What happened to Just Some Guy?

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Defended cuties and abandoned his anti woke stance

grifted to the wrong side

He drank the kool aid.

I bet he's ugly IRL.

>that moment he defended the groomer song to the point of making up backstories for the faggots in the video

That may have been his worst moment. You could tell just how uncomfortable everyone on that stream was.

What the hell are you talking about.

Sith = woke

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Is that the song where the gay sex offender say they are going to rape your kids?

Eyup. He was on a stream not only defending them, but he made up these elaborate excuses as to why some of them would feel the need to make that song.


What song are you guys talking about


Man, he fell off.


Dude thinks that no matter how crazy the left has gotten in the last nine years, that right wingers will always be a thousand times worse.

Nigga still on the plantation.

Started calling out the right as well as the left on their bull shit which turned off some of his fans who tagged along to see SJW DESTROYED WITH FACTS AND LOGIC and didn't expect to be called out like that. ON top of that a bunch of retards tried to get him to trash talk "Cyber-frog Blood Honey" and started seething when he would not do it.

>spent his life making money crying about gays, blacks and woman.
>stop doing it and call people crazy for taking a joke seriously.
>lose money

>calling out the right as well as the left
Should've been doing that from the start. Would've been perfectly balanced.

He didn't call out the right, he just did some really weird defences of the left, especially around all the weird groomer shit.

He lived long enough to become the villain

Straight up nothing, people are just mad that it turns out he doesn't agree with them wholesale.

growing up in the city will do that

Found the groomer.

The topics he covered became increasingly niche. More people will click "STAR WARS SJW BULLSHIT" than they will "indie comic you've never heard of is bad"

>It's OK because this is their revenge! Take that Christians!
One hell of a mask slip, really.

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The problem with "fighting the Right" is that the Right have, and continue to be, impotent. The Right also wasn't the side that trashed pop culture. That's why nobody cares about the Florida anti-groomer bill.

I've noticed this mindset usually comes from people who grew up during the satanic panic to the bush era. They can't conceive of the status quo changing.

All click bait YouTubers need to skinned alive

what stream

Wonder what those people would think after reading the Finders Documents that were recently released and finding out the Satanic Panic in the 80’s turned out being real and the media covered for it.

>people still believe the meme about "le Satanic panic" even after the Finders Documents were released
Gen xers are teally mad at their parents for not letting them play Doom and don't want to admit they had a point.

Check The baggage behind this guy has grown way to quickly and this video covers everything and has all the streams in question.

>that the Right have, and continue to be, impotent.
Roe v Wade is about to be overturned and Demococrats are at a historic low thanks to Dementia Joe.

Why do you care so much about some cartoon avatar fag on youtube.

"I'm not trump!" is really the best he had.

Probably still mad that their parents took them to church instead of letting them play dnd to care.

>outragebait youtubers

Never watched his videos in full, thought he and Someblackguy were the same person after rebranding his channel to focus on comics rage clickbait.

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>Should've been doing that from the start. Would've been perfectly balanced.
That's hard to do especially when the left deserved more criticism around the time JSG started out on youtube.
>he just did some really weird defences of the left
The right leaning states tried to ban ANYTHING that even remotely talks about sexuality and the existence of gays from school libraries as well as sex education and anyone who opposes these retarded laws gets called a LE CHILD GROOMER by retards. Were where you people when fucking V for vendeta and Maus where banned from school libraries? Stop pretending that your moral panics are any more justified than the leftists.
>The problem with "fighting the Right" is that the Right have, and continue to be, impotent
So? Why should that stop anyone from calling stupid shit out?

What you have to understand is that both political parties only exist to delegitimization their base. So when democrats are in power republicans look good abs when republicans are in power democrats look good, that happens that way intentionally to make sure NOTHING positive happens for either side. It’s the reason why trump pissed everyone off, for better or worse he actually TRIED to get shit done

>Maus banned from school libraries
You’re already fucking wrong and not doing your research. Maus was banned from the curriculum for having nudity and depictions of suicide and was replaced by another holocaust book. It was never banned from the school library. This is how you know you’re just going with whatever the top result says.

Remember back in the early 2010s, people would realize this is a fucking troll song, but because politics made us dumb fucks, people are taking bait songs like this 100% unironicly

Also, I imagine the other “book” you were talking about was that graphic novel that all the MSM refused to show panels from as it had graphic depictions of gay sex.

