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Why the fuck are the girls fighting crime without a costume?

why does the ustvgo stream have an audio delay...


The fact that they bumped S&L yesterday to try and boost Naomi's ratings pisses me off to no avail. Who the fuck watches Naomi? It's so shit it doesn't even get a weekly thread.

Are there any alternate streams?

Apparently Naomi's renewal chances are higher now that Batwoman and LoT are both canned.

I found it funny the season finale didn't even get a thread.

It really draws attention to how few actual superheroes are left on Team Flash now, doesn't it?
>Kid Flash hasn't been seen in years
>Elongated Man got cancelled
>Vibe left with his Asian gf
>Frost is dead
Barry's the only one now.

'Member Bloodwork?

It should stay that way. Though I'm surprised they haven't recast Elongated Man by now.

I would rather have Batwoman to be the token minority show than Naomi. At least big black lesbian titties are easy on the eyes if I put the show on mute.

Chunk you fucking dork

Ralph's jokes were far more mild than the shit Candice said in dead seriousness.

I missed last ep, what happened to Frost?

ded from voring Deathstorm

Wait, Deathstorm is RIP'd? What is the big seasonal bad then?

Probably Iris's time sickness or whatever the fuck it will turn out to be. Phantom Girl's mom is still dead after all

*runs over to your thread at the speed of sound*
*waits for you to give me a (You) or ban me in regular time*

What the fuck is Barry doing?

Bucket list. Sad!

Is Barry gonna fuck Chillbane to honor Frost?

>this In the Dark show is still on air

Billie Ellish

Oh boy, sad Caitlin again. How refreshing

Can we safely say that the guy who got her pregnant with his wish energy, killed Frost?

Why the fuck is she so mad at Barry for?

Barry get the hell on, man.

Probably because it was Barry's plan to turn Frost into anti Deathstorm, but that in turn was her own fault for giving Deathstorm a physical form to begin with, so she's really mad at herself and using Barry as a scapegoat

Why didn't Barry just run fast, faster then he did the last thing he ran fast?

This is the weirdest funeral I have ever seen

Because Barry is a dum-dum

So Blockbuster just fucked off?

Remember that time Tony Stark died and Captain Marvel shitted on his grave?

So Iris didn't tell him that "we are the Flash" and Joe didn't say "Run Barry, RUN"?

Uh ohhhhhh

Caitlin pls

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Caitlin that's a bit nuts, stop it, you are scaring me.



Someone get Caitlin the copium, she needs it back.

>Iris disappears
Well, at least one good thing came out of this season.

It's weird seeing a Batman rogue in a non-Batman CW show.

>swam with sharks just to fight a shark
Why wasn't THAT an episode

He's not important
But if we're going to be talking about grief
SOMEONE on the team should have gone ballistic and almost killed him
Ballistic anger can also be a part of grief
The problem is we JUST lost the character that would not be out of character having such an episode

This. Naomi is so bad and repetitive, even by YA soap opera standards.

>The problem is we JUST lost the character that would not be out of character having such an episode

Man, they really fucked up the team dynamics, didn't they?

Ah yes the Dan Kuroto ending

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>First Kamen Rider actor to get a non-rider form figuarts that wasn't the original guy
How did he manage it?

>Man, they really fucked up the team dynamics, didn't they?
I didn't think it could get any worse

Sheer charisma

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>won't move past boyfriend so hard she decides to use mad science to bring him back no matter the cost
>cost her, her own sister and she doesn't even get her bo
>learns ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and decides to use mad science to bring back her sister no matter the cost.
Iris isn't the only one trapped in the past

>Cutting back down the the skeleton crew like Arrow's final season
Would be based honestly.

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>The only cast members aside from star Grant Gustin confirmed to return for the ninth - and possibly final - season of The CW's THE FLASH so far are Danielle Nicolet, who plays telepathic ADA Cecile Horton; and Brandon McKnight, who plays wisecracking gadgeteer Chester P. Runk.

>Jesse L. Martin, who plays the scarlet speedster's surrogate father Joe West, will recur throughout the season but will no longer be a series regular, while Candice Patton, who plays the hero's wife Iris West; Danielle Panabaker, who plays dutiful doctor Caitlin Snow; and Kayla Compton, who plays meta-human reporter Allegra Garcia, are yet to sign new contracts.

Here's your season 9 Team Flash, Yea Forums.

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Cut Cecile and we got ourselves a solid cast.

What did she say?

Honestly yeah
But if we devolved the the show into a straight buddy comedy, I'd honestly prefer Cisco
Not that I don't think Runk could do it

>Iris is Iris in real life
Oh no

I would prefer Cisco too but with what we have left, Chester is the best we got. Hell I would love it if it was just Barry, Ralph, and Chester but they refuse to just recast him.

>power set makes him realisticly recastable
>just don't
Meh fine by me he was robbed anyway

I managed to get free of the show after how fucking awful that season with mirror master+godspeed was. Is the new season any better?

tl;dr - She went full /pol/ on the LGBTBBQ+ community. Shit like how ugly trannies were, how they'd never be real women, how they don't belong in the female space, etc.

I'm not saying it wasn't based, I'm just saying hers were 100% in all seriousness, whereas Ralph's was just shitty attempts at humor.

I knew Candice was based as fuck but I didn't know she was that BASED.

>tweets from a decade ago.
that's lame as fuck.

Ralph's were from the same period.

Based as hell, unfiltered tweets are gold.

Despero arc was an improvement over those, but I don't know if it's worth coming back. At least it's only 5 episodes.