23 years later and it remains one of the boldest and most well written CG films ever

>23 years later and it remains one of the boldest and most well written CG films ever
How did they do it?

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By being original

It's not as bad as RT says

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it looks ugly

no idea but its one of my favourite movies
the fucking termite war scene kinda scarred me as a kid

such a good soundtrack

Antz is easily the best of the pre Shrek films. Prince of Egypt misses the mark as a compelling drama due to a weak script and annoying revisionism, and El Dorado is okay at best. The lack of micromanagement on Katzenberg's part might be the reason. He wasn't as involved here as with the 2D films

this track is a masterpiece

>Despite the very dated character designs nd animation, Antz holds up surprisingly well, and you know what?
Well, what?

he says "i think it's better than Bug's Life". Review ends there

It's ugly even for the time and not even particularly well-written, it's only noteworthy because it was one of the early films using a new technology and was an obvious attempt to ripoff and rush out a movie before Pixar did.

it got rushed in the final months. It was slated for march 1999, but they began working harder towards the end and managed to release it in october 1998, a month before Bug's Life

>Mandible : "sacrifice. To some, it is just a word. To others, it is a code"
>Farquaad : "some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make"

>female wasp : "oh, my big strong pheromone factory"
>Donkey : "oh, come on Shrek. Wake up and smell the pheromones"

>Mandible has Weaver tortured and interrogates him on Z's whereabouts
>Farquaad has Gingy tortured and interrogates him on the remaining fairytale creatures's whereabouts

>Z and Bala/Shrek and Fiona fall in love during a montage with a pop song (I Can See Clearly Now/My Beloved Monster) and there is a campfire scene when they almost kiss but get interrupted

>Z and Shrek are separated from Bala and Fiona in the third act. Z goes back to her hitching a ride on the wasp he met earlier. Shrek does it hitching a ride on Dragon

>Insectopia and Duloc are satirical locations
Shrek owes a lot to this movie

based cast

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>well written

Postin in a STAN thread

Lewis went to produce Ratatouille, Warner produced Shrek (and picked the academy award when it won) and Wooton was never seems again

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what, WHAT?

>1998 : Antz
>2001 : Shrek, Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party
>2003 : Shrek 4-D
>2004 : Shrek 2, Shark Tale, Far Far Away Idol
needless to say, there was a quality decay after 2001

Shrek 1' home video short is charming, if a bit cheesy. Shrek 2' short is a cringefest

>general, we've been at peace with that colony for years. Why would they attack us?
>they want our land. They're desperate for more foraging territory. Perhaps they think we've grown soft or weak
>why don't we dispatch an ambassador, negotiate a new treaty?
makes you wonder if the termites were able to speak, since they had a treaty with the ant colony nearby

>for now on, anyone who falls behind is going to have to explain themselves to Colonel Cutter. And let me assure you, the colonel is not as understanding as I am

>who is the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot who gets kidnapped by the idiot?

>(Bala) i hope you know what you're doing
>(Z) yeah, me too
someone in the writing crew liked Star Wars

>during the worker revolution where Z is praised as a hero, the workers demand to see him by singing to the army "all we are saying, is give Z a chance"

>be honest, kid. Am i hurt bad?
>no-no. N-Not at all. You're... Actually, you're lookin' terrific. You got, you know, swell color in your cheeks
>no. I can see it in your eyes. I'm a goner. Help me up, Z... I can't feel my legs

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>i've heard a lot about this Z. I even had the pleasure of meeting him once. But where is he now? Can anyone point him out? I mean, if this Z cares so much about us, then why isn't he here? I'll tell you why. Because Z doesn't give a damn about us. That's why he kidnapped our princess. That's why he ran away. Z is no hero. We are the heroes. We are the ones ensuring the future of our great colony. And when we've completed this magnificent structure, we will reap the benefits: more food and less work for everyone. And as further reward for your heroic efforts, each and every one of you will get the day off... so you can be the guests of honor at the MegaTunnel dedication ceremonies!
unlike Hopper, Mandible didn't rely on intimidation only. He was also a smooth talker

>who are your friends, dear?
>crawling insects, poopsie
>oh. The poor dears. Uh, good morning
>darling, really. Greeting every insect that emerges out of the grass?
>(Bala) pardon me. I guess you don't recognize me. I've been traveling and I'm all schlumpy. I'm Princess Bala
>oh! It's even worse. They're Eurotrash
>darling, they're poor. They're dirty. They're smelly. We have to help them. If you just wait right here, we'll fetch you a little something
>oh, please, Muffy. Not another crusade
>Chippie, we have a social obligation to the less fortunate. I know you laugh at my hobbies, but this is important to me!
>you have such a big heart. That's why you're my little cuddly-widdles
>oh, my big, strong pheromone factory
the WASPy wasps are hilarious

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it all seems like a starship troopers kinda deal.

no i do not know what that means.

unlike Pixar, PDI didn't have human characters in their first movie. They waited until Shrek to go there. Antz only has the two legs wearing Reebok shoes

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plus the guy with magnifying glass. Likely someone else

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This is a sharktalefag thread ins't it?

>ant colony, termite colony, monolith, Insectopia
love the end reveal that entire film takes place in this small area of Central Park

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1997/1998 CG is nice

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one of the reasons why i loved Rango is because it felt a lot like Antz. They have similar vibes

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>ho-hold up, everyone. Stop. Stop digging
>on whose authority?
>on your own authority. If you break through that wall, we're all gonna drown! This tunnel is going to flood
>look, I got orders, and those orders say "dig"
>what if someone ordered you to jump off a bridge? (Foreman looks thoughtful) Oh, brother, I'm asking the wrong guy here
Allen is funny in this

>why'd I have to be born a worker? You soldiers get all the glory, plus you get to go out in the world. You meet interesting insects, you get to kill them
>yeah. But you get to spend all day with those beautiful worker girls
>Weaver, they're career girls. They're obsessed with digging... I don't think I'm ever gonna meet the right girl for me
>who said a girl for you? I was talking about a girl for me. Don't you want your aphid beer?
>call me crazy, but... I have a thing about drinking from the anus of another creature. Okay?
>suit yourself. Ahhh. Me, I'm cuttin' lose. We got a royal inspection comin' up
>inspection, meaning you're gonna stand around like an idiot while a bunch of blue bloods smirk at you? I don't know how you put up with it, Weaver
>Z, I've known you for a long time. Right?
>definitely. You were born two seconds after me
>yeah. And ever since we were little, I've been listenin' to you complain. What are you bitching about?
this has better dialogue than Prince of Egypt. It's more natural and witty, not as ponderous or tedious. The jokes are also funny (what little comedy POE has is bad)

No shit, who else would make an Antz thread in 2022 without actually replying to anyone?

>i got a great idea. You gotta switch places with me. Let me go to the inspection instead of you. Weaver. The royal family will be there. This is the only way I can see her
>see who?
>Princess Bala. You have to help me. If I can't see her again, my life is just not worth living. Please, Weaver. Please. Switch jobs with me just for a day. Think of all the things that I've done for you
>hm. I can't think of any
>okay. So, think of all the things that I'm gonna do for you
>would I meet some worker girls?
>are you kidding? They always go after the new guy. It's like a sport for them. And-And believe me, they will definitely go for an adorable little insect like you
>Weaver, I... I have to see her again
>(warm tone and hand on shoulder) Z, what kind of chance do you have with a princess? I mean, she probably won't even remember you
>i... I know it sounds nuts, but I have to try
Z and Weaver should've had more scenes together. Allen and Stallone have nice chemistry

shit looks lifelike when seen from far away.

I believe you require an eye exam

>gimmie... Gimmie a hand!
>Z! You? Let go! Don't you understand? It's for the good of the colony!
>what are you saying? We are the colony!
what a great moment

Z's theme song is beautiful

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What about Bugs Life

Communism is retarded. As is this movie. As are you.

Shrek 1 is a spiritual successor to Antz, which is why it's so good. The sequels went in a completely different direction (broader, sillier, self-conscious, pop culture heavy) Shrek 2 marks the beginning of a new identity, and it was a worse identity

Shrek ended up being released in may 2001 instead of late 2000. Tusker was shelved not long after

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>Shrek got delayed

probably had something to do with a certain Chris Farley's overdose.

that article is from late 1999, so no

>main character is ant Z

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Literally just watched the movie for the first time right now. What a nice film.

Holy shit though, I feel so fucking bad for the wasp husband

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>Prince of Egypt misses the mark as a compelling drama due to a weak script and annoying revisionism, and El Dorado is okay at best.
I like them.

Very clever

glad you enjoyed it

main theme of the film is individualism. Ant Z is a fitting name

I enjoyed it but not "spam the same comments over and over despite no one asking" enjoyed it. I still don't understand why you think Yea Forums is meant to be a blog.

Sharktalefag, talk about A Bugs Life, how it is when compared to Antz

And for reference, this guy is only baiting you because he probably finds autists spamming shit funny.

why is this soundtrack so based?

Can't believe this thread has made me realize that Antz obviously reused a bunch of stuff that came from The Secret of NIMH (small-scale setting; small hero journey; violent usurper plot; etc). Probably because Antz is so lacking in charisma and magic that you would not expect it. But yes Bluth is indirectly responsible for Dreamworks existing via Amblin so it's not completely crazy.

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