ITT: big 2 comics from the last decade that didn't suck

ITT: big 2 comics from the last decade that didn't suck

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here's a list of kino comics that will make Yea Forums very, very butthurt
end of Grant Morrison's Batman
Batman: The Black Mirror
Batman New 52
end of Geoff Johns's Green Lantern
The Flash Rebirth
Zatanna by Paul Dini
Gotham City Sirens
Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner
Harley Quinn by Sam Humphries
Wonder Woman: Earth One
The Omega Men: The End is Here
Mister Miracle
Strange Adventures
Human Target
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
Aquaman New 52
Aquaman Rebirth
Superman Rebirth
Superman Smashes the Klan
Superman 78
Wonder Twins
Dial H for Hero
Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven
Far Sector
Deathstroke by Christopher Priest
X-Men: Second Coming
Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender
New Mutants by Zeb Wells
House of X/Powers of X
X of Swords
end of Ed Brubaker's Captain America
Thanos Imperative and the end of Dan Abnett's cosmic saga
Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman
Moon Knight by Warren Ellis
Moon Knight by Jeff Lemire
Moon Knight by Jed Mackay
Black Cat by Jed Mackay
Hawkeye by Matt Fraction
Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson
Vision by Tom King
Runaways by Rainbow Rowell
Silver Surfer by Dan Slott
Silver Surfer: Black
Silver Surfer: Rebirth
Cosmic Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider by Benjamin Percy
Immortal Hullk
Spider-Man: Life Story
end of Ultimate Spider-Man
Spider-Man by Nick Spencer
Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky
Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron
Thor by Jason Aaron
Thor: The Mighty Avenger
Punisher by Rick Remender
Punisher Max by Jason Aaron

>Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman
My pick

Pax Americana. That's it really. Maybe some of the othe Multiversity books were alright.
Ignore and his collection of mediocre and dogshit titles.

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That superman comic with the kid getting superman powers in the real world somehow

yeah theres a lot of them

Isn't that Secret Identity which is old as fuck?

I liked Batman Universe but I've read no Bendis outside of DD and Alias so I'm not as sick of his shit as most. No question annoyingly quippy though.

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I generally enjoy the current Flash and Robin comic
Though I do feel that individual issues for both those runs feel very “thin”

Any of these actual good? I'm suspicious at the number of Harley Quinn comics.

I think we've reached a point where you can stop automatically posting Tom King books as if they aren't shit most of the time


>Wonder Woman: Earth One

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I liked Hickman’s Marvel work. It’s the last cape stuff I bought.

First two volumes were aight. Never read the third. Great art.

What other than F4 is good?

Why do people always need to fucking bait? I’m genuinely so fucking sick of it. I don’t even like Superman 78 but at least it isn’t fucking bait.

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None. And even FF lost traction towards the ending.

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These are some bizarre and often terrible choices


Just because you lobbed a softball: Tom King's Batman

Can't you read? It doesn't recommend King's Batman, only issue 50.

they hated him because he spoke the truth

I liked all of it.
His stuff really riles some anons, though. They’re generally not worth talking to.

You liked Cap choosing to die engaging in a petty fistfight over saving innocents and Black Panther closing out his character arc off screen, or Black Swan's conclusion being a face off against Starlord, a character she'd never met or had a connection with?

It’s not worth talking about user. You’re way too angry about it. Look at you. You’re already fuming.
We have nothing to say to one another.

Why are Hickman fans so thin skinned?

It's bait, dummy.

I admire your dedication.

Are you okay? Do you feel persecuted?

I’m doing great.

