New cartoon pitch

After taking suggestions, I’ve reworked my pitch to make it more palatable to the masses.
>B-Positive centers around a young girl who finds a found family in the form of a group of vampires known as the Carmilla Clan. The young girl helps the Carmilla Clan become normal humans instead of fantastical creatures while evading those who wish to kill them.

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Good luck.

Sounds like it could be cool.
Go for it, say I.

>Inspired by Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future, Lars von Trier, and XXXTenacion, B-Positive is reverse escapism; where the the fantastical become fascinated with the mundane and abandon their supernatural roots.
Thank you.

The cast will consist of a diverse group of a heroes and villains, each with their own unique personalities and wants.
Thank you kind stranger

Sounds awesome, though why do they want to be human? Is vampirism more like a curse here? Honestly without any of the more cool superpowers, vampirism kinda sucks so I can understand the desire to be human

Let’s start with the Carmilla Clan
>A young diabetic, Filipina, Connie always tries to look at the bright side of every scenario and genuine wants to have fun in life and make people happier. Tired of her own shitty family, she quickly accepts the Carmilla Clan as her new family and helps them to become normal people.
>Likes: Puppies, kittens, insulin, slice of life stories, romance, social awareness
>Dislikes: genre fiction (fantasy, sci fi, horror, etc), checking her feet for cuts, ignorant people

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They find being a vampire boring and just want to lead normal lives like you and I.

Makes sense, though personally I’d add something about wanting to feel the warmth of the sun again but whatever floats your boat

Also are you going to rework the Kim expy into a parody of Buffy? Because that would be awesome


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>SHANIQUA (she/her)
>The strong Black leader of the clan, Shaniqua is stoic to a fault and very hesitant about being normal, after seeing the worst of humanity. It takes Connie to take her out of her shell and she eventually falls in love with her.
>Likes: Rap music, Black Lives Matter, protesting, Connie
>Dislikes: Racism, cops, vampire hunters, people touching her hair

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Btw, not trying to curb your style, but just letting you know in case you feel like parodying Buffy at all. The Slayer in Buffy is fused with a demon and can activate at any time against her will at which point she will receive the powers of the Slayer. If you want to make this a curse you could have the demon also affect her personality making it in part a mission for Connie to save the antagonist herself from a literal embodiment of hatred, greed, vanity, or bigotry

Neat! Have you ever seen Midnight Texas!
You may wanna look into one of the backstories there, it could be fun

Buffy as a concept is about to get skewered here. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

this again?

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Alright! Sorry about my enthusiasm, your pitch just has me all fired up because I’m a mythology nerd
Also Carmilla clan implies that they may be descendants of and or the victims of Carmilla’s abusive indoctrination practice during her time as Elizabeth Bathory

>ALEJANDRA (she/her)
>A plus sized Mexican vampire. The life of the party, she tried not let people get her down. A bit of a party animal but fiercely protective of her wife and clan.
>Likes: tacos, her wife, farting and burp contests, body positivity
>Dislikes: fat shaming, anti immigration, no food

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More like hiv positive giving me aids reading that thread

>SO-YOUNG (she/her, sometimes he/him)
>A Korean, lesbian vampire. The mother hen of the group, she can be quite the worry wart. Make no mistake though, she is very strong and does not people attacking her clan lightly. Alejandra’s wife.
>Likes: spring cleaning, kimchi, tea, her wife
>Dislikes: “me so horny” remarks, cultural appropriation, farting and burping contests, people messing with her family.

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try shooting from an angle or with the pics against the wall to get less shadow. Or grab a second light/use flash

I wager the farting and burping factors in their sex life ?

Peter Universe the vampire


>FATIMA (she/her)
>A Muslim vampire with only one arm. The smartest of the group and who people look for for problem solving, though she can be absent minded in her own right. Is the calming influence for her wife.
>Likes: Falafel, the Quran, punk rock, reading
>Dislikes: People messing with her hijab, bomb or 9/11 jokes, goths

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not you again
this is hilariously done to the point where I think you are some /pol/ troll looking to make a "diversity" show pitch to annoy Yea Forums.

>HUALANI (she/her)
>A neuroatypical Hawaiian vampire. Although she struggles with autism and ADHD, she still wants to help her clan in anyway possible and is willing to lay her life on the line for them. Is married to Fatima
>Likes: Surfing, fidget spinners, peeing off highways
>Dislikes: People asking her to do a hula dance, loud noises and bright lights, people using words like aspie and retard

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I hate /pol/ with a passion

This is so bad it's sad

This is great, but who are the villains of the show supposed to be?

This whole pitch, as well as my historical knowledge of Elizabeth Bathory and mythological knowledge of Carmilla is making me imagine Carmilla herself as the main/final antagonist of the series and possibly the origin of the clan. For context Carmilla was a very vain, materialistic, sadistic and abusive person with the powers of super strength, speed, healing senses, and the power to transform into both mist and a monstrous giant cat. You can think of her like Shadow Weaver with zero redeeming qualities beyond liking pretty women
I can write a villain introduction scene if you’d allow me

Why does industrycuck always reply to himself in the belief that we can't notice him doing it

>ZAWADI (she/her)
>A buff Kenyan vampire. Physically the strongest of the clan, she’s also the shyest and gentlest. She hopes to find her own girlfriend to dote over and the clan is willing to help.
>Likes: cute girls, lifting weights, her hairy arms
>Dislikes: people picking on girls, people who make fun of her body hair

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Dude I just picked that name because it’s a lesbian vampire. I already have villains planned out anyways.
Give me time.

>only 12 posters including (you)
>unique IPs are clearly
It really is samefagging. How pathetic.

>ODINA (she/her, formerly he/him)
>A trans Native American vampire. The chillest of the bunch and the soul of the whole group, she keeps the peace. It’s still wise not to make her angry.
>Likes: weed, nature, dreaming, tattoos
>Dislikes: people misgendering her, transphobia in general.

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You're so bad I'm starting to like /pol/
You are just an evil person

Alright, that’s cool, I just figured I could make something pretty chilling since Carmilla herself is honestly a great villain
She’s an emotionally draining manipulative bitch she everything a lesbian should try to avoid in a relationship. She may have originally been a metaphor for toxic friendships or relationships

These are our heroes but who shall oppose them? It’s none other than the extreme team of vampire hunters, the Fourteen Words. These thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies dedicate their lives to wiping out vampires for no reasons. They are the biggest obstacle in the Carmilla Clan achieving normality.

First up is the leader of the Fourteen Words
>A bible crazed jerk jock, Kenny egotistically sees himself as a hip youth pastor and the true hero of the story. A moral hypocrite, he believes it’s his god given duty to slay all vampires.
>Likes: The Bible, going to church, hitting the gym, goth girls
>Dislikes: heathens of any kind, vampires, ghosts

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>A promiscuous woman, Kammy thinks there’s no man she can’t seduce and has slept with dozens of men. She gets into the vampire hunting game because she thinks it will make her rich and famous, even hosting her own website for her services.
>Likes: sex with men, cheerleading, shopping
>Dislikes: gays and lesbians, meant turning her down, her own dad

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Needs more Loomis

Still better than Craig of the Creek

Is there gonna be a Molly McGee themed vilain, since you hate that show too?

>The son of a white man and a Japanese woman, Jack believes his biracial status puts him above others, even being able to get away with racial slurs. He sees the vampires as nothing more than another peg to be taken down in his hapa life.
>Likes: urban clothing, white girls, Colt 45, dragons
>Dislikes: being told off, not being allowed to use rap slang, his wine mom

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>An obsessive comic book and superhero fan, Dex is completely detached from reality and lives out his bizarre fantasies in reality, thinking is some kind of superhero. He wants to kill the Carmilla Clan because he feels they are wasting their powers.
>Likes: Science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, jerking off to his cousin
>Dislikes: Bathing, women, minorities, being told sf sucks

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Not a villain but I did have a character inspired by that show.

What powers? It feels like they just have the basics of conditional immortality and enhanced strength speed and senses
If that’s enough to piss him off he must be a real crybaby. Someone actually dedicated to being a superhero would hit the gym

>A LARPER. A highly unpopular person, she pretends to be a robot as bizarre form of transhumanism. Hopes that killing the vampires will make people like her.
>Likes: Robotics, cosplay, being with the cool kids
>Dislikes: Being unpopular, people wrecking her cosplay, being lewded

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They have other powers but that’s the whole point of Dex. He’s supposed to be this pathetic crybaby.

Fun fact! The original Carroll’s book never portrayed homosexuality as an immortal act. Carmilla herself was only immoral because she gaslit people and then fed on them in their sleep. Also she kills young girls and traumatizes people

Believe it or not, the Fourteen Words have some unlikely allies
>A gross simp who thinks of himself a sigma male. The archetypal nice guy, he helps out Kammy, thinking it will get him laid. Kammy does not like him.
>Likes: the thought of him losing his virginity, his pet rat Rueful, white knighting, women in general (and especially Kammy)
Dislikes: being denied sex, strong women, getting nothing in return for doing favors

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Why are they all sideways?

How can vampires be black if they never deal with sunlight. Why would they have melanin?

My guess is that Industrycuck doesn't realize that Yea Forums strips exif data.


She obviously didn’t start a vampire
Vamps are turned remember? She’d just be black but pale from lack of exposure
Hell, that’s probably why they want to be human again. The key word being again

>Davey’s little brother. A spoiled little brat who wishes he could get whatever he wanted. The Fourteen Words sometimes use him as a distraction against the Carmilla Clan.
>Likes: Fairies, getting his way, the internet
>Dislikes: Babysitters

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No vampire would willingly drink the blood of a black person. Absolutely too high in cholesterol and the sickle cell anemia isn't worth the risk.

In Midnight Texas there was a vampire who was a former slave recruited for his misanthropy because the guy turning him thought he’d be fun to have around

So... this is the mature story telling you want for the animation industry, a thinly veiled attack against other cartoons that is also a rework of a shitty idea you once had, with an art style that is wonky, juvenile and shows a lack of understanding of the medium itself

I offered to write a somewhat cool antagonist with a greentexted intro scene for him
I’m still willing to if he allows me. It’s somewhat all in my head I just want to make sure he’s cool with it before I do a Carmilla intro