Why do so few Superhero Comics end up at the NYT bestsellers list?

There used to be a lot more back in the day.

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Oh look its a thinly veiled east vs west thread again. You only make these here because the mods on Yea Forums actually do their jobs.

No one wants to read glorified fanfiction with constant crossovers, resets, and different artists/writers.

Cause Japan > The West
Thought we established this

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>dude this dably drawn shounenshit is so good it got titties and blood and gore
I cannot comprehend how CSM of all things got so fucking popular.

and Marvel didn't allow this man to do an Avengers/Chainsaw Man crossover.

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isn't Chainsaw Man the movie about the dude that kills a bunch of kids in Texas?

>The full list is basically nothing but Scholastic and manga
This is hilarious.

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The market changed.

See pic related.

Yea Forums gods I kneel

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See pic related

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>Yea Forums takes the bait again

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>le east vs west thread AGAIN

>five nights at freddies in but DC/Marverlshit isn't
kek, trade comicbooks have been a shit medium for ages, there's a reason the japanese graphic novel paperbacks are so popular, it's objectively a better medium to sell the story in.

you need to think what looks better on a shelf. a million shrink-wrapped limp magazines? or a consistent row of fucking BOOKS? comic books don't even have a place on the shelf, you need to start getting file folders and drawers and shit.

Hey you can't deny it forever

Stop constantly messing with the Yea Forumstards on fact that already been known. You're at point going to make to cry at this point dude.

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I know what you're trying to do with this thread

More like chad Dav and Manga
Clearly he’s the only hope for the west

It's the same medium, that is like comparing individual shonen jump issues to a TPB

user, Shounen Jump is a magazine.
"Individual" issues are like 300-400 pages.

Because 99% Western comics are capeshit.
I see no one in this board ever discussing the Conan comics, Sandman or Asterix

individual shonen jump issues come out in a huge fucking phonebook, do they not? I'm not buying chapters of fucking One Piece one piece at a time, there's still something that can sit on the shelf.

Because people are bored of fucking superheroes. They are spammed on the cinemas, on tv, on comics. Just stop.

yeah you're a retard if that's all you got from it

Clearly comics need to get woker, that'll do it.

unironically this. I'm so fucking sick of these IP slumlords just scooping their hands as deep into the bottom of the barrel they can go with this shit.
>uuhhhh, we own the rights to these three Xmen! hire all the exact same fucking actors everyone is sick of from Star Wars and Game of Thrones and just paint X's on them!

Hollywood is so out of fucking ideas they turned into the city of Comic Book Movies and now they've even run that shit into the ground. One of these days those fuckers are going to actually have to make something good again, or people are going to move to a different state to make their movies.

I can do this all day.

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Based Chainsaw man dabbing on west cucks.

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The smart ones like Downey got out of it ASAP

I think it's because of the upcoming adaptation by Mappa, but other than that idk. Also prefer Fire Punch than CSM but FP is too seinen/weird to be adapted

1. Because Weekly Shonen Jump, and most manga magazines too, have a single author for their stories and a singular continuity.
2. Because the authors always have the threat of cancellation looming over their heads.
3. Because it is not just superheroes

How long until the manga cinematic universe?

chainsaw man totally wont be forgotten in a few months bro

It's still the worst drawn shounen title ever
FP isn't weird, it's the same shit but from a different angle

Alright boys, I did it.
Finally found a month with a DC/Marvel property on the list.
December 2020

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Everything he said is true if Aki didn't exist

the whole craze started with the success of Iron Man 1 pre-Disney, it's fitting we should watch the hype just die the second Stark did.

Frankly I was tapped out the second the Thanos who did Infinity War was dead, and we were technically just dealing with a new villain who had none of the personal connection to the characters the old one had created. "Welp, there's the closure for this whole cinematic universe. Save the day? Fuck you of course they save the day, NEXT!"

>Supehero comics have become incredibly convoluted, you have read like
whole bunch of other shit and crossover events just to understand anything
>The MCU is basically its own thing so supehero comics don't really benefit from adaptations in the same way manga does with anime but when it does, it can really help like with Invincible after the Amazon show. Animated adaptations may be the key to saving the comic book indsutry.

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It's far better than capeshit though, especially the capeshit of the past 15 years.

Plenty do

wrong board faggot we are talking about comics

In some months the anime is gonna air and it's gonna explode once all the normalfags jump on the bandwagon actually

it's really not

It really is.

Yeah no, maybe some trannies. Normies will be watching Dr Strange and Better Call Saul and good stuff not kid's cartoons

Only if you're a real weeb.

Babysitters' Club's Little Sister is pretty good.

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It's so sad to see this lack of passion, I can just tell even you don't like it


It's already been finished for a year and a half dude. And people still talk about it and are getting into it.

There's also an anime adaptation on the way by a studio that's pretty popular at the moment and part 2 of the msnga is starting soon.

Stay mad.

It isn't 2002 anymore, anime is mainstream now.

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After going through their list from May 2022 all the way back to October 2019 (the farthest back it lets me go), I've seen exactly 7 Marvel/DC properties:
>Batman: Three Jokers
>Teen Titans: Beast Boy
>Watchmen (4 times)
>Teen Titans: Raven
>Batman: Damned
>The Batman Who Laughs

And unsurprisingly, they're all DC.

Yeah in LGBT communities maybe

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Uh Marvel bros?

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I doubt it's even Yea Forumstards replying, has to be a bunch of samefagging bait right? right?

Not really, Jump is made to be recycled.

>Anime comes out
>Normalfags flock to it and ruin all discussion of it here or elsewhere
>Bait threads everywhere

So tired of it all.

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yet another reason graphic novels are a superior format, they're made from cheaper paper, and the lack of color makes it easier for artists to make deadlines.

Not particularly, it's just alright. Still far better than capeshit though.

Just wait for the next season. Normalfags immediately forget anything that's not new after its over.

>Batman (but actually the Joker)
>Teen Titans (but actually the jokester)
>Batman (but actually the Joker)
>Watchmen (but it's actually just Batman)
>Teen Titans (but it's actuall the coomer)
>Batman (but it's actually Batman)
>Joker (but it's actually Baman)

Superhero comics are for old people, so it makes sense that they sell less.

Because Yea Forums has shit taste
And I explained why capeshit comics are inferior and unpopular

Is...is that supposed to be a bad thing?

seriously, we even have a she-ra bait thread
the show's been over for like two years

Yes! I love collecting my precious single issues in long boxes! Yum!

Could something like what Shounen Jump does work in the West, more specifically, America? Jump will just axe whatever doesn't sell pretty quickly. I assume one of the problems it would have in America would be people saying that they were axed because they're gay or a minority.

They've tried big book anthologies in a similar format to Jump, but people just don't buy them. A weekly timeframe is also too fast for most artists in America given how shit some can end up looking on a monthly schedule. To be fair though, the weekly schedule is hell and shouldn't really be the norm.

They were still small, expensive and had second rate stories in them.