Fourth South Park movie, South Park: The Streaming Wars

I'm not the first to say, and I'm certainly not the last. South Park has become nothing but topical trash for the past seven years, and this is proof of it.

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Just when I thought your little cringey threads would finally stop

*pees* ugooh

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The ride never ends

What is Cartman even saying in this clip? Is it "MAMA" or just some incoherent whining?

>fourth one confirmed for later in summer
Based on the title and description, what do we think they'll be about? I would like to see more Liane (Cartman's mom) standing up to Cartman.

what are the titles? have any been confirmed aside from the one about streamershit?

Just this one has a name i guess. Article just says the fourth special in confirmed for later

I like Cartman's mom when she isn't shown with lipstick

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well the thread is dead
guess were here now

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Guess we're going to have Mickey Mouse representing Disney+ and Bugs Bunny representing HBO Max. Who would represent Paramount+?

eric cartman

You think the side plot regarding SP being in danger will involve some topical shit like this or they will come up with an original threat/villain?

>inb4 Tegridy+

Thank fucking god for new SP content. The SP threads were getting insufferably boring

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>will South Park in 2022 be topical?
Listen to yourself

Trey will definitely find a way to shove Tegridy/Randy down our throats again

Are we really going to find out how Cartman becomes a hobo?

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What, and then he'd just stay like that for the rest of the show run? No

Treyfag plz keep your wife in fucking check

Trey does this because he likes to be punished. How are you supposed to counter it if he gets a thrill from being a naughty boy?

Yes :^)

hopefully, but I think them selling the hot dog house will just lead to the old status quo


every new episode just reminds me of how SP isnt SP anymore
this special is just gonna be more "haha we mentioned current events and made a statement (you) agree with... laugh!"
comedy is dead
trips of what is probably truth

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stay mad bro I will keep watching and laughing

interesting footnote on bl**dingcool

>Building on MTV Entertainment Studios' new and expansive deal with Stone and Parker, South Park has been renewed on Comedy Central through 2027, taking cable's longest-running scripted series through an unprecedented 30th season. Beginning in 2025, Paramount+ will become the global streaming home for the full catalog of South Park episodes, movies, and made-for-streaming movies. Additionally, later this year, South Park's expansive library of episodes will move exclusively to Paramount+ in international markets & beginning with season 27 in 2024, new episodes of the hit franchise will make their streaming debuts exclusively on the service, both in the U.S. and globally.

looks like Paramount+ is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I love south park, but not enough to pay another streaming monthly charge if my cell phone service stopes providing Paramount+ for free. Very ironic that the actual, real life streaming wars are pushing more people to consider going back to pirating shit

at this point im just sad and disappointed

oh well
might as well rewatch old seasons and only peek at new stuff to see more of my beautiful little husbando

Liane being a sweet degenerate crackwhore >>>>> Liane being yet another nagging mom

>spend $15(is it $20 now?) on a single service for the one notable show a year they produce
>scammed into a vpn for the same amount while russians have more of a reason than ever to be pirating shit
it's a "superior" 'service' too when you're able to pirate content these companies refuse to host themselves. I'd wager paramount+ doesn't have the muhammad/200th episode yet I can find the episode in less than a minute online

sp used to be the show that either strayed away from all the overused sitcom tropes in favor of absurdist comedy, or put an absurdist spin on them

now its just another modern day sitcom

i wonder if M&Ts seemingly nothing-past-normie mentality where things don't exist beyond streaming services and common internet social media and no one ever engages with anyth past the sidelines is actually indicative of their thinking, where they live in this purely verified world
or if its just what theyre obligated to push on account of working with streamershit

M&T wipe their asses with money, why the fuck would they not only use paid subscription verified corporate approved bullshit? For what purpose would they need to pirate things or visit Hungarian underwater basket eating forums?

This oughta be good. I wonder if they were already planning this before the netflix news.

its not just about their personal preference
it moreso seems like many people nowadays forget that things outside of verified companies or large corporations exist... whether it be food, electronics, services, information gathering or media consumption, people even struggle to search the web nowadays or do things that were simple for our grandparents not because they lack the skill or resources, but because the natural thought process of "things are what they are" has left the collective consciousness and people now cant fathom things that arent labeled, confirmed and validated for them

So is this one going to be stand-alone or a two-parter like the last one?

