Is Batgirl legitimately retarded? He was talking about an old photo

Is Batgirl legitimately retarded? He was talking about an old photo.

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Then she sucked his cock.

Batgirl couldn't even work out that Harley and Ivy were fucking, she's not that observant

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>she was your age when she made that commercial
This means she was Bruce's current age during the filming of that commercial.
Are you retarded OP?

>He was talking about an old photo.
It the old photo, she was in her 30's.

she hit the wall and refuses to admit it, so takes out her bitter resentment on men. common with old women.

>Master Wayne, I do believe cucking Master Richard is against the, what you Americans refer to as, the "bro-code"?

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Don’t worry about it Alfred. He slept with Selina.

Kek, no, but you are OP

Well yeah, she is insulting him for complimenting another girl that isn't her.

>OP is retarded

She was clearly not that old in the episode.

Why is Dick being paired with the bitch that literally had sex with his adoptive father while they were dating and he was away?

Not canon.

It's canon that they have sex
During that specific time period maybe not

>Snipping her fingers together
She clearly knew

She also made a scissor on the second panel

Because the comics started pairing Dick around the same time the cartoons paired her with Bruce. Even though in BTAS she's more attracted to Bruce and that predates them being a couple in the comics.

>there will never be a Harley/Ivy/Batgirl/Supergirl 4some comic series

>in BTAS she's more attracted to Bruce
I thought it was the opposite.

That's because everyone offended by the Bruce/Babs thing haven't watched the show in decades. I just binge watched the show last week and in her first teamup with Dick she starts the episode by fantasizing about kissing Batman. Dick tries to come onto her but she isn't much attracted to him.
The only indication of them dating is in the flashback episode of TNBA, which makes it clear he fucked it up, and Sub-zero, which is before that flashback.

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Also, the idea that Gordon wouldn't want Bruce hooking up with his daughter is funny when Gordon was trying to get her to hook up with this grown ass man, who he knew for like a week

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She was so damn hot in that ep.

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do you think they ever..... you know.....

She was too old to be a model though. That was the point, ageism in the industry made her think she was hideous.

There are people who now legitimately believe this was proof of Harley/Ivy being canon instead of the throw away joke it really was. I hate the passage of time and wish we could all go back to 2011 and stay there forever.

I know but she wasn't *that* old.

What was up with Timm's obsession with Batman getting with every female in every show he showed up in?

Timm and Dini absolutely intended for them to be fucking and we knew this back in 2007 when the board opened you casual. They just didn't intend for it to be a political statement

Timm and Dini really were one of the worst things to happen to DC comics.

Its a very relatable episode because denying aging and your own mortality is a very real thing. Not every motivation is reasonable. Pretty much every Batman villain is made through dealing with problems irrationally.

This is legitimately one of my very favorite episodes. Not just of TNBA, but of BTAS as a whole. Calendar Girl is a great one-off villain, the main thrust of the episode is really cool, and the chemistry between Bruce and Babs is particularly good in this episode.

Not to mention it explains where the giant dinosaur in the Batcave comes from.

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user, that's a woman

It's a mildly feminist "Don't refer to adult women as girls" statement which is a bit odd coming from an adult woman who calls herself Batgirl, so yes, Batgirl is retarded.

timms harem obsession does sort of ruin my immersion at points. like when harley kisses batman and he gets all smug about it. not my batman. she’s a sociopath serial killer he should hate, but because she’s le cute girl she can be part of his bat bitches

>she’s a sociopath serial killer
If she was that, they never would have let her out in the first place. The point of that episode is that she had reformed, but circumstances made her relapse.

the bat editors have control over barbara
they dont have control over all his other better love interests

>he gets all smug about it. not my batman.

I never get people who want Batman to be some inhuman sexless weirdo. O'Neil Batman fucks. Miller Batman fucks. Englehart Batman fucks. What omega male Batman do you guys want?

I liked DIxon's virtuous monk Batman desu

He should ONLY fuck catwoman exclusively and he should NOT be flirtatious with the more violent criminals

Fuck off, Selina

Catwoman sucks. I feel like her time to be paired with Bruce has come and gone, like Talia's did in the 70s. Bruce isn't Clark, he's never really had a "one true love." Even at the peak of Batman/Catwoman shipping in the comics it never felt like she was his ONLY option.

If anything, Batman's true love is justice. Or Gotham.


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His true love was martha

I cant believe he wants to fuck supermans mom

even Dixon knew Bruce was going nuts like that. Sad truth is Bruce has no healthy pairings who uplift him as a person both in and out of cowl

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>Batman has the world's biggest Oedipus complex

Would explain a lot desu

Some people age like wine, that's why Barbara was surprised when she saw how beautiful she still was.

Gordon's too focused on the clown to care.

"Inhuman weirdo" is the best batman. Cuckhold fantasy mary sue sucks ass and ruins everything he's apart of.

Batman's true love is always this lady, a Lady that will always be his priority over these hoes.

And that lady's name is


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>what kind of batman do you want?
>“I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman!”
Without looking like some wimpy loser, more like an absolute unit with access to the best R&D physical enhancers and tech in his pursuit to keep Gotham city safe in the suit and barely holding it together yet in a respectful aware way fitting of his training in all fields relevant to being the Dark Knight.

With the rare moments of in character fuckery

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>He should ONLY fuck catwoman exclusively

Mark of a casual.

Name good runs with a Batman like this.

I love this episode.

A man can dream.
Are there any halfway decent fics involving the lot of them?

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My head canon

Same here. Great twist at the end, too.

that's kinda sad user.

Only Bruce Timm, he’s a hack with a shit tier ship that he shoves everywhere like he forces down his dysfunctional penis down everyone’s throat.

>That's because everyone offended by the Bruce/Babs thing haven't watched the show in decades.
Have people always been offended by the Bruce/Babs thing or is it just people who are physically incapable of getting over TKJ movie that still make a stink about it?

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I’m not offended, it’s just shit. Batman should date anybody more in his mind space and wisdom, not a stupid teenage girl.

And then they fucked even though he's like got twenty years of age difference on Barbra

Dini ships Bruce and Zatanna instead.
Dini doesn't seem to be against Barbara/Dick.

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To be fair, in the TKJ movie it really IS gratuitous. It's not in the original comic, I don't know why Timm threw it into the movie. It adds nothing to the story. We don't need Barbara to be fucking Bruce for him to feel miserable at her getting shot. Her being Gordon's daughter is enough for that.

It DOES work in the DCAU, because it's part Bruce's character arc, and how DCAU Bruce is fundamentally a very self-destructive person who doesn't make good choices. Him fucking Barbara is part of the journey that gets him to where he is in the first episode of Batman Beyond: a lonely old man in a big dark house, waiting to die.

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Babs is a congresswoman.

She was only ever a teenager in BTAS. She graduated from college during the time skip.