X-Men #11 Storytime

>HIGH ROLLERS! The women of the X-Men are heading for the hottest action in the galaxy…Gameworld! But if it’s true that the house always wins, our X-Ladies might be in over their heads…

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Javier Garron variant

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Sabine Rich variant

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Lucas Werneck variant

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Carmen Carnero variant

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bump if you're reading

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I'm going pump it up instead

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Bruh you're not X

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end. thanks for reading

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>notto dissu shittu again
You're not impressive, if you're whaling on your lessers. Like, the scene telegraphs the enemy is nothing. The psi dampeners do nothing, the enemy is a guy calling her toots, it's just all designed to be a show of power. Nimrod aside, muties just streamroll everything.


what's this week's thread question

Idk what you're referring to.

to be expected i guess
does gillen know about this?


Are we gonna get Spade and Heart Sinister now.


what is Laura's chest size?

something about rogue sinister was known from first pack on Sinister Secrets. So yeah, X-Team should know abaout it from the start

Goddamn it Essex

>bump if you're reading

>I'm going pump it up instead
I see some haters grillin'
I see some ladies chillin'
I see that girlie I been plottin' to get

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Is Laura wearing underwear?

Grrl Power: the Cover
also, thanks OP

34 B.
I'm now interested in Polaris' chest size

my mommies

>Grrl Power: the Cover
Not to mention such a miserably uninteresting team.

Fuck yeah Carol!

wasn't Jones beaten last time by someone with a healing factor?

so when synch copies laura's power does he also copy the adamantium bones?

i hope not

> slot machine strippers

this is hot

>not even my final form
Capitalism is the true end boss.

this is written by the same writer as X-men green user subtle and nuanced understanding of socioeconomics are beyond him

Jean looks great

>Slot machine stripper women vomiting money
Now THAT is profound in its irony

not much this week


Next week though is going to be big for X-releases/Marvel in general.

>•-[X]-• doesn't storytime this time
>thread immediately becomes soulless