?




It's time for Spider-Man to be judged, and I think we all know which moment in Spidey's history is going to weigh heavily on the proceedings.

You don't want to miss this very special issue that might just break your heart all over again.


What does this term actually mean?

Spider man fans on Yea Forums are insane and part of it is shippers

>Spiderman is stuck on this perpetual hamster wheel

Man, I feel bad for the diehard fans, it's like the characters been frozen in a time capsule.

Imagine if they redid Mayday to fuse her with Spider-Gwen

How are there still Gwen fags when the character's been dead (Not counting the fucking clone shit) for almost 50 years?

TASM movies

Peter's been dead for 14, I don't see you dropping him.

Why should we care? They’ve done this stupid “SURPRISE! Gwen’s back!” bullshit numerous times. Let her stay fucking dead.

The people who work at Marvel in high positions have hated literally every love interest Spidey’s ever had that wasn’t Gwen. They’re all old fucks who still cling to that era of Spider-Man and haven’t let go.

Literally every corporate character is stuck on a hamster wheel. They were like that when you started reading them, they'll be like that when you stop.

Some guys here REALLY don’t like Mary Jane for some reason.

Please just let Peter have a happy life you fucks I'll take anyone MJ Felicia even a clone of Gwen

nick lowe is the youngest in marvel office and he's the spider-man editor

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Yeah, Lowe is 42, Wells is 37. They should have no nostalgia whatsoever for Gwen and if anything, nostalgia for married Peter like the kind Spencer had, but apparently not.

Slott enough with the stupid nickname

Well if they won't let him have MJ I guess we're just going to have to spam pictures of Peter fucking Rio Morales all over the internet until it's canon.

what's wrong with you?

Nothing, considering it was just a shitpost and you probably shouldn't have taken that seriously.

Calls my attention to know what exactly "Judgment Day" is. I mean, I thought it was something involving just the Eternals, the Avengers and the X-Men. Does this mean all the Marvel Universe is going to be "Judge"? By who?

Which other heroes could be judged?
- Iron Man
- Hulk
- Doctor Strange
- Namor

>Does this mean all the Marvel Universe is going to be "Judge"?
Eternals and "judge" means Celestials.

Lmao nothing is gonna happen

Gwen doesn’t even look like she wants this

Imagine coming back to life, forgiving Peter for not saving you, and then dying in a heroic sacrifice of your own choosing only to be brought back yet again to go through the same beats.

Reminder that this is the type of person who shits on MJ

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This is part of series of tie ins. So he'll once again come to realize he doesn't have to feel guilty and then gets over partly his recent guilt to finally reconcile with those in his current life and not in the fast for the 79ith fing time

Some guy started calling MJ this as an insult. Some MJ fanboys swallowed the bait hard and threw shit fits at term, which obviously cause more shitposters to take it up.

We had this same damn plot in The Clone Conspiracy which was a Nick Lowe-edited story. It shouldn't be happening again.

This sounds even more like Lowe is trying to do a last call with beyond and this before leaving and screwing wells over

The doneness levels of Spider-Man Twitter (and the fanbase in general really) has been off the charts lately, and to be honest, I really don't blame them.

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I'm always angry Marvel doesn't let top tier creators to prestige comics with Spider-Man like DC pumps out for Batshit, give me out of continuity stories like Hooky again

we have some minis out of continuity like non stop and savage. But they are bad, really bad

This coloring looks off

there are no Gwenfags, they are either shitposters and/or people who think Spider-Gwen is Gwen

There's that one skitzo that wants Gwen to be retooled as a mutant

It's literally one autist spamming a nickname


Seriously, it's baffling. Instead they give us JJ Abrams and Son Spider-Man because they value celeb power over good storytellers

all it's missing is a Ukraine flag

Zoomers are obsessed with Gwen despite probably having never heard of her before Garfield's movies.

>You don't want to miss this very special issue that might just break your heart all over again.
What heartbreak? Gwen comes back briefly only to die again?

It's really weird to me how many Marvel staffers always say Gwen is their favorite love interest, like she was actually interesting at all. The best she is in the og books is when she's first introduced she's got some edge to her but that all but disappears shortly after and all anybody cared about her for was dying then, whereas MJ was fire from the start and has been able to be a prominent force in the book for most of the time decades on thanks in big part to Gwen dying

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a deragatory slang used by anti-white minorities.


Not on the level of Spider-Man in which each new number 1 makes Peter have less and less things.

Funny how that's a thing but then Doctor Strange can make everybody forget Peter's Spidey in OMIT and it's even good enough then for an out in a high profile movie

dbz meme from Yea Forums back then word cuck get autofilter change it to kek so present day kek get use as fan of the said character

I thought it was MJ cosplaying as Gwen with a wig and everything for a sec, now I want porn of that. Someone get Tracy Scops on the phone.

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OMIT is a clusterfuck, he heals MJ after she passes out, but in One More Day he says some shit about magic only curing magic to explain why he doesn't heal Aunt May.

The unholy trinity

It's time, Yea Forums. I know it is painful and you don't want to do it, but it needs to be done.

Apologize. This was the only thing keeping the Gwenfag menace at bay.

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It's true what they say, you never truly appreciate something until it's gone

I am sorry. Truly sorry.

Judgement Day refers to the Eternals wanting to wipe out mutants due to the current synergy that the Eternals only exist to kill Deviants and other "genetic anomolies" that are a threat to the perfection plans of the Celestials, who the Eternals are now 100% loyal.

Outside Apocalypse, X-Men have never really known the truth about mutants: that they are literal genetic freaks that happened out of the control population of regular humans when the Celestials made the Eternals and Deviants.

Also, the Avengers get involve to try and save the X-Men/Mutants which leads to the Eternals going after the Avengers since they've been sort of letting it slide that the Avengers have been living out of a dead Celestial corpse.