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most of these comics are bad

>Grant Morrison's Batman
>Batman: The Black Mirror
>Zatanna by Paul Dini
>Wonder Woman: Earth One
>Strange Adventures
>Human Target
>Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
>Superman Smashes the Klan
>Far Sector
>Deathstroke by Christopher Priest
>X-Men: Second Coming
>Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender
>Thanos Imperative
>Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman
>Moon Knight by Warren Ellis
>Hawkeye by Matt Fraction
>Immortal Hulk
>Spider-Man: Life Story
>Punisher by Rick Remender

>Batman New 52
>end of Geoff Johns's Green Lantern
>The Flash Rebirth
>Gotham City Sirens
>Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner
>Harley Quinn by Sam Humphries
>The Omega Men: The End is Here
>Mister Miracle
>Aquaman New 52
>Aquaman Rebirth
>Superman Rebirth
>Wonder Twins
>Dial H for Hero
>Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven
>New Mutants by Zeb Wells
>House of X/Powers of X
>X of Swords
>end of Ed Brubaker's Captain America
>Moon Knight by Jeff Lemire
>Moon Knight by Jed Mackay
>Black Cat by Jed Mackay
>Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson
>Runaways by Rainbow Rowell
>Silver Surfer by Dan Slott
>Silver Surfer: Black
>Silver Surfer: Rebirth
>Cosmic Ghost Rider
>Ghost Rider by Benjamin Percy
>end of Ultimate Spider-Man
>Spider-Man by Nick Spencer
>Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky
>Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron
>Thor by Jason Aaron
>Thor: The Mighty Avenger
>Punisher Max by Jason Aaron

Overall pretty even. Even if this post and OP intended to paint the picture that the last decade has been terrible for the Big 2, I'd say they failed.

Tom King Mister Miracle is the best comic book since Watchmen. Shame that everything he wrote other than Vision is dogshit though. Rorschach is one of the worst things I've ever read.

Please, for the love of God, read Kirby.

Seems like cope, the jack kirby subtext isn't that important to why mister miracle 2017 is so good

I can't even parse the English of what you're writing. Cope of what? I wasn't implying any Kirby subtext in King. You seem to be partaking in a different conversation. I merely told you to read Kirby because you clearly haven't so you have no point of comparison of what's well written New Gods.

Oh. I don't really care about the characters history or anything. Only if the story being told is good or interesting

omega men is his best work

I didn't say anything about the "character's history or anything." I said you don't have a reference of what's good comics so you think King's slop is good. It's common of people just starting out in the medium.

I mean you said to read Kirby to know what "good New Gods" is but I don't care about good new gods I care about good comic books you know? Kirby's Fourth World was ruined by editorial influence anyway so it's not really worth reading. In general Kirby's work is more interesting from a historical perspective, he created the universe but he didn't tell the best stories in anything of things he made.

>it's not really worth reading
You know this without reading it? Wow, you must be a fortune teller or something.
>he created the universe but he didn't tell the best stories in anything of things he made.
Wow, you read every single New Gods story to assert this?? What an accomplishment.
>I mean you said to read Kirby to know what "good New Gods" is
And then I said it's to know what good comics is.
>I care about good comic books you know?
Then read Kirby and realise King shat all over a tapestry he couldn't even grasp.

The Recent Blue & Gold mini was pretty great

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Is Ted still dead?

Nope he’s alive and well and has been since Rebirth

He came back in 2008, bruhs.

Well yes and no, he came back shortly because Booster saved him but went back to get murdered to fix the timeline. After that Ted made appearances in mostly none main canon stories until he made a teaser appearance in Johns Justice League Run and after that he didn’t appear until DC Rebirth where he was trying to help Jaime get the scarab off

Is he in costume though? I have no real interest in Jamie.

In the 2016 series he played more of a supportive role acting more as Jaime’s Oracle but in Blue & Gold he’s running around in costume again

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Yea Forums is so mean now

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Nothing by Tom King is even in the top 30 comics of the last ten years, despite it being a decade of scarcity and despite him being a big name. He doesn't know how to make good comics, but he sure knows how to impress idiots.

That is possibly the worst take, King’s Mister Miracle sucked ass. You want a good MM run read Kirby’s, Englehart & Gerber’s, and especially The Dematteis Run as that one is perfection

Vision is probably top 30 comics of the last ten years but King is definitely a disappointment as a big name

>Vision is probably top 30 comics of the last ten years
You only read superheroes, don't you?

Nah Vision was just pretty good.

Okay. I’ll check it out.

How did Marvel 1000 turn out?

Highly recommended


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That run is underated as fuck and I’m still mad they never collected the last couple issues in a tpb

It also introduced the greatest power couple

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