Who is your favorite dog character?

Who is your favorite dog character?

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Snoopy,no doubt

this is porn, isn't it

Fry's dog.


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White dogs are so cute!

Is Krypto a top or a bottom?

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This stupid dog

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Why'd they give K.K. a pair of glasses?


No one.

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Same reason they gave Snoopy shades

You can see a nipple there, its definetly porn

...Whats with hollywood and making all thee mc dogs white?

>K.K and Peabody

hey, that's Joe Cool, show him some respect

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Joe mama

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>all that size difference
Please tell me theres a full version

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HAHA! imagine what the lower part of the pic might look like

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All of them have underwear

>For me, it's
the mommy from the newer 101 Dalmatian series. Wish I had an image of her.


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Yes. Love her to bits

Why is that series designs so terrible?

Wait, it's british?

101 dalmatians has always been british

The white one.

It's you killing yourself and giving your poor parents and the family dog some peace, zoophile faggot.

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Furries run entertainment, they always will, and produce far better shows and movies. Cope harder with your failed capeshit.

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Better question, why is he fucking jacked


fucking finally someone draws a decent brian that doesn't try so hard to stay on model

Peabody had a movie.

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Are you blind?

Because they are racist

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>on model is... LE BAD
What an abhorrent take, kill yourself immediately

>The furry is just feeding on the gas

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Of course he is, thats his fetish

Compared to the polymer clay dough body he had in the games he is

Mckenzie bros, report

I personally prefer Dawn, but Ian seems like a fun dude to hang out with

What breed of dogs are they?

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White woman dogs

Bolt is canonically a White Swiss Shepherd so I guess most of them are offshoots from that

Rioldo-sama from Sonikku Monsutã.

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Peabody is clearly a poodle though