Wednesday's wednesday

Her name is hard to spell.

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Wed Nes Day

Because you want to marry her.

>Because you want to marry her
I do!
But she's not a NES, though.

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No love for spooky, then?

The original goth loli.

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... Ok, I'll bite

Stay on topic, will you?
Christina Ricci is not Yea Forums

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>I'll bite
I'd let her bite me...

Wait, she ain't no vampire, right?

OG waifu along with Lydia Deetz

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Man, I know it's not a popular opinion, but I love enormous noggin Wednesday.

is good too.

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How come there's barely any porn of her?

Well I doubt many people actually remember this Wednesday, and most artists when they think of the character think of the 90's movie Wednesday.

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>I doubt many people actually remember this Wednesday
I haven't forgotten her, I loved her too.

What kind of panties you think she wears?

Something delicate... like cobwebs

Wednesday for me was the 90's Adam's Family rendition.
Also had the best Morticia.

>Also had the best Morticia
Had the best version of every character.

Eleven-head Wednesday is cute. Her design has a unique charm that I miss.

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lightbulb head looking ass, literally the ugliest version of her

Wednesday's wednesday
Her name is hard to spell.
She's gonna put you in the ground
Before you start to smell.

This makes sense. I would love to see it.

That's a cool visual. Maybe she has a big spider under there that she's trained to maintain her spider silk panties.

>kept her wonderful five-head
I love to see it.

Now imagine... instead of taking her panties off the clothing line, she's got to pick the completed panties from the ceiling corners

I remember there being lots of underpants.
Not hers, though.

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Good to see you back smeet. It's been so long.

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Oi… you have the fat pic?

>Can't spell Wednesday

Now post a pic of her with huge tits.

Glad to be back, don't know for how long, but while I'm here I'll be doodling

I can spell it, it's just hard.

Where can I buy the 90s cartoon, or stream it? I need to watch it in decent quality.

Wendesday is a very hard word

The only place I was able to find some episodes of the show was on Dailymotion. dunno if that's still the case.
Doesn't seem there were ever any releases of the the show and there isn't any advertised way to watch it anywhere. Seems like the perfect series to put on Pluto TV or something like Tubi.

Makes me hard. Word.

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Will she grow up to be a fun goth like her mom or will she stay emotionless?

I really like 92's take on Wednesday. She was so sweet, I loved how caring she was for the family.

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I grew up with this version so it's the one I think of when I think of The Addams Family

>ywn have a qt goth gf

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Why is she named after Woden's day?

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>Seems like the perfect series to put on Pluto TV or something like Tubi
Yeah, I totally agree. And yet, nothin'.
Well, is there a torrent?

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Because of a poem.

Damn, this animation was better than I remembered!

do tha stanky leg
do tha stanky leg

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She cute.

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90's version definitely has the look of a character that was a childhood crush of many people.

Wednesday was not created to be pretty, coombrain.

Didn't she marry a drug dealer and die?


I wanna see her nakid. Every version of her.

Alright I'll draw her. Whatchu want senpai?

Draw her in WWII clothes.

Cobweb panties?