>Maus was banned from the curriculum for having nudity and depictions of suicide and was replaced by another holocaust book. It was never banned from the school library. This is how you know you’re just going with whatever the top result says.
Alright then, but what about "V for vendetta"? Also sauce?

>Conflates the book burnings with the florida law bill
>Calls other people retard

See, the issue is idealogues like you seem to think showing Sexually explicit material to minors isn't weird, when it quite clearly is you fucking child groomer apologist.

Hi just some guy.

>Maus banned from school libraries

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Don't call people stupid while you defend teachers pushing literal cult dogma onto students and claiming it benefits the child without consent from the parents.

>It's a troll song.

It failed very hard to put that across and really does sound like a child molestor wanting to diddle kids.

>I suddenly have standards on my bait

Oh, but when everyone here was screaming about raping nigger Jews, that was clearly a joke

Literally all the articles and the official statement. It was never banned from the libraries and they said outright it was for the nudity and depictions of suicide. It’s still in their libraries.
>V for Vendetta
I’d have to look into that, but considering you just blurted out a bunch of headlines not doing the research yourself I imagine there’s more to that story as well.

>So? Why should that stop anyone frpm calling stupid shit out

Because thanks to the progressive idiots bible bashing is a damnsight more acceptable than the weird gender cult they push on people.

I would be much less worried if my children were hardcore christians than if they came out as non-binary otherkin socialists.

I remember in his thundercats roar rant he spent most of the video attacking the creator by saying he masturbates with a pinkie up his asshole... Good times

There is a difference between typing niggerfaggots on Yea Forums and getting together your entire institution to sing about indoctrinating kids.

I still like how they are so concerned with Christian’s, meanwhile the people that create entertainment openly do mock cannibalism ceremonies as “art”.

>Anonymous shitposters=/=an actual organization
If you want to say they aren't literal then please dig deeper than "this looks like a troll song to me so is!". American institutions and activist organizations don't deserve good faith, the fucking catholic church doesn't deserve good faith at this point.

>openly do mock cannibalism ceremonies as “art”
what the fuck?

You miss-represent the bill. The bill is about not teaching 5 to 10 year olds about sex, this includes straight gay etc and was not about all sexuality or even the existence of gays. It was that if you where going to talk about these things as curriculum (as some places where doing), you where not allowed to. I.e. No gay pride parades with other peoples 5 to 10 year olds, who didn't know better. And especially without the parents consent. It stems from a girl committing suicide because the school had convinced her that she was trans and that she was not to tell her parents. This lead her to a great deal of emotional and psychological distress and she sadly took her own life.
It's basically a parental rights bill to help ensure the safety of the children. Besides what child needs to know who there teacher is fucking? So it seems pretty reasonable to me and I kind of agree with the notion that to say otherwise would make you kind of a groomer.

Secondly Maus and V where banned by maybe one school... OH NO! The outrage! Stupid yes, but hardly an epidemic.

The best part is them defending Islam in all forms, crying about how any attempt to avoid the rapid wahabist control of western mosques as racist.... when Wahabism is the one that preaches absolute quran tolerance and throws gays off buildings.

Not a single lapse in their thinking process when they bash a christian baking company for not making a gay wedding cake while they defend the people who want to outlaw being openly gay.

>said some wrongthink
>his npc fanbase in turn, revolted
>he attacked back, causing an endless cycle of shit flinging between them

>>Conflates the book burnings with the florida law bill
Where did I do that?
>the issue is idealogues like you seem to think showing Sexually explicit material to minors isn't weird
Acknowledging the existence of gays is "sexually explicit"? If you hate fags just say so already.
Parents are generally less involved in their kids life, and their going to try to learn somethings about sex anyway, would you rather they learn about sex from the internet or their retarded friends who don't know shit?
>I would be much less worried if my children were hardcore christians than if they came out as non-binary otherkin socialists.
Do you have kids?

Didn't you hear?
>School Board in Tennessee Bans Teaching of Holocaust Novel ‘Maus’

>The board voted unanimously to remove the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel from classrooms because it contained swear words, according to minutes from the meeting.

>“There is some rough, objectionable language in this book,” said Lee Parkison, the director of schools for McMinn County, in eastern Tennessee, according to minutes of the meeting.

