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Please god no, it's every other thread as it is.

What kids actually watch.

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Pokimane is My favorite

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God, Yea Forums is the worst fucking board.

Pretty sure She Ra and Paw Patrol had very different target audiences

Also kids don't watch cartoons. They watch Minecraft streamers.

>Implying there aren't woke shit in those 3 shows you listed

Nothing on the level of the garbage on the left.

That’s what you watch in both you and op kids like that gay ass Ryan kid and Pokémon

why do you care so much what kids want you fucking pedo

Can we please leave the animation age ghetto already?
Just make teen animated dramas and give Disney+ a place for teen animation with potential blood and a bit of cursing
I’m tired of these dumb restrictions forcing teen/adult shows into a kid bracket. Let’s just make shonen and shojo, and seinen genres here in the wear

i am scared for children growing up with youtube kids

Is it pedophilia to listen to children?

Those are pre school shows so only really young kids are watching those shows except for Spongebob. Slightly older kids are watching Steven Universe, Owl House, etc

disgusting body and meh face

i mean this pic is kind of disingenuous, different kids cartoons have different target demographics regarding age. a 3 year old will want to watch something different from a 12 year old. of course they'd rather see paw patrol than magic lesbians.


I only really have a problem with CoCoMelon because it is lead paint to generation alpha, though I don't like Paw Patrol for being anti-cat propaganda.

How would you know? Are you watching those toddler shows for reference?

Just mentally ill people trying to change society via mass media.

Cocomolo and Paw Patrol has niggers

And Nickelodeon is definitely going to enject woke proganda into Spogebob in someway

Other than Mark, Jack, and Captain Sparkles, literally who?

Dude Paw Patrol is kino at times.

That's so fucking outdated, holy shit. Did you make that literally in 2012?

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t. Yea Forumsermin

See at least SU actually did have a kid fanbase to keep it running for so long. Literally nobody but queer adults cared about She-Ra and TOH did flop for the target audience. What a bunch of failures.

It's an image used to describe that most kids these days watch e-celebs instead of cartoons.

totally different age demographics, the shows on the right are for toddlers - 6 year olds, the ones on the left are for 10-13 year olds


Yeah, I wonder why kids didn't want to see the show with bondage that sexualizes and glorifies abusive relationships with a dogshit art style. I'm sure little girls would love seeing themselves mistreated and tossed around like a wounded puppy, I'm sure that will make them feel good about themselves and not depress them.
Spongebob has the same audience as the shows on the left, it's aimed for kids but not to toddlers. Modern Spongebob has tons of gross shit and dark humor for babies.

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>the ones on the left are for 10-13 year olds
They're not watching the shows on the left either.

Do enough teenagers really watch animation?

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Where's Felix?

The right column should have TTG or Boss Baby since those shows get higher ratings and are kinda in the same age demographic.
Hell Owl House was getting beaten by dead shows like TCW, Phineas and Ferb, and Jake Long of all things. Lots of options dunno why you went with toddler show (Spongebob is appropriate though).

Sure, but most of them are watching anime.
I wonder why that is...

Spongebob has a pretty wide age demographic sure, but my point is it's disingenuous to compare something like Paw Patrol and Coco Melon to The Owl House when they're not made for the same group of kids.

We can't all those demographics ran to anime so all that was left was young kids. Then the kids who grew up on anime and action cartoons of the late 90s/early 2000s have gotten into an industry that simply doesn't give a shit about the teen/young adult demographic that abandoned them. It's only been in the last few years that we've been slowly crawling back to having action shows or more mature content. Hell Netflix has to slap the word anime on their shows just for the target audience can put it on their radar (Pacific Rim: The black, Castlevania by the dude who did edgy power rangers, and the upcoming scott pilgrim just to name a few)

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The little girls in the age bracket for TOH and She-ra are watching Miraculous Ladybug

They hated OP for speaking the truth.

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How do you know? You're not a kid.

>enject woke proganda into Spogebob in someway
if they did, Hillenburg's family will probably sue. he's probably rolling in his grave right now, just mentioning it.

These show are different demographics, the left is 8-16, the right is 2-6 (except for spongebob)

I want Ruby on my cock

This can't be in terms of subscribers cause there are whos and no way Ohmwrecker ever had more than Vanoss

>What Twitter and Tumblr want to watch
Ftfy. Let kids out of this

>kids actually want to watch stupid mindless shit
At least Power Rangers had cool robots and fights

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>he didn’t watch seananners back in CoD’s glory days

I want OP to die

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>children’s tv for girls


One side is pre-k and the other isn't.

She-Ra, Steven Universe, The Owl House

Please explain to me how a toddler cartoon about police dogs is too "Woke" for you

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Almost like any audience capable of choosing what media to consume immediately flees from western shit like it's a rabid wolverine that's on fire.

>all those demographics ran to anime
No, they just got pushed away because western animation collectively decided that no one wants to see action shows anymore.

No, it's because anime is actually good, and most the shit that comes out now is troon propaganda.

You got balls to say that on Yea Forums, niggas here will jump down your throat and insist that garbage like Owl House is top tier compared to anime.

>emoji movie having more soul than Internet animation
fuck off

>It's only been in the last few years that we've been slowly crawling back to having action shows or more mature content.
pic unrelated I assume, given how lackluster that show is in that department

They're probably a retard who thinks "hurr black people existing is woke to you!!!"

And I would not give it for anything in the world.

Got out of the spotlight, lives the rest of his life just playing elden ring and doing whatever.



Define "kids". Each side is meant for very different age groups.

I have a 7-year-old nephew and you can add Tobots, Boboboy, PJ Masks, Transformers to the right.