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do it
follow your dreams

I will get on my knees and suck whoever, if copyright laws are fucked, long with Disney.

Do it, Please!

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this is entirely performative and will make it into law.
but goddammit do I wish it would actually happen.

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That would be amazing, Disney having copywrite to every character except Mickey Mouse

The proposal is to reduce copyright to 56 years like it was pre-1978.

Disney would lose a shitload of the Marvel copyrights too.

they redesign mickey every once in awhile specifically to retain copyright. If this goes through, the original design for Mickey Mouse would be in the public domain, but Mickey Mouse the actual character (and all slight variations of him through the years) would still be protected.

Fire up your Cintiqs, you'd best take advantage of the public domain Mickey before the market gets flooded with hacks overusing him.

Imagine that glorious day when everything form Mickey Mouse to The Beatles is just all of sudden public domain

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Star Wars too by the end of the decade too

>pop culture
Why not enjoy things like the novels of Dostoevsky or the music of Chopin?

because they are not graphical.

I don't know why I expected any culture from Yea Forums, but that's my mistake.

i can enjoy that while also enjoying pop culture too you pretentious faggot

That seems fine, it would be silly for a still active company to not be able to use an exclusive icon, but they have a lot of stuff they’re just sitting on like a dragon, that stuff should be public domain.

Holy hell that would absolutely be based as hell. It's pretty much the antithesis of the current GOP but that doesn't matter to me. I can't imagine how this bill would work in such a way that ONLY Disney would be affected. I guess the GOP hates the libs so much they are willing to hurt big businesses so long as it owns the libs. You know what else would totally own the libs? Like a logical new health care plan. The libs would be absolutely seething. Or like how about a bill that stops politicians from trading stock? Oh man Nancy Pelosi would be so mad like omg you guys better get on it. The libs will be owned hard. Please...

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jaysus, do you always talk like that?

What board are you on?

Disney isn't being "targeted" by this proposal, even if they inspired it. It would apply to every company. It also likely wouldn't pass, since that would reduce our copyright term far below many other Berne convention signatories.
That said, regardless of the political motivations for this, it was interesting to see a senator acknowledge arguments long made by people who are against copyright extensions. That alone is a small victory, and may mean that future copyright extensions won't be handed over to Disney on a silver platter.

Because this is Yea Forums not Yea Forums or Yea Forums now I wouldn't mind a Brothers Karamazov cartoon but that has nothing to do with Disney's hoard of copyrights.

If conservatives ruin Disney in their rampage to "get" leftists, then that'll be the first good thing they ever did for the world.

The entire entertainment industry is woke, so fuck em, end long copyrights.

I have not seen the proposed bill but
A) arguably Mickey's original Steamboat design is already in the public domain because they fucked up the copyright renewal a long time ago, but nobody is willing to pay a fortune to test it
B) he was going to enter it in two years regardless
C) modern Mickey would still be protected

Any reduction in copyright terms is good legislation

Why is he doing this?

The bill's reduced copyright length time would effectively put everything Disney made under Walt into the public domain.

I don't think they're woke as much as they think the woke market is where more money is. They don't ACTUALLY care. If they did they wouldn't do the shit they do in China and the Arab countries. It's about the money made more than anything. The most recent cases of the mouse "standing up" for the gays and shit were entirely because it would be more expensive to cut out the statue of liberty from the movie or they thought the positive PR off something is worth more money to them than some dirty poor Arabs. Don't mistake their pursuit of a different more affluent market for actually caring about anything. With that said though copyright law is absolutely wacky. It's the dumbest shit and I don't care who does it but anyone coming for it is doing good in my book.

I seen movies based off of Disney movies that are clearly not made by them all the time have you ever heard of the unstable Fables? Technical Ever After High did a lot of stuff like Disney stuff.

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So does this mean conservatives can stop dicksucking corporations and realize that they only care about themselves?
Fucking finally.

I love how all Disney had to do was piss off one politician to lose all of their immunity

No, this is just them being angry that corporations now do virtue signalling related to LGBTQA+ rights

I'm sure Disney will make enough "campaign donations" that support for the bill will mysteriously evaporate.


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They're not the party sucking off corporations you fucking sub-human retard

Good, fuck big media and their banker friends.
Republicrats and Democans are the same party, friend. Just one big globohomo kosher party out to kill Whitey.

ending slavery?/

>DeSantis cucks Disney out of privileged tax
>Mouse is revealed to be mortal
>now more people will fuck with them
Ladies and gentlemen, your president elect 2024

Because that's boring faggot shit for chinless white nerds like you

>creations should be stupid like me

>politician is doing it to terminate the "woke culture" from Disney
He's a retard, but I do hope they remove the copyright of Mickey Mouse, I'd love to see people jump online to make monetized content of Mickey out of spite to Disney.

Disney doesn't own fairy tales, just their iterations of them

those already in the public domain silly

Reminder that only Steamboat Willie design Mickey Mouse that going to expired. The other Mickey design are not

I thought Steamboat Willy was already in PD

See . The bill proposes putting everything made before 1965 into the public domain, which would cover most of Mickey's animation career.

Wouldn’t the copyrights of Pegleg Pete and Minnie from Steamboat Willie also expire?


Would this also force the House of Mouse to release "Song of the South" from the vault? That film is a classic.

Holy shit that would he fucking based
Make it happen

And cartoons aren't? Lol

There's already a pretty strong bootleg market surrounding Song of the South that's arguably been bolstered by an Archive.org HD print restoration going around.

>tfw boomers give us copyright reform under the guise of owning the libs
granted the woke/grooming shit is real and a problem but man, it'd be funny as fuck if that is the sword that slays the dragon

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As opposed to the lowbrow entertainment that triple-chinned negroes like yourself consume while stuffing your face with phytoestrogens and transfats?

If this true I want it to happen. Hell this pretty much open the floodgates for other companies like Warners Bros

>the anti-woke grooming shit is real

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I'm not even sure Mickey would be Disney's biggest worry. If this proposal were to become law today, it would mean a significant number of superheroes, including Spiderman and Ironman, would be in public domain.
Every single person who complains about how these companies have been treating their legacy characters would be able to make their own version, and they'd all be canon in the multiverse.


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>pedos good
>trannies bad

Please user, I can only get so erect.

Republicans hate gays more than they like money.

holy shit.

I'd very much like to see 50 years worth of American corporate culture suddenly freed... movies, music, TV shows... but all those companies losing their back catalogues overnight, would be devastating to their balance sheets.

but like others have said, there's no way it'll pass. so if you haven't lost all your money in the recent crash, then it's time to buy the dip on the five companies that own our culture.

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Republicans are the ones constantly giving them the biggest tax breaks. Hell, Ronald Reagan is the reason why corporations have so much power as is. The only reason Republicans don't like corps is because they push the woke agenda.


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Whats werid this is a very socialist solution by a GOP member. As this