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>Pedo House

She deserves better
It's a cartoon, lol

>feet thread

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No, Lori thread.

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She's legal

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I wanna read a comic that involves Lori fucking bobby. just like the one with star and Marco.


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Can I start creating a Nickelodeon Friday Night General?

Sure why not?

Kys Footfag.

What I meant, of her deserving better, is obviously not Bobby.


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Anyone who's seen the show knows that it's Bobby that deserves better.

Kill yourself.


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that fucking comic is so well done. Area has the full package of being able to draw on-model, good build-up and dialogue, and the ability to tell a pervy story that lasts more than 2 pages.

is someone farting here?


Exactly, seems Area is ditching this relationship for being clean.

Why is so much loud house stuff seeping into here? Wasn’t that shit banished cuz the fanbase was a bunch of disgusting incessant coomer pedos?

Muh IQ discussion destroyed /tlhg/

>White+brown = white (and blonde)
Funny how the writers doesn't have any idea how genetics works.

I agree, Bobby works a lot in his life, and he doesn't deserves a weepy spoiled gf with problems of farting.

>seething this hard
Lol, cope

Real talk, the show is not gonna last longer because TLH is not as marketable as SpongeBob and I guess at this point the writers are running out of ideas. The live action is gonna doom this cartoon for a possible cancellation.

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>he's a newfag

What? Can you elaborate more, please?

Bobby isn't actually brown, check the live action movie

She last farted in 2018

The live action ironically can be better than the current seasons, which are the true reason for cancel it
One name: Kurt

I prefer Leni.

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Have a shiny Leni.

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>finger toes
I'm literally nauseated.

Tell me more about this Kurt, please

He's right though. About the trash part anyway.

Is there any white alt?
He's a schizophrenic from Houston, TX, who claims his IQ is larger than Dr. Robotnik's
He also claims he is the most dangerous man on Earth

I'm not into lolicon but enjoy the loud house. A few months ago I made a civil and SFW thread about the show here and /tlg/ posters took that as a green light.

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I prefer Lori

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she lost to bongbong

Nigga you mean Lenisha

why can't bobby drunk Lori into fucking her?

What about both of them becoming drunk?

ok why not

>Is there any white alt?

No, you gonna take Bleni and you are gonna like it.

Please tell me you have some shiny Luan as well.

You mean Bleni Bloud, of the Bloud House?
Her brother is Blincoln Bloud.

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Bane Loud?

um...sounds like you don't know how genetics work? It is entirely possible for white+brown = white (and blonde). It's not the same as mixing a can of paint, desu.

It's a cartoon.

post the one with the big lips
its so horrible to look at

if the brown person has a white parent already then of course the baby would come out white

Please do, for the love of God!


Stop pretending shit, it's obviously the race is not white anymore, that is very recessive.

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My Dad is *very* dark asian. My mom is eastern european. One of my sisters and my brother are very dark with black hair. Two of my sisters look asian with very pale skin, my youngest sister has sort of a middle color, and I am super white looking and look hapa at best (but most people would only know I'm asian if I told them). I had platinum blonde hair as a kid and that turned brunette as I got older.
Genetics are weird, desu. Learn about punnett squares from someone who isn't a racist fuck.

>sucks your testicles through your dick

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Nice story, but speak one that doesn't come from your imagination.


You don't seem like the type to really care about things like "facts" or "reading" but you can actually work out the genetics for yourself on this handy dandy device. No anecdote necessary!

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