Why does it keep happening to her

why does it keep happening to her

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She's a cuckqueen

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She deserves it.

No, she doesn't

Edd/Nazz is better than Edd/Marie.

Why not? She constantly harassed him.

What Sarah/edd

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So? They are cartoons. They aren't real. They can do anything and everything to each other and get away with it

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user, the actions that cartoon characters take are ultimately meaningless and have no effect on the real world. There are no consequences. There are no rules.

>wearing a condom earring
Nazz is the town bicycle and I don’t mean Kevin’s

You’re right. Considering the meaning behind art or it’s real life inspirations should be ignored. I just wanna clap like an idiot and watch marvel flicks.

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Cuckqueen thread?

I forget, was Double D like the most desirable guy among all the girls of the Cul-de-sac?

Well, you do you I guess

He’s certainly the one who got their shit together out of the guys in the culdesac

Yeah, maybe even more so than Kevin but I’m not sure.

I love Marie

kek you got btfo

Why does art have meaning?

Kevin likes Nazz and Nazz like Kevin

However, Kevin spent the movie obsessing over his bike. Just on average Kevin is pretty good hanging out but when it comes being romantic Kevin spills his spaghetti hard.

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Nazz is kind of a slut.

I can fix her

This is how /pol/ got shittier and shittier over time. You just see these "meme" arguments repeated so often eventually you stop engaging with them because you lose track of what they even mean, and then the people running those programs on a loop figure they must have won because the program is all that's running now.

Like in the context of Ed, Edd, & Eddy, what does it even mean to invoke "I'll just clap like a Marvel fan" when someone says the show was a cartoon without consequences. Legitimately, the format of Ed, Edd, & Eddy was adventure a day. If DD and Marie dated one episode, it didn't matter because they'd be doing something else the next episode. It's designed to be watched in any order, any time.

"I'll just watch it like a Marvel fan and clap".

The fuck does it mean? Implicitly just that you look down on people who enjoy something. But specifically because of the archetype of the person. Like, Marvel fans, who include a pretty broad swath, are specifically inferior to user, who I assume watches truly sophisticated, intellectual content like the Cartoon Cartoon block over a decade since it last aired.

Do you think the Kankers know and or care Jimmy's gay?

I feel like we the audience know Jimmy is the gay kid, and even the kids of the cul-de-sac probably know. The Lakers also exist as this kind of outside variable where everyone loses their shit and they never see the kids play naturally. Then again in an episode Jimmy did make a deal with the Kankers.

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The Kankers are predators. They don't care about the orientation of their victims.

Which one


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Surprised how many fans believed that even Kevin secretly wanted him

Those few incidents where Jimmy gets incredibly jealous of Sarah leaving his company for someone else muddies the gayboy theory, up for interpretation if he’s got a crush on her or just feels more at home with girls

It’s because Kevin treats him pretty okay when he’s alone with him (half the time)
Thing is, it’s almost the exact same attitude he had when he met a disguised Eddy and thought he was a new kid on the block, or really when he’s with Rolf
Kevin is mostly bro-material but the Eds got him dorking out and trying to hang out with Jonny and Jimmy gets on his nerves

Doesn’t Double D also spill his spaghetti around girls?

Immeasurably based.

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Kevin is bad at romance and D is even worse, it I guess the awkwardness and politeness is endearing while Kevin just comes off as rude

A wall of text that misses the point and talks about pol for no apparent reason. If you’re taking this place that seriously you need to find help.

I think one of the few things that would make them run away are Ed's stockings. Weird they never used it as a weapon

Worried they would develop an immunity

They probably should have, considering they rob ed's at the end of some episodes.

But to qoute Eddy
>And what ruin the plot?

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>wall of text
Why can't Yea Forums read?

>tfw no nazz gf to buckle up for a ride

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I’ll be her boyfriend

I couldn't imagine what'd it'd be like to cuck your own sibling out of someone. Like that's the ultimate betrayal, I'd never date one my sibling's Exes just out of respect. Like how would you even deal with finding out your sister fucked your ex boyfriend? Shit would be joever.

>first thing he thinks of when he sees a circle is a condom
Please seek help.

Do you think she knew what she was doing to him?
Do you think she gets off on teasing the nerdy boy?

Kevin got that Twunk energy

this either is or will be a pasta

No, she’s a brainless dimwit


Who let /r9k/ in here?

I like to believe Nazz took driving lessons seriously and just assumed there was some specific way you were supposed to put on your seatbelt. Jazz then notice Double D, mom spaghetti, and just decided to help him.

Or an alternative is that Nazz is just a right move, right time and place type of girl.