>Art Spiegelman, the author of “Maus,” said he was baffled by the decision. “This is disturbing imagery,” he said in an interview on Thursday, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day. “But you know what? It’s disturbing history.”

Look up marina abramovic and her weird connections to the entertainment industry. It’s a fucking rabbit hole. She throws a bunch of weird parties that have various occult slants to them. One was with a ton of her Hollywood friends where they ate these super detailed human cakes.

The best part is how the bill specifically outlines that it must be with a guardians concent. THAT is what all these activists are angry about, the fact that in order to show your 5 year old a drag queen deepthroating a dildo the parents need to know first.

I’d post pics but they are graphic enough I dunno if I’d get banned.

Got mad that he's no longer allowed to groom and fuck children

Fucking arrogance got him. He was great when he was talking about shit he understood, but he's a dumbass when he's talking about other shit. Like that book with the underage blowjob scene in it that was in schools.

I love how you cut out all the parts referring to the nudity and depictions of suicide. Go back to your dwindling YouTube hugbox guy.

why are those problems?

No, I heard.

But they didn't ban it. They removed it from of required reading. This is what schools do anyway because they rotate in books.
It's still in there and can be read, but you're not required to read it.

I think the last person do give a reasonable and balanced view on sexuality is a far left teacher who has more pronouns than teaching degrees.

But I pose you a simple question; 95% of people are straight and 0.01% of people are trans, Why do children under the age of 10 need to learn about this? They are far more likely to encounter someone who speaks a different language than someone whose sexuality is complex and mostly fetishtic.

Why do kids need to have storytime with drag queens about dildos?

When it’s mandatory reading for an entire class it could create problems. I mean, isn’t the left the ones always arguing about haphazardly throwing around depictions of suicide for mental health reasons? The issue is that it’s a non-issue. The book is still in the school and they made another holocaust related book mandatory. Trying to downplay the issue by just saying “THEY BANNED IT CUZ IT SAID CURSE WORDS” is very disingenuous.

An alt-right shyster lawyer ambushed him.

Both sides are fucking idiotic. Christcucks shill their retarded ideology where nobody wants it, and the progressive wangrods scream bitch and moan about the slightest infraction that they deem against their beliefs, and because being "woke" is popular, most people listen. Both sides need to be fucking shot.

>Acknowledging the existence of gays is "sexually explicit"? If you hate fags just say so already.
1.) Only narcissists need their "existence acknowledged" 2.) everyone who says "you just hate x" is projecting their own mask onto others 3) We're talking about more than gay "existing" we're talking about John Money levels of heinous shit being forced on children.

> would you rather they learn about sex from the internet or their retarded friends who don't know shit?
Over an American institution? Yes

>Do you have kids?
Yes and I don't want the long term physical and psychological damage of resistance queer culture and transitioning inflicted upon them. I say this as a bi

All that trump dickriding, book banning, the capital riots, the erosion on voter and woman rights, are proof enough that they are

If you were abducted by the Scrat aliens from the Ice Age franchise, would you try to get off the ship or cumflate them all with your gigachad cock?

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I’m calling it now. He’s in the thread samefagging. Say something nice.

Absolutely retarded take

Sorry, I am a britbong, the most radical christians we have want to ban porn due to naughty pictures.

Meanwhile we literally had a clinic that was putting children on experimental puberty blockers, that lead to horrible brittle bone dieseases and liver failure be defended by most of the left wing establishment.

>parent less involve in a kids life than the teacher theyll see for 8-9 months
Are you functionally retarded?

>Erosion of voter rights

Tell me exactly how having ID laws for voting is against voter rights?

He bought into socjus premises and can't get seem to realize that the satanic panic is over things have changed. He keeps buying into sob stories and can't get over his own hatred ironically enough.

Exactly this. They're stuck in the 90s.

>t. Someone with actual knowledge and expertise made him look foolish

It's pretty clear that a good deal of JSG's personality revolves around racial and sexual identity. He can't let go of his hate for "the christian right" because then how else would he define himself? Dude is almost 40 and he's still nursing grudges against people that have forgotten he existed.

You'd be better off trying to defend yourself on Kiwifarms. Yea Forums is literally shills, bots, and discord raid groups.
At least Null posts on his cyber-bullying website, Gook Moot has left us out to dry.