Raimi actually did it, the absolute madman

Raimi actually did it, the absolute madman.

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America should have been a cartographer. It would have vastly improved her character and role in the story

even just a taxi driver
And now she's a mage too

I don’t think she’s gonna learn any magic beyond flight
But I say cartographer because then she could be mapping out the multiverse and thus might be good at remembering a place’s layout from walking or seeing a single map. That could’ve helped with the Illuminati base

She make sparks, she can do it
Also yes, maybe there will be some magical device taking track ok multiple universes for her

Saw it in theaters and thought it was ok. Then watched a YouTuber break it down and realized how flawed it is. If only we had gotten the Derrickson cut

>filtered by Raimikino

So you’re dependent on YouTube Eceleb fags to form an opinion?

Maybe, but I’ve still always felt that America’s character was missing a little quirk or hobby to work on
Could be fun to see her drawing either physical, digital, or magical maps in her downtime. Especially if it comes in handy for some other heroes eventually

the movie sucks whether you like it or not, you can tell raimi had no real creative control

Like I said I enjoyed it but I already thought it was flawed in some aspects but they laid it out and made me understand why. Derrickson wanted to go a completely different route than what we got so when he left Disney/Marvel Studios clearly roped Sam Raimi in out of desperation hoping that nostalgia for Spider-Man would equal ticket sales. Raimi was directing someone else's script and was probably just doing whatever marvel studios wanted. Also the Illuminati was clearly just for fan reaction points I mean come on they got John Krasinski as reed they clearly wanted to appease twitter/reddit. Then you have the fact Strange is clearly sharing screentime with two other characters in his own movie and that the entire movie is less a coherent plot and more just setting up America, future scarlet witch stuff, multiverse stuff, and incursions. You also have Strange madly in love with Christine out of fucking nowhere when he hasn't given a shit about her since his solo movie just to give him some kind of emotional beat in this already stuffed movie.


>you can tell raimi had no real creative control
HUH???? It felt like a fucking Raimi movie

Shame the movie was dogshit.

watered and bogged down by corporate meddling, a garbage script, revisionist reshoots. it's an actual disappointment compared to his previous work.

nah it's better than most of his other shit

It feels like you are just regurgitating buzzwords to create the illusion of an argument as opposed to actually having something to say or critique.

"Why is it bad?" "THE MEDDLING, BRO" isn't an argument.

>bogged down by corporate meddling, a garbage script
So a classic Raimi joint?

I don't like the movie. I don't like how everything culminates in the climax for the story to ultimately be irrelevant to whatever massive event Marvel is planning next. I don't like MCU's treatment of Strange either. He had one good movie where he was an actual character and it came out six years ago. Now he's the strongest hero and standing by until Disney wants to make more money off of him. Go fuck yourself you dumb bitch if you actually freak out over people not liking the same movie as you.

it's classic because i said so, please go watch the spider-man movies or oz and tell me Disney let him do his magic again

go back.

>oz and tell me Disney let him do his magic again
Oz is a Disney movie you flaming retard. lmao

and you've clearly never watched it if you think the same guy made MoMx

...so you can't enjoy this movie purely for reasons that exist outside of the movie itself, such as its relation to other films or Strange's relation to characters not even in the film.

it's because I didn't like watching the movie you literal dumbfuck

>please go watch the spider-man movies
These were saved by meddling, Doc Ock would have been a teenager if Raimi got his way. Army of Darkness is full of so many iconic moments because the entire movie is a struggle to get a PG-13 rating like Dr Strange

Strange felt much more Raimi than Spider-Man

I heard the comics made her lose her power to punch star shaped holes in the universe, that's some whack shit. I hope the synergy brings it back.

But not being able to intentionally use her powers was the entire driving point of the story.

Just because you can’t control something doesn’t mean you can’t chart things down to make the best of a bad situation

This felt more like an Evil Dead movie than the last Evil Dead movie

I'm glad Raimi was allowed to go full camp

>zombie wink.gif

It'd be hard for he to consider multiversal travel as a fun hobby when it's what probably killed her parents.

I already miss Wanda.

I feel the funniest thing about this is apparently possessing a corpse is forbidden lmao
You’re already breaking the rules by using black magic but even the darkside has rules, and are actually enforced too
No “you shouldn’t do that” slap-on-the-wrist warning like in DS1, you break the dark rules you get dragged to hell lol

Like a typical zoomer

It's possible, but tricky and potentially not worth the added the confusion. Instead of her zapping her mothers by accident, have the first demon attack be on her home where she accidentally uses her powers but manages to lure the demon through. Then she can't return home because more demons would show up, so she winds up hopping universes and making the most of things, which is basically what she did anyway.

The problem is one of time. America has been hopping universes before the demons came after her, since a bee triggered her first accident. You can get around that by having time be different between universes, or some magical difference, but again that's potentially confusing for audience members. Of course it's not really much different then the question of how Wanda knew about America in the first place, which unless I somehow missed it was never touched on. Trans-universal divination or asked demons to scour the multiverse looking for her golden ticket, I suppose.

Not multiverse travel as a hobby. Mapmaking

Derrickson didnt have a script draft when he left

>culminates in the climax for the story to ultimately be irrelevant to whatever massive event Marvel is planning next.
Just like when a new writer takes over a book? Or when editorial forces a writer for a mandatory event tie-in issue in the middle of their story arc? The last good Dr. Strange story was X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl. When was the last time he had a good solo run in the last 10 years?

Thiso movie was absolute gas. I was a bit concerned when everyone was thrashing it last week. But MoM has to be my favorite MCU movie by far

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>X-Statix Presents: Dead Gir
That is a good book.

>then the question of how Wanda knew about America in the first place,
Given how America is Wandas opposite maybe the darkhold filled her in

>This movie was absolute fart

It's the first MCU movie to feel like a comic book issue than a movie and I think that's the biggest issue everyone is having

>But not being able to intentionally use her powers was the entire driving point of the story.
This was pathetic.
>power of love bullshit and she figures it out

I've seen anons saying there was a star on the cover of the Vishanti when it burned.

Ah so it's the great filter then.
America punching Wanda opening up different dimensions was funny as fuck.

>I've seen anons saying there was a star on the cover of the Vishanti when it burned.
I noticed that too.

Of course stars are pretty common in magic shapes.

Yeah, but the way it lingered on the screen, there's definitely a connection between America and the book

Raimi making capekino is nothing new.

Imagine for a second. America… with cat ears

Everything is Dark Souls now

You guys say this every time a new movie comes out

Do you think this movie is too demonic?

Nah, just enough demonic, though I've seen some wishing she used more demon servants in her battles. She had her statue mooks but hey didn't last, which is what I figure would happen to any demons she employed. Makes it a moot point.

>almost demonic. marvel puts out some reslly good movies. unfortunately this was easily the worst marvel movie. love marvel movies and the values most of the heros have. this was unnecessarily dark and evil. will not be recommending to anyone.

I need art of Deadite Strange. Also this perfectly allows a new Ghost Rider to pop up in the future

>you break the dark rules you get dragged to hell
>literally becomes a game of yugioh
what did Sam mean by this?