This shit is genuinely funny

This shit is genuinely funny

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I never really thought about who made it. I eventually looked it up and was shocked to discover that it was a Hannah-Barbara creation. I understand that T&J were theatrical shorts and had an actual budget while their tv shows didn't, but even their later films didn't have an ounce of the fluidity and animation skill shown here. Just look at Charlotte's Web

no shit.

I would call Tom & Jerry timeless, but it only has one exception

Attached: Mammytwoshoes.jpg (607x519, 35.17K)'re just realizing this now?

Don't shit on Charlotte like that user.

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sorry meant for

It should have never become a franchise. Everything that came after the HB shorts were shit.

The classic era was great. the new show sucks donkey dick though

It's a great adaptation, especially the music. I'm also glad they didn't pull some Disney shit, like have Charlotte show up at the end.

Its funny you say that since E.B. White hated the musical aspect of the film.

some of the direct to DVD movies are genuinely entertaining

The Gene Deitch ones were kino, it's everything else (including those godawful Chuck Jones ones) that sucks ass.

He was wrong

The house keeper wasn't ever shown as incompetent in any way or having stereotypical racial stereotypes like many old cartoons that featured blacks did and just had a distinctive black women's voice. One of the more flattering portrayals of a black person in that time period.

>Liking the Soviet T&J
>Hating the Chuck Jones era
Shit taste

Water is wet, what's new?

Uhhh user, you didn't mention anything about LGBT, race, hating women or schizophrenia in your OP.

Please delete your thread and try again? You're making it very hard for us to ruin this board.

He’s not entirely wrong though, the Chuck Jones shorts do suck. He treats the duo like they’re Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner which just wound up making Jerry looks like a dick in most of his shorts. Don’t get me wrong: Deitch also sucked but at least he had the excuse of getting his budget slashed to nothing.

Whew, thank goodness this postive, non-trolly thread died a quick death. I was worried for a moment!

Charlotte dying, the flower from Brave Little Toaster dying, and Fox and the Hound really hurt my feelings as a child

I had assumed she was the home owner. Most blacks speak in ebonics so I didn't make the distinction she was actually "the help."


When these were on Boomerang, would love making up dialogue for the characters. Usually in my head but sometimes I'd say it out loud and I feel embarrassed thinking back on it.

Later movies made her rich and indepedent

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A current cartoon would have almost the same design for its black characters.

>people actually find tom & jerry funny

Huh, I never even noticed they colored her hands right
One of those things that are usually skipped

OK Zoomer.

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>Yogi looking down on his older brothers


weird boomer humor

I'm pretty sure you're gonna say the same thing about Popeye and Looney Tunes, faggot.

What the fuck am I looking at.

Are black people appearing in old cartoons to any capacity racist now? Literally what is offensive about this character

Finally, a thread worth a damn. It really is incredible just how timeless the original Hanna-Barbera shorts are. I've seen many of them probably hundreds of times already, yet they still kill me every time. The visuals also hold up extremely well.

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The Deitch ones feel like a nightmarish fever dream you might have during a sweaty afternoon nap, shivering under three blankets, while the real Tom & Jerry are playing in the background.


Nothing but they still removed her and replaced her with a white woman. Like that is somehow less racist.

that doesn’t make the Jones shorts any better user

The house keeper was fine because it was treated as literally a owner, there was never a time where she worked under anybody

Okay but let’s talk about the movie and how it had one of the best food porns ever.

I wonder if anybody made a video counting and scoring the different episode endings and who won more

Without even thinking, Jerry %100 won more episodes

>Literally what is offensive about this character
Mammy Two Shoes is, unsurprisingly, based on the Mammy, a common depiction of black people by Pro-Slavery supporters and later, apologists.
Her being the owner of the place and having her own shit was a pretty genius way to subvert it, though. I'll give HB that.

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I'm not going to pretend that Mammy Two Shoes is great representation for black people. But I love the gag where she's putting on all the bangles on her arms. Personally, I think that jokes okay since its not saying black people are just subhuman clowns to laugh at, but it's satirizing the way some black women love bangles.

Also, she radiates bad-bitch energy and I love her.

Something that has the potential to be a funny joke, but isn't.

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Black Owner also the one who purchased Robo Cat, that episode was probably one of the few times she was prominent

the voice actress was also the person who played the Mammy character in Gone With the Wind.

It wasn't a racist caricature, it was just a reference to a popular movie.

She woke something on me when I was a kid.

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>The friendship episode between Tom, Jerry, and Spike
>Ruined because Spike got too cocky with the steak split

Every fucking time

Y'know what else is pretty funny? The modern Tom and Jerry fanbase. This shit right here is hilarious. And pretty damn cute, to be honest.

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Yeah as we know with current abortion rates and aids Blacks will no doubt be extinct by 2047

I don't understand how people can hate BBWs.

yeah this. the music is very good.

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>Dad would sing this whenever he got the chance
>Annoyed me to no end
>Now miss it
fuck now im sad.

Until you watch Mouseketeers episode. That shit was like a kick to the balls with its unfairness.


And the happy music.
That blatant dismissal made me hate Jerry and Nibbles as a kid.

I thought that was the funniest part when I was a child.