What does Yea Forums think of Nico Colaleo as an artist?

What does Yea Forums think of Nico Colaleo as an artist?

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Is it normal for me to want to bash this hideous thing into a bloody pulp?

100% normal. You'd be abnormal if you DIDN'T want to beat the shit out of him, especially knowing what kind of a backstabbing, disgusting asshole he is.

Tell me who he is again. I recall his name but I forget what this dude did.

It's a biological instinct because you're keeping weak people out of your tribe.

>backstabbing, disgusting asshole he is.
huh? the ollie and scoops guy? what happened?

It's like a combination of Thoughtslime's and Shortfatotaku's cartoon avatars but worse somehow

I'm getting the same exact impulse, so I think it is very normal.

This image reeks of pedophilia

I don't.

I always confuse him, Kyle Carrozza and Andrew Dickman

literally who

Remember that episode of TTG where they did a crossover with ThunderCats Roar, the one where they outright insult the fans and shit on both the original ThunderCats and (bizarrely) Roar? The one that the creators of Roar explicitly did not want associated with them, the one that was a major catalyst for Roar getting axed prematurely?
You have Nico to thank for that. As a bonus, when he was called out on the whole situation he made several passive-aggressive posts culminating in a backhanded "apology" to the fans for getting so upset over childrens cartoons.

He's a hack who got carried by Natasha Weir's designs.


he gloated about ruining childhoods and defending the industry for 4 years, and then now laments the fact that we're experiencing a new dark age like the 80s.

his lack of self-awareness is insane.

Don't know who this dude is. show us his shit, or it's one step dumber than a social media screencap thread.

no idea who that is but dear god that image is ugly and i hope its some kinda parody
so who is it? whats his deal?

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God I want to punch that picture.

Nico didn't work on the episode. You have no citations for any of this made-up bullshit.

Reminder that Bivvins is literally the only good thing to come out of Ollie and Scoops.

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of course he had to make her a lesbo

Nikocado Avocado?

Whatever you do, do NOT look into his Lisa Simpson obsession.

I don’t have a reason to hate him, but he does come across as a bit of a starfucker. I get the impression he thinks he’s better friends with industry rockstars than he really is.

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You can’t say that without expanding on it. This is what the thread is for.


dude's been working in the industry for god knows how long and whenever he even shows up in the credits for anything (other than his webshow which owes its entire look to someone else) it's always as storyboard revisionist or something equally inconsequential

considering he used to hang out with the likes of john k i can only assume he must be an incredible people person when not on twitter (that or his old man's a network exec or something)

for reference left is how ollie & scoops looked before weir was brought in

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>Smart little girl
I wonder what the inspiration for this character was.

His designs come across as “john k but all the personal touches and what he considers his artistic style make it shittier”. I’d like to see him design something that didn’t use spumco as a jumping off point,

cat is an improvement, the girl jesus christ no.

Apparently, the designs are not even his.

i dont look at nico colaleo an artist, infact i'm not sure what it is that he actually does. is he the heavy lifter on his projects or does he pay others to do it all for him?

I like his art style

bros its not fair theres almost no art of her from the last 2 years i want her to sit on my face, idgaf if shes "canon lesbo" shes also a thing called "not real"

He strikes me as the ultimate yes man, always full of excessive praise for other artists, ready to fake laugh at EVERY joke, and totally full of shit but good enough at it that people can’t really call him out on it.

Even for that other animation he had about the kids with the huge heads?

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Is he that guy who was fired from SU for shipping himself with pearl?

You’re thinking of Luke Weber and that’s not what happened.

Sounds pretty based to me

Unless he was showrunning ttg, I have no idea how it was his fault.

Of course.

Why do we have laws against this?

Because the people in charge would be the first ones to get stoned to death.

Was God even real to begin with?

do it, faggot

He’s an animator who makes “Ollie and scoops” and “too loud”. His claim to fame is he used to work at spumco and has since filled various roles on a handful of shows as animators often do.
He’s very much into toys, likes taking selfies with famous people, and occasionally says inflammatory stuff in an attempt to gain social media points which has backfired more than once.
He seems to be well networked, though it does seem that he posts pictures of himself with other animators and voice actors far more often than other people post photos with him.
There aren’t a whole ton of reasons why people have a hate boner for him, but he does have a punchable face.

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He's basically Chris-Chan working in the industry.

Googled it, can’t find shit. You seem to imply there’s a sexual aspect to his “obsession” but I call bs without receipts.

No idea who this guy was until 5 minutes ago. I lurked through his insta and now I can smell his smegma stench from across the ocean

Funny, but how so?

I'd never hire you as a detective.


Fat manchild. I can say the same shit with Kyle Carrozza.

If we’re being real, you could also say the same for at least 2/3s of /co

They're probably looking too far into things, but here you go: twitter.com/nicocolaleo/status/833485652318576640

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>Ladies and Gentlemen we got em

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So what I'm gathering is that Nico hasn't done anything wrong, and that you faggots have been spreading lies about him because you don't like his face. Is that about accurate?

You like Natasha Weir's art style. I doubt I'd be watching Ollie & Scoops if it weren't for her completely revamping the look of Nico's original pitch:

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seems accurate.

Epitome of Beanmouth. Bring back John K and his fans

Actually I'm kinda wrong tho. I don't think Nico drew that. Whoever did drew that for him should draw him in a john k art style instead since his art style looks like ren and stimpy.

Stupid me

>Bring back John K and his fans
If John K were brought back he'd be doing exactly the same thing as he is now...nothing.
John K fans are the most intolerable subset of fanboys who don't have enough brain power to form their own thoughts, so they regurgitate bullshit Johnny-boy wrote on his blog as if it were scripture.

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Nico seems pretty based

his actual face is even worse

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Aside from being a talentless clout-chaser who says dumb shit on twitter that ended up ruining reputation of another animator? Maybe, I'm not up to date on Nico Colaleo lore.

Is that the guy who draw Iron Man as a mexican manlet and Captain America with boobs ?

that's rcdart

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I'm convinced the Thundercats thing would have died down but this guy went out of his way to antagonize fans and kept fanning the flames which did the show no favors. Also he made himself the face of modern woke animation and maybe he's proud of that but it doesn't seem to be getting him gigs.

>ruining reputation of another animator