Now that this show is potentially in it's final leg, what are your (and Yea Forums) general consensus about it?

Now that this show is potentially in it's final leg, what are your (and Yea Forums) general consensus about it?

For me, after the last 2 seasons, it feels like the writers' got tired of the fanbase idolizing Rick and missing the point of his character.

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I just liked Jessica
The showed when to shit quick and has a bad name because of its fandom

My consensus is that after a pretty good debut season, everyone gassed up the writers and made them think they could do drama as well as comedy which derailed the entire show after they ran out of jokes in the middle of the second season

This is what five or six seasons long now?almost all ass

Horribly unfunny tryhard shit. Don't bother animating something if it looks ugly as fuck, I don't care gow good the writing supposedly was (it wasn't). Can't wait fot it to be forgotten

Last legs? Nigga they got practically infinite episodes on their list. It's probably one of the few things AS is gonna fund in the next years to come. Forget about Metalocalypse or Venture Bros adult swim is now the Rick and Morty channel.

How is it on it's final legs? R&M is popular with normies and is about the only successful Adult Swim show still airing.

The show was always on shaky ground, but in the early days it was carried by its novelty and Roiland's insane ideas being reigned in just enough by Harmon
After season 2 Roiland stopped being involved with anything but voices and the show mainly became the work of Harmon and McMahan and the writing team which is why it started to suck. It began going way up its own ass and indulging in the tropes and navel gazing Roiland was sick of in the first place.

In the end it was a victim of its own success.

why are you here if you just want everything to look like fucking anime

so only anime is allowed to look good now?
user is right, stop drawing cheap ugly bullshit

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Did I say I wanted it to look like fucking anime? No, don't put words in my mouth ya fuckin' dolt

The series was based on a parody so any longevity would be a miracle, but they have 5 more seasons guaranteed anyway. I'll see you guys for the series finale in 2063.

The dialogue writing has become cluttered and tedious. I don't care about any other problems. If they could make the dialogue slow down, stop editing the soul out of them, and return some comedic timing to the performances, I'd be fully back on board.

It went to shit after Roiland stopped running and Harmon filled the writer's room with college grads he wants to fuck

>it feels like the writers' got tired of the fanbase idolizing Rick and missing the point of his character.
Well what the fuck did they expect after writing him like he's a living "return to status quo" button?

This right here. Along with Roiland just dropping from the show after Season 3, it feels like Harmon and the current writers lost sight of what it is exactly that people fell in love with back when the show first started.

I've been loving nearly all of the crazy episode concepts they've been coming up with lately, but the character dynamics and some of the dialogue especially are becoming a problem. Any adventure involving Rick, Morty, and Summer used to get me pumped back in the day, but an episode about the two kids going on a joy ride in Rick's ship somehow managed to be boring as hell. Morty and Summer are just insufferable when they bounce off each other now, and I think that problem mainly stems from the way Summer's being written. If the writers are gonna stick to the "family sitcom" format to tie the whole show together, then the least they could do is make Rick and the Smiths fun characters to be around again. I liked the first two S5 episodes, but I don't know what was going on in the Gotron one.

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The show ended at season 3 episode 1

I still don’t get why they wanted to shove summer so hard into the spotlight despite being the least interesting character. Jerry and/or Beth episodes are infinitely better than anything summer has been in.

At first I liked how they made her more than generic teenage girl character.

>reveal that the 'multiverse' we've been exploring is actually baby-mode where Rick already won and that there's so much more infinity to be had
>on its last legs
They've got stories for years, like it or not.

They just seemed to make her young girl Rick without any of the intelligence who desperately wants his validation. It’s Jerry level pathetic but never called out by anyone.

I loved it and still do but there's something missing with the newer episodes. I liked the episodes that went wild starting from a basic concept. All the while keeping the show grounded with the family stuff. Like the Meeseeks or dogs becomign sentient episodes. The newer episodes focus too much on continueing the plot and creating memes. It's not a bad approach, especially if you want to reach a wider audience. It just doesn't do it for me.

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I feel like I haven't watched anything really captivating since Blackmirror and the earlier Rick and Morty episodes.

>I still don’t get why they wanted to shove summer so hard
It only feels this way because they don't know what to do with her. She has had some good episodes, but mostly good moments. She's like a decadent dessert that's great when you have a few bites, but it becomes sickening as a meal.
Rick and Morty is a great buddy-cop adventure concept with many interesting side characters. But it's only a so-so ensemble show, yet that's what they've been steering it towards.

I don't know, just from the writing it feels like an end game scenario and at this point, wouldn't be surprised if the writers and Harmon are getting tired, but you're probably right.

The early seasons drew a lot of inspiration from Star Trek and Twilight Zone. The latter seasons were more incestuous and self-referential. I think that's the natural result of old writers exiting, and new writers coming in who are specifically fans of R&M. It ends up being fanfiction, and it happens to a lot of shows.

Same. Summer was great in the first 2-3 seasons, but I don't even know what she's supposed to be now. EVERY one of her "jokes" fail to land in the newer episodes and she feels like such a waste of space in the main cast.

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Jerry: I'm neutral towards him and the few times he's 'betrayed' his family (other versions included) I can't blame him

Morty: He disgusts me

Rick: I hate him

Summer: I don't hate her, but I don't care for her either

Beth: I hate her more than Rick

Season 1: Great
Season 2: Decent

Everything after is shit

>Everything after is shit
You're kidding, right?

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They’ve made like 20 out of the 70 episodes they had a contract for. The show is only halfway over at the very least.