Two parter

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this doesn't guarantee it's a two-parter. Their deal with Paramount+ is for 14 "movies" iirc. They're going to pump those out at a regular rate now

I would 100% believe M&T are victims of this exact brain drain, in fact boomers and gen X are precisely the ones most susceptible to it based on the state of American politics and polarization. Maybe they're rebellious enough to see through it, but frankly this system being in place the way it is to subjugate the population only benefits the wealthy. If they're not consciously going along with it they've drank some degree of koolaid regardless. This is just how they live.

so are they actually going to write both parts at the same time as a single coherent arc? or pull a Hussie again and set up a buncha crap they promise to conclude, air part 1 before sitting down and deciding they wanna shove in more le current memes and completely disregard things they set up in favor of being hailed as "the show that did it first again woaaaaah!" for a week before and ending up with an inferior product that wont stand the test of time

you say that, but millenials and ESPECIALLY zoomers are having the issue the most, and it seems like these are the people M&T write for

Millennials have the benefit of being raised in an internet environment that hasn't yet been commandeered by corporate interest. They may be the only generation who largely can still withstand the pressure of propaganda and brainwashing. That's why nobody wants to help them out of their economic turmoil. It's the one thing that keeps them from being able to care. They largely can't afford to care. Zoomers however are a lost cause. They're shaping up to be perfect specimens who follow orders just so long as those orders are framed to appeal to them. I didn't bring them into the equation because only the oldest of them are entering the adult world so far. Their circumstances are perhaps the most horrific and depressing of all, unless they manage to make it generationally cool to unplug and trust nothing at face value.

that's not going to happen as long as keeping people useless, simpleminded and non self sufficient is beneficial to the people who matter

Stranger anomalies have happened. It's really insidious however that their method of control seems to be moral and ethical in nature. Twisting the framing of everything around them into a sort of pseudo-religious crusade, while obscuring and silencing anything that doesn't fit the narrative.
But back to M&T, their wealth works in tandem with their old age to make this streaming shit inevitable. You have the money, you pay the money, the service streams for you, you go on with your day. There's no reason to care about any other method. Unless you're an eccentric who likes to pirate and browse obscure websites as a hobby. I'd like to imagine that guys like them might still have a shred of that weirdness in them, but I'm not optimistic.


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Will South Park ever have the balls to make fun of very taboo things again, other than just "DUDE CURRENT EVENTS"?

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Define very taboo things without saying "They should make fun of things I hate".

it seems more and more evident that certain shared collective knowladge and logic is being lost. and now physical knowledge like "how to do X", but rather logical knowledge that allows us to learn how the world works
sure, the modern man and a more ancient man who just happened to have never learned the skill may both not know how to light a fire using rocks n sticks, but one has a greater ability than the other to comprehend not just how, but also WHY
were losing information, and this is either a result of some kinda limit on capacity, or the downgrading of our brains

How about they should make fun of EVERYthing, fag.

>sp isnt the same anymore
>"oh, so what youre saying is youre [headcanon about the user's personal beliefs which just so happen to be the opposite of mine]"
is that it? cause thats usually where this convo goes

You haven't explained what "very taboo things" are yet. if it's taking you this long, you're not very good at your argument.

I'm not the same user, i just always notice this same convo
everyone who thinks sp hasnt stopped being edgy absurdist fun and retort with the ol "no you just want them to abide by YOUR beliefs/politics/prejudice" runs the same ol script

>everyone who thinks sp hasnt stopped being edgy absurdist fun and retort with the ol "no you just want them to abide by YOUR beliefs/politics/prejudice" runs the same ol script
Because they're right.

I can't wait until they make fun of Frosted Mini Wheats.

you really think sp isnt making easy and nontroversial decisions nowadays based on things that are popular or safe to say?

True but I think it's been longer than 7 years. Like, early to mid 2000s. It just progressively became garbage. For me it completely died with the video game releases. It's so uninspired, formulaic, and unfunny now that it's no longer something I will watch when nothing is on but something I completely avoid.

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If they weren't causing controversy, nobody would be talking about it now. And we wouldn't have these threads every day. You say it's running the same ol script, but it's more like you've been proven wrong hundreds of times and you can't admit it.

Critical thinking skills. I'm pretty sure the modern American school system uses that new "common core" bullshit precisely to undermine the process of critical thinking. But they've been doing this slowly for decades. Humanity has never been extremely smart, but we were doing so much better just a century ago. We're now back to dark ages religious crusades tier blind faith in leaders/influencers who are publicly revered. Same old shit, different institutions. the internet makes a shred of difference this time but it may not be enough.

theres a concept of "acceptable controversy", or like i said, 'nontroversy'
controversial things that are wrong to say in an acceptable way, like a game when ur friend is punching you and you say "cmon stooop! (:"

Is this bait? Come on user you can do better.

>"Okay, they're controversial, but they're not MY kind of controversial!"
This is tiresome. Go be wrong elsewhere.

>no argument

This fags pretty bad at this

There's no way you don't understand what being talked about... You've gotta be baiting, I cannot believe that a fellow human being can not understand this concept

Don't bother, just don't give him (you)s.