ITT: Movies based on comics that aren't capeshit

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Read the comic though, it such a unique experience

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what about tv shows?

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wait that was a comic book?

if it's anything like what i saw of the movie then it must be some crazy shit.

>Tales from the crypt

sorry, no th-

>1970s PG

alright that's cool.

- 300 2007
- Sin City 2005
- Mutafukaz, Dark Meat City
- Titeuf
- Wrinkles
Ones older than 20 years:
- When the Wind Blows 1986
- Werner - Beinhart! 1990 based on comic Werner
Ones I haven't seen, but read the comic:
- I Kill Giants 2008 (film 2017)
- Tank Girl
- Snowpiercer

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You wouldn’t believe it

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Such a weird adaptarion...

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Not only one of the best live action comic adaptations, one of the best movies ever, period.

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It was poisoned ever so slightly by the cartoon, but it is a great movie nonetheless.

Comics drive a lot more of Hollywood than I thought. Yet we’re still so unappreciated

They're essentially just treated like idea mills especially the Big Two for their properties.

Cemetery Man is based on a comic I've never read or seen but the movie is dope

This is based more on the comic and is...okay...but it doubles as a Superman Returns reunion between Clark and Jimmy.

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Anyone else see this? Brandon Routh is pretty good in it.

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>A Frank Miller book was once a Saturday Morning Cartoon with one character voiced by Bobby Hill

I'm surprised nobody's posted Judge Dredd or Scott Pilgrim yet
Fuck yeah, I can hear Shredder's theme in my memory. It's amazing how poignant the film can be. Had it been any more or less serious, it wouldn't have worked. They struck the perfect balance

goddamn it

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>Yea Forums - Comics & Cartoons
>Yea Forums - Television & Film

Gosh, I wonder where this post belongs.

Famously ends with two dudes tripping balls on peyote until one trips further and dies. And it's a Western.

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I really dug the comic and it's a shame the movie doesn't really capture the feel of it.

I get the impression that a lot of recent titles coming out of Image and Dark Horse are put forth as movie/TV bait. Especially limited series.

Which one’s worse, this one or the recent animated one?

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>George Lopez
Haven't seen either but this one's worse, no questions asked

Its been that way since the early 2000s.

>Movies based on comics.

Yea Forums, that's where it belongs. Hope that helps you.

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Yes, right. As in Yea Forums and film.

That recent one looks like minimum effort crap.


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is it any good tho?

>George Lopez

but it's not 3AM yet

I understand why it was a dud but I still liked this movie.

The movie looked nice, but Rihanna's character pissed me off and I hated most of the actual story. I've heard the comic is good though.

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>unpronounceable names
>pretentious title
>danger hair front and center
Yup, it's an art film.

Is Rihanna that chick with the complexion of a dude from new Delhi on the bottom?

Image especially. You ever wonder why comics are so slow to get to the point? It's because they're written with movie script sensibilities and drawn as storyboards.

There's more than one?

>You ever wonder why comics are so slow to get to the point?

Because everything today is written with trade paperback collections in mind.

Yeah, you might know her from her feature in Beaten by rapist and rap artist Chris Brown