No, I'm not kidding ya fuck head

>doc & mharti is ending
finally, and with the Bill Cosby publicly disgraced, perhaps we will finally have more episodes of House of Cosbys

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>it feels like the writers' got tired of the fanbase idolizing Rick and missing the point of his character
It feels like they're doing this while also missing the point of his character at the same time. He should've just remained some kinda clever drunk guy who shat together some impressive tech with garbage in his garage, not the single most intelligent being in the universe.

Yeah, you watch the early seasons and it's pretty funny, then you watch the more recent stuff and boy it sucks hard, mostly because the early ones they focused on making jokes and use the theme to help them, but now it's mostly normie culture references, "oh look, it's Elon Musk" or "Heist movies do be like that", this gets old fast, with some not being even funny in the first place...

My thoughts are thus: "Its pretty good. There have been a few forgettable episodes but not really any bad ones, unless you wanna be a pedant and make it out thar forgettable = bad. But overall I've enjoyed it and prpbably will the rest of these 6 or 7 seasons after they are produced and aired."

>in it's final leg
There's still 50 more episodes to go.

When I had cable it was one of the better Adultswim shows with ugly art.
Now that I stream shows, I haven't watch anything new from Adultswim
because the only reason I watched it was because it was on late night and I had cable.
Did check out some of the new episodes because "it was a show I watched" and didn't care about it,
mostly because I wasn't watching Adultswim like I used to and had a different viewing experience,
that made me see the writing faults.
There is no one to root for as everyone is a douchebag,
whenever the show tried to make me like a character it was undermined by earlier episodes making them unlikable,
then we have no tension from any conflict as, boom parallel dimension nothing was at stake and status quo remains.
The writers stuck their heads up their ass and fans went in hard to smell their farts.
Its like a condense version of what happened to South Park


yeah like what other people in the thread are saying, adult swim ordered like a million episodes a few years ago, so expect to see another 50 seasons of rick and morty

Awesome, can’t wait

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she's the girl power character now, so she just always comes off as an obnoxious cunt instead of a mean older sister craved for attention & validation.

>He should've just remained some kinda clever drunk guy who shat together some impressive tech with garbage in his garage, not the single most intelligent being in the universe.
Yeah, Rick was a lot more endearing when he was constantly drunk to a degree. Now his main trait is being condescending, and that gets tired really quickly when that's all he really has.

No, he actually meant to say everything after Season 3, Episode 1 is shit.

>When the porn parody is better than the show
Many such cases

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I just want a last condescending joke from Mr Poopybutthole.

>instead of a mean older sister craved for attention & validation
Who the fuck decided to stray away from this archetype? It was endearing to see Summer latch onto Rick's cooler traits while retaining her sense of self and only *occasionally* butting heads with Morty. Seems like all she does is now spew out meme phrases and shitty jokes.

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>Who the fuck decided to stray away from this archetype?
the wave of women writers that were hired to replace the good ones.

>70 more episodes
Are they serious?

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Literally most of the new writers have been men. Why do you idiots always try and come up with an excuse to be misogynistic when discussing the changes that occurred over Rick and Morty's run? Dan Harmon's to blame for any straying character personalities since he started steering the show himself after most of the old guard left to run projects of their own and after Justin Roiland stopped caring about RaM altogether. It's HIS vision and HE clearly lost track of what Jerry, Beth, and Summer's roles were as characters over time. Either that, or he deliberately chose to revamp their characters and somehow thought this new direction he's been guiding them in is better than how they'd been written before. All the new writers—again, mostly male—are just trying to work within the confines of Harmon's constantly flip-flopping vision.

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>Literally most of the new writers have been men.
Guess it's a bunch a so!lent boys then, because the "GURLLLL POWER" shit has really gotten annoying in this most recent season.

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I'll agree with you on that. Sperm episode would've been just a bit more bearable had Beth and Summer's B-plot not been so heavy-handed and utterly pointless. Seems like the writers felt they had an obligation to "Take Down The MAN," but all it really resulted in was an IRL version of Morty's shitty attempt at passing the Bechdel Test back in the Story Train episode. If you want strong female characters, just write them as characters instead of feeling you HAVE to make them some mouthpiece constantly going on and on about how their gender is oppressed. Just make them funny and make their goals and dialogue believable. Honestly, MORE female writers might help this so long as said writers recognize how derailed these two characters have gotten these last two seasons.

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Story train was a 22 minute rant/ cry for help about how hard it is to write.

Ive said this before its pretty obvious they were all terrified of the shows success

It’s only halfway through it’s 100 episode run and fading in popularity shockingly fast. It will fill out the order and then die, as the final adult swim show.

Jeff Loveness left after Season 5 and even MORE new writers have hopped aboard since then. There's no telling where the next two seasons are headed, but both were written after Season 4 had aired, so these guys have the fans' responses to episodes like Story Train, Dragons, and Vat of Acid to work from.

I'm sure they do hold some intimidation when writing for the show, but Story Train was definitely just poking fun at the fans who try predicting and overhyping the future of a show whose whole shtick is that it's UNPREDICTABLE.

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Summer went again there and it was even her bucket list to do it in the ocean for some reason. She still wearing pants though and above water

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haha mr poopybutthole is such a silly name

>Season 6 was written by the same weirdos who thought Incest Baby was the funniest shit
Get ready for more garbage sex humor I guess, maybe the lore will be cool enough

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Fucking HOW??

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half the show is callbacks to dumb shit Roiland and Harmon did for channel101

I fully expect that they'll bring back little Naruto once more and make even more terrible jokes about it.

>potentially in it's final leg,
70 more episodes after season 3, user. There's at least 5 more seasons coming.

At least.

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Think they're gonna go for one of those Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad/Bob's Burgers/etc deals where the show just absolutely never ends? It'd be pretty funny to see people a decade from now describe this show the same way they do the newest seasons of the Simpsons.