Anne is hot and Sasha did nothing wrong

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So what ending are we getting?
>Anne stays on earth and never sees the Plantars again.
>Anne stays on Amphibia and never sees her friends and family again.
>Anne dies/ascends
>Anne gets to travel to earth and Amphibia

Telling Marcy and her parents the core took her virginity.

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The last one

Never sees the plantars 100%

Hardest thing is to say goodbye
Anne is gonna have to pick a side

That's a lie, I raped her in the locker room not long before we left Earth.

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Endgame right here brothers

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If anyone wants a trip down memory lane

Series premiere

Prison break


Marcy at the Gates

True Colors

S3 intro premiere

Darcy reveal

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Thanks mate

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I still remember the first episode so well. I liked how it started with Sprig instead of Anne wandering into Amphibia like every other isekai show

Sashanne thread!
Best couple coming through

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I kinda like how lanky this artist draws them

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The threads between reunion and S2 were something else. Mods allowed the general for a full year.

Hope she gets one more line at least.

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Lol. Why would anything nice ever happen?

We would have people complaining that sasha got boring. No thanks

If only.

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Trips of please stop.

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Predict the ending.

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I stopped watching Amphibia at season one. What the fuck hapened?

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>Sasharcy fag is spamming the thread
Jesus why can't you do that shit at night when nobody watch

Kurt says this will all end in tears.

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>Wait anons, Anne isn’t black?

>Sasharcyfag back to spamming
For what purpose

Meant for this fag I predict we'll want more

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Would you out Anne in your deck?

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Would Disney make a sequel show?

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so you missed all the good stuff? go watch it now

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Marcy will leave to another dimension with Andrias. Calling it now

Disney never does that.

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I am hoping to

for a higher purpuse
bless you


I hate yurifags so goddamn much.

Does whatever a ....

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I'm surprised no one has made a meme of Destiny 2 "moon's haunted" with Calamity trio and the moon-core.

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Give me a quick rundown please.

wasn't a Polly spin-off hinted at the Q&A?

>for a higher purpose
kek that's pretty funny.

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Depends how the last episode will end

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Rather get nothing!

Newtopia, the ruling Kingdom of Amphibia is ruled by a Phyrexian tier hivemind that used the Music Box to invade and conquer other worlds with Earth as their last target prior to Andrias' childhood friend and progenitor of The Plantar family stealing the musicv box and bringing it to Earth. Anne can now go super saiyan and is about to fight Majora's Mask to KPOP

Me too brother me too

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Anne looks amazing in any outfit.

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These are pretty much the last chill threads we’ll ever have while relevant...

I never heard of black pink before.

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me neither. i live under a rock tho

I'm a specialized nerd, not into music.

What about Maggie? Why do anons hate her?

She called Anne the N-word

>Had to look up what Phyrexians were

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Thanks for the info by the way

My bet is that we get a "Anne has to choose" and she chooses her family but we get a fake out and it's revealed that the plantar live on Earth now.

It could also be that Amphibia the planet gets teleported onto Earth. That would be weird

If I was nintendo I would fucking sue. There is "reference" and there is straight up "copy and paste".

>It could also be that Amphibia the planet gets teleported onto Earth. That would be weird
That would be SvTFoE all over again. Amphibia fans would seethe hard.

Hope it came out okay.

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something gay happens between 2 of girls, but they choose to remain friends for now in the end
How would you react?

Nintendo didn't create the "moon falling onto the planet" thing

If I was Toei I would sue

Post your favorite Anne

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Me neither im a quasi boomer tho, i think is shit but i can see why Anne likes it

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I would be confused about the point would be. I understand why something like that would happen in real life, it's just that in fiction it would be weird an pointless.

Three options

The three of them end up in a lesbian polyamorous relationship between the three and everything is rad af
The three of them are le epic besties which is beyond predictable and spring becomes human because "kiss frog and become prince/princess or whatever"
No romance and they become le epic besties

Personally I want option 1.

Also did this one as a warmup. Hopefully people are as amused as I was.

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Awwww... that's sad.

She's a good dog.

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The one i have at home

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Best ever interpretation

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What was the point of this if Sasha was just going to unplug the Core?

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Just so Marcy does something in the big quadruple length episode

She just needs time before things are all lovey dovey.

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What was the point of Sauron trying to corrupt Frodo if he was just going to drop the ring into Mt. Doom anyways?

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That dance... Anne would destroy your pelvis.

What if the girls were a little older?

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Why didn't Sprig and Polly's parents dance the herons into submission

Blake has cute art.

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I like em at 19.

No thank you, 13 is prime for women

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Scary and funny

more opportunities for edge for sure
they might talk a little more shit
they really should've been 15 as matt intended

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>>Anne gets to travel to earth and Amphibia
This, but for some bullshit reason she’ll only get to visit/interact with amphibia for like, one day once every five years or something.

Because Frodo didn't do that? Gollum just bit off his finger and fell into the lava.

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That’s the fucking Groke

Surprised there are any drawfrogs left. Why do you even bother though, the rest left for a reason.