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Previous: OP why is your image so dim?

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HDR 4K rip.

I don't know why this came out dark, other screenshots look bright to me.

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Who still thinks kids find fart jokes funny these days?

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Every kid in the theater I went to.

Have they released any more shorthand/storyboard drawings of Diane yet?

Figure I’d double check just in case.

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Wasn’t she barely in the art book for being too sexualized or something? I’m sure mostly adults buy art books anyway.

Sing 2 was better.

No kid in my theatre did. Then again, it was only half-full, and the ones on my row weren't really paying attention I don't think.

You guys really are content to make generals of every single remotely popular thing aren’t you? I like the movie, but you’ll be in by next month if you keep it up.

Remember to not respond to the dianefag bragging about twitter likes.

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aww, did one of your softcore porn dump threads get bumped off?

Nah, a couple threads back I made the claim as that potentially being why as all the other characters have multiple pages of art that show a natural progression as to how they became the characters they did, where as Diane barely has any concept art in the book and this is the only shorthand sketch of her, and like I said before, it’s still an amazing, very informative art book.
>I’m sure mostly adults buy art books anyway

It’s funny you bring that up because the art book feels like it’s actually targeting hobbyist adults and is very informative on minor artistic details kids would find boring as shit. For instance they have several pages just dedicated to the logic behind their expressions, how their traditionally animated effects work, and how they created a unique renderer for the movie.

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You’re probably right then.
I’m sure the artists will post some unused Diane art eventually, and in the meantime she’s got great fanart.

Damn this sounds like a solid coffee table book, shame it’s $45. These things retain value though, so I can justify it.

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Only 32 gb?

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A vore artist definitely drew Diane's mouth.

What do you think Diane farts smell and sound like?

>I will never get to harvest Webs' webs
Feels bad man

Just making an observation retard. Not everything needs to be a circlejerk.

That’s what I’m hoping, but the concept art is posted so many various places that sometimes it’s easier to just check back here. I’d really like to study her design a bit more as it’s my favorite in the movie (and not even from a lewd standpoint).

And yeah, it’s really good. I spent 50 on a signed copy and have already used it a couple times for art purposes. Amazon puts art books on sale all the time so keep an eye on there, but make sure to get one while they are still in print. Art books are one of the few things to appreciate like crazy in value and don’t get a huge run. The fucking Bee movie art book is usually over a hundred bucks so it gets real bad when it’s an art book for a movie people actually like.


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One of the few book related things I mean.

>ree no generals no generals
okay I'll make 7 separate threads about this one movie instead
would that be better?

That’s funny, I had the same idea of studying her to develop my artstyle. Drawing girls is always way more fun.

I’ll definitely grab a copy man, how did you get yours signed though?

I was autistic about it. The moment I saw the trailer I knew I wanted the art book before it was even announced, so I’d search for its announcement every week. Eventually, it was listed for an early release at a promotional event at an art Gallery called Nucleus. All the lead artists and director(who is a French artist himself) were there doing a panel and signed 100 copies. Sadly Dreamworks caught wind of some of the things they’d be talking about in the panel last minute and they had to cut out a lot of it apparently.

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What had happened specifically is that the event was meant to be a full livestream, with the first half showing clips from the film and discussing the behind-the-scenes stuff, and the latter half being a Q&A with the staff. But a lot of the clips they intended to show contained spoiler content and the film wasn't out in the USA yet, so the first half wasn't streamed.

I totally get it, these are great character designs, especially for 3D. Did you physically go to the event? Shit like this makes me wish I lived in Cali.

Also did Diane even have a tail in the film? I don’t remember seeing it

I'm a teacher.
I can confirm children do in fact think farts and butts are the epitome of comedy.

Where's the Piranha x Meteorite smut fics?

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Did you get one too? or perhaps do you work for the gallery?
Nah, I had planned on watching it digitally but a family members called and really needed my help with something so I ended up having to miss it. Really though I’m pretty familiar with the animation process and didn’t have any questions to ask so it wasn’t the biggest deal, but it would have been nice to see.

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I’m almost 40 and I also think farts and butts are the epitome of comedy.

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That sucks dude, hopefully they have a sequel and you catch them then. Are you an animation major?

Nah, self taught. Sadly I don’t have much to show for it anymore either as I lost a lot of my work during an HDD failure. Recently though I’ve gotten back into Blender as they implemented a lot of things I’ve been wanting in that software for years, so it’ll be neat to finally get some real projects off the ground.

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Anyone got a snapshot of this scene with subtitles? Or webm.

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He looks like a mango

I had ordered the book too, I got an email notification about the change of plans the day before.

Very nice, was the livestream any good? Did they show or talk about anything particularly interesting or was it mostly just Q&A by the time they were allowed to do it?

Good for you dude, art school is a total scam unless you get connections. I dropped out as soon as I found out I wouldn’t be animating anything until my 3rd year. Wish you luck man.

Don't forget fangs.

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>I wouldn’t be animating anything until my 3rd year.

Woof… were they just trying to teach you the foundational art skills before then or something? I mean, even if you didn’t have those skills and jumped right into animation learning to think like an animator really wouldn’t develop any bad habits early.

They showed the first few minutes of the movie (from the diner scene to the police station) and then talked about the movie's development and production. I wanted to record it and rewatch it later but the stream wouldn't allow recordings. I remember one audience question near the end was "How do you feel that a bunch of YouTube people are going to overanalyze your movie?" which got some good laughs, the response was something like "we're nervous but also excited to see what you all think".

>calarts face

I would have thrown out some red herring to get everyone to over-analyze

Ah, so pretty standard stuff. Still I’m glad it sounds like they got a bit of an audience and were in good spirits. I was worried some new property really wasn’t going to get much of a turnout.

Exactly, the admissions woman said most people don’t know what they want to major in, so the first 2 years were foundation classes. I was stuck in a fucking woodworking class. At night.

Ironically, I never really animated anything, I just make comics. You made the right choice of not going.

I really got the vibe that they were proud of their work and had fun doing it. From how they talked about it, to the art book, to the posts from the staff on Twitter and Instagram, to watching the movie itself, it really feels like this was a labor of love.

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Did he honestly serve any purpose in the movie, besides for the fart jokes?...

>Women made up 56% of the audience during its opening.
You just know.

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His song at the Gala distracted Luggins so Snake wouldn't get caught stealing the access code for the Golden Dolphin, his fart knocked out Cuddles so Webs could turn off the death trap, and he planted the interceptors on the hijacked bank trucks to thwart Marmalade's heist.

Yeah that bothered me the entire movie when Snake started talking. One second he has fangs, fangs and a mouth full of teeth.
Really was making my autism flare up.

You keep your whore mouth shut maricón.

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That bites, I had checked out a couple art schools in the day, but I was pretty well read on various art topics so I always went in with the mentality of “what can this school do to realistically help me” and like you said, it always came back to making connections. I knew that I really didn’t want to be some inbetweener locked away in a studio so I passed. Still, I’m amazed they wouldn’t even let you dip your feet in animation. Hell, Disney used to hire people just off of being able to animate a ball bounce back in the day.
I had that same feeling. Just from the animation alone you could tell they were having a lot of fun with it. I was also surprised with just how much art they created for it. Like, I’ve got several art books and none come remotely close to the amount of paintings and sketches they put into this movie.

Good enough, thanks.

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That's just a Lizard


Meant to be dominated

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what did piranha mean by


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Viruses, key loggers, and other hacking software only needs to be a few Kb - Mb in size for quick transfer and to allow them to hide in their target systems... Dude.

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Well i do find fart jokes funny

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