This is Miko Kubota. Say something nice about her

This is Miko Kubota. Say something nice about her.

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big ass

"I hope I can see you in your new season"

>She is canonically extremely lonely due to the ADHD
>She latches onto Hector because he is her only real friend.

She good at Apex Legends

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adorable dork that need a true season 2.
(and a latino BF)

made for corruption

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Best friends for life.

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So is Miko a glitch?

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The mind-wipe shit doesn't work on her so maybe?
I guess we'll never find out...

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>No Rising Superstar Liam,


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something nice about her



she has great assets

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look at all that platonic friendship!

2 possibilities:

1) she is a glitch and the mindwipe only affect organics.
2) everyone ELSE is a program and it only affect digital life.

Futa Miko

No. People like her, Mabel, Webby, etc. Have had enough nice things said to them in their lives, they need to be told "no, you can't do that", or "shut up, the world doesn't revolve around you" more often.

It will make them better characters and likeable people in the long run.

Liam had already quit by then

I'd suck her.

Just partners being partners.

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Are you sure you'd want to suck that unwashed gamer meat?

I want her and her mother to be morbidly obese.

Yes. I'd suction the entirety of her sack into my mouth, scrubbing off all the sweat with my tongue. Then I'd kiss all around the base of her shaft to feel the heat swelling inside. I'd tease and nibble her foreskin before slobbering all over the tip and popping it in and out of my mouth. Finally I'd suck her as deep as possible, letting her thrust til she cums down my throat.

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Where's a drawfag when you need one?

>Playing Vidya with Futa Miko
>Suck her off but not to completion

>no liam

I want to put a hapa baby in her oven and then get the hell out of dodge before that thing is born because hapa's are seven different levels of insane.

user why would you be cruel enough to bring a hapa into this world?
Miko is high functioning with her mental illness but dilute the bloodline anymore and you'll make a bonafide schizo if it's male.

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>not to completion
How cruel. Leaving her rock hard and pulsing.
I'd let her explode in my mouth and lick her clean.

>Hinobi was never able to physically fix Miko, but her personality did begin to re-emerge from the feral state the transformation left her in.
>It also made her more useful as muscle for any glitch calls, but what to do with witnesses that memory wipes might accidentally miss or how to even give her some time out of headquarters?
>New mascot character for one of the launch titles of the next Hinobi console.

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I wanna see Miko wearing Airpods with the Subwoofer Add-on

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user NO
Our mortal eardrums can't handle that much bass.

Because I wanna dump a train in that chubby pussy bareback

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>takes out every window on the block

>Miko is the Imari.

She's just a really sweet goofball that I'd love to hang out and play videogames with. There's so much more to her than just le big butt.

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Her ass is too big for her own good.


Evil Miko with big tits but no ass when?

Made for fusion.

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Yeah but I like big butts

Too short

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Is there any weight gain art of her?

She is a bit clingy. Literally.

I really like this weird cat, dinosaur designs.

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so is this the kind of transformation that provides sexual pleasure or extreme pain.

>lets ruin this nice character design with our shit fetish
Fuck off.

Her ass is terminally fat and it killed the show

If you want to write a letter calling for this show's renewal, write to the following addresses:

Netflix, Inc.
Attention: Ted Sarandos, CEO, Chief Content Officer
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032
CC Reed Hastings, Vernā Myers, Amy Reinhard, Maria Ferreras

Paramount Global
Attention: Brian Robbins, President, Kids & Family Entertainment
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
CC: Robert M. Bakish, Dan Cohen, Pam Kaufman, Chris McCarthy, Marva Smalls

Twitter canon isn't real.

She could cling as much as she wanted on me.

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She's a nice girl who worried about her new internet friend when the game was cut-off by a monster and snuck out of the house to check if he was OK and she has a big ass.