Amazing Spiderman #2 early lk

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where's the rest!!??


What, was Emily not available?

so Norman is going to meet with Paul and they are working together,,,,,that great, so we can't have nice things now

Norman should just go around introducing Peter as the guy that could make a million in a month inventing something and selling the rights but instead wallows in guilt.

Ah sinless/pre(?)-Goblin Norman, the version of Norman who sold his kid to the devil. I'd trust him to babysit.

Alright we all know there’s fuckery afoot and fake outs with MJ. Just spill what the deal is with the glowing mystery man


so there's a leak with issues coming out early with comitology is what i read on the internet?

it was Judas Travaller user

Do you think the comics will ever reference Norman's Mephisto deal ever again or will they bury it like they did Sins Past (before retconning it in a very clumsy way)?

Everyone forgot he was an actual billionaire once huh

Yeah because they want just broke parker. Like come on let the character grow, who cares if hes not the same as a movie. Normies dont read comics.

Why the hell do you even want Parker Industries acknowledged?

>Here, take these
Fucking Norman, I lost it

>Bad writing supported by speculator retards buying and grading multiple comics/covers/prints for any Spidey/Venom #1...


90s all over again except this time the rich retards at the top of the grading and auction industry are the ones making the cash.


>When did this happen?! -- Nick
This type of phoney baloney mystery box shit pisses me off more than anything else so far with this book. It's just like with Donny Cates Hulk. Just show us WHY this shit is the way it is, don't jerk your readers around like this and act surprised when they say your story sucks.

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Look, it happened and isn't as simple to ignore as some of the other shit that gets ignored.
The fact that he lost it all due to a terrorist attack but people shat on him as if it's all his fault was bad writing, but ignoring the whole thing altogether is dumb

clearly a preview

According to Bleeding cool they have the leak so clearly the who issue is out in the either

we need youuuu

Well obviously it will turn out that Norman sold Harry to Mysterio and then brainwashed him into thinking it was Mephisto.

Wasn’t she just vaguely brown before, not black?

Now that I think of it, are there two Harry's in heaven now?


>You could almost say you owe me
>For what, killing the woman I love? For driving my best friend into suicide? For killing my infant daughter?

God, a Peter/Norman friendship or partnership is just so... unnatural.

Who's Stanley? Does Norman have another grandkid?

Yes Harry has 2 kids but Normie has been used more in different series and son of clone harry

Well he's not in hell anymore apparently. The afterlife is kind of a broad name.

This is Spencer's fault.

reminds me of that one gleason image

I think that issue sold exceptionally well (which it should’ve, the cover was dope) so they’re probably gonna copy it for a little while. Kinda like that immortal hulk cover with banner grotesquely transforming was used as a variant cover for other heros. Sigh, I wish Ewing didn’t jew bennet out of comics…

>Fed up of sadsack NiceNorman crying while everyone is rightfully pissed at him
>Got a version of Norman with the basic appeals of his personality back but at the cost of everyone forgetting the murders and tornent
Monkey paw'd again.

Is no one gonna complain that Stanley is white now after being born a different color?

I don’t think anyone cares about Stanley.

I give JRJR some credit dude draws Norman even unambiguously good Norman as a smug cunt bastard up to no good

And he is. Paul works for him and he cloned the fake chidden for MJ

Remember when Harry was gonna get married a few years ago to the woman who was moonlighting as Menace, the one who cucked him with Normam. Well Harry managed to knock her up first

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>Paul works for him and he cloned the fake chidden for MJ
For real or is this just schizo theorizing

It's just the preview or the whole issue?

Oh, that's right! What ever happened to her? I recall Norman welcoming her to the family after she was arrested.

Storming’ Norman storming Pete’s life

Apparently she became a Black Cat ripoff called Queen Cat

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Why didn't she stay a Goblin?

Serum was purged from her system by Superior.

>user simping for a literal whore

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nice fan art. Deviant Art making a come bck

what user said but also, Lilly, despite having a black dad, is weirdly ambiguously brown which makes it very easy to theorise she's either adopted (and really likes to get tanned) or mixed race, but not enough to make the black side obvious. Honestly, when I first saw her, I thought she was just one of those stacy types that overdo their visits to the tanning booth.

Stanley being the typical Osborn redhead with paler skin wouldn't be too weird, honestly. Genetics manage to pop out all sorts of fun combos.

Harry and Normans hair is the weirded genetics ever

by who?

>Slott has been reduced to posting literal porn

Wasn't that a Harry a clone?

Stanly might be lucky enough to have the hair to truly make the Osborne waves shine

Someone edited Dafoe to have the Norman weave and it's terrifying and hilarious at the same time


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I'm sorry, but why the fuck is liz letting norman babysit heir kids? Did she forget about the everything he's ever done to both her, harry and their kids? did she fucking forget about the

wow what's EM Jay from Gwens U doing there

Did she end up appearing in Felicia's minis?

Superior Spider-Man
Yes, and she's probably the one who stole the "Iron Cat" armor.

Peter. He had to find a cure for the modified formula to save Carlie Cooper who got injected with the junk by Norman.

I will never get sick of these covers.

I'm shocked they're referencing Stanley at all.

Doubt Marvel will use him for ASM and X-Men despite the whole MJ/Moira shit.

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