The Bob's Burgers Movie budget has been revealed

It's fucking over

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I don't get it. Isn't that the average budget for animated movies?

I can't wait till this film beats out all other animated movies this year and makes you look like the fucking retard you are every time you judge this movie.

Might as well be 5 cents. It's fucking over burgerbros....

This is the type of film that can't afford to cost 60 fucking mil. At least WB were smart enough to budget the TTG movie at 10m but then again it's animated in flash.

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Does anyone even care about this show anymore?

In 2015

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$60mil is a huge gamble for something like Bobs Burgers. They are probably going to need at least $100mil to not be considered a loss. Even in that scenario, that is still flop tier.

Don't ask questions, just Doomsume.

I want to fuck Tina.

Where did all that money go? The trailer’s animation doesn’t look that much different from the show.

Get back to work, Loren

Why? Characters in the show are incredibly unappealing. Both in their designs and their personalities

More like $120-$140 to brake even, which is still considered a failure, because the money they spent didn't make a return.
Do you believe that Bob's Burgers can draw enough to make $120+ million? Because if you don't, you already agree, just staying quiet.

You’d be surprised at what adding proper lighting to every scene can do to the budget. There’s a reason normal Bobs doesn’t use it

The Bad Guys is currently at $118 mil worldwide, and it doesn’t have any brand recognition. Bobs should be able to effortlessly pull $300mil

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It means it needs 3 billion just to break even

>Currently predicted to make as little as 7m on its opening weekend
This level of humiliation shouldn't be legal

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Kek. See:

Sonic 2 is at $350 mil worldwide. Do you actually think Bobs can come up on the bumper of that?

>Bobs should be able to effortlessly pull $300mil

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That’s after just 3 days. At that pace it will have no issue hitting $300mil

It means it need 10 dollars to break even. Its literally over

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>top gun maverick
That shitty gay Beach volleyball movie got a sequel?

Have we even gotten a plot description of this yet? Everything I’ve seen from this is just random shots that tell us nothing

>Bob's Burgers only makes $9.99 domestically

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Yes. A sinkhole opens up in front of the restaurant right before a potentially busy weekend that Bob needed to pay off the bank

This is what you 2d chuds get for crying over CHADgi

BB may just have some of the worst marketing I've seen for an animated film in recent memory. Holy fuck.
>Trailers that tell JACK SHIT (yes, I know people complain about spoilers but there should be SOME idea of what the plot is)
>No fast food tie ins
>No merch
Have they even been showing ads on tv? I was watching Family Guy last sunday and never caught any. I didn't watch the rest of the animation block though so who knows.

Yes there were bobs ads during Simpsons, great north, and bobs

So the same plot of like 5 episodes except this time the foil is a sinkhole

Youre not an interesting person

I see quite a few ads for it on Adult Swim. But yea, the ads tell you nothing aside from this having a musical element which means it’s not worth seeing

Ah ok.

>yea, we have to carry him because he can’t fly on his own
What’s the box office projection if Peter and Homer were in the movie?

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ngl, they probably should have had them in. They've crossed over before like pic rel, they can do it again.

I keep fucking telling you, we could've gotten a Family Guy movie first. Sure it would've been R Rated, but it's a property people are aware exists, It would've become a box office success and could've led Fox to greenlighting the Bob's Burgers movie and second Simpsons movie to keep banking off of their properties.

tell that to the fuckin bob's burger creator in a DM

>Do you believe that Bob's Burgers can draw enough to make $120+ million?
Yeah, it's a name that people remember.

I did, several times.

For a reason that movie felt more as an extended episode.

He called Me a faggot and said Great North will be renewed up to Season 10. What the fuck was his problem? I wasn't even shitting on his shows. Got no proof, I incidently dropped my phone and stopped on it.

Based Loren

Yeah it's about a sinkhole in the surface but below that it's about growing up. We're gonna see the Fischoeders creating this huge conspiracy to find buried teasure as them never really growing up and stuck in childish fantasies to contrast with Bob and his family ready to face reality without anymore diversions.
You see the sinkhole actually represents how Bob's resturant is a failure where he keeps SINKING money into.

Yea, remember how boring and childish it is

That's enough for the Burger of the Day and fries, right?

>You see the sinkhole actually represents how Bob's resturant is a failure where he keeps SINKING money into.
You could say the same about this film's production

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>can’t even get a drink
Not like this…

The sheeple don't care about quality, they care about familiarity.

Who in their right fucking mind wants a Family Guy movie?

Literally no one. This movie caters to the remains of an already tiny fan base. It's no wonder there's been virtually no hype behind it these final weeks before release. If Bob's Burgers were actually still big, that new short playing exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse theaters would've had camrips uploaded online by now.

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It'll gather more attention than Bob's Burgers at the very least. The promotion for this movie has been lacking.

>This movies flopping will probably kill off Bobs Burgers as a whole and Loren’s other shows.
>And the planned Family Guy and Simpson movies.

No hope for adult theatrical animation again.

I'm going to see this movie purely in the hope that it fully cements Chloe Barbash as Louise's Popular rich bitch rival.

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yeah fake ass lie, show screenshots

how do you sink money? making burgers?

Literally who asked for this

Maybe on cable. People would have to choose to go out and watch this in a theatre. Not gonna happen

laughs in iTunes purchasing the season of bob's burger

By running a place that costs more to keep its doors open than it makes money

Just be real bad at seeling burgers and do dumb things like letting your wild and out of control kids work in the restaurant.

Louise x Logan

I’m sure it will do fine in home media sales. That’s not what we are talking about though. It needs to do well in theatres with a $60mil budget

>have restaurant
>allow children to destroy it
>never make any money

>People would have to choose to go out and watch this in a theatre.
People would go and watch this in the theaters mainly because it's safe and familiar.

Maybe a few years ago that would be true. People are done with theaters now. It’s not worth the trip and costs to see something mediocre. It just took forced closures of theaters for people to realize it

Western 2D animation needs to follow the Japanese model. Make a 6 to 8 mil budget movie while the property of the series is still at its peak. Why they made Bobs Burgers now when it should’ve happened back at most in 2018 and had a decent budget. This movie will Bomb hard now.

Bob has definitely lost more money having his kids "work" in the restuarant for free then if he just had some hired help.

At 102 minutes, this will be by far the longest animated TV-to-film adaptation of all time. I'm really glad they've been cycling through the same handful of scenes in all the promos. It's gonna make everything a surprise.

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didn't fishoder keep fucking around with bob's place?

> It’s not worth the trip and costs to see something mediocre
Some of the biggest blockbuster this years was just something mediocre.

thanks the pandemic doing all of us all a favor

even the Paul Anderson movie about the 70's like no one remembers dazed and confused?

Which one of the kids will come out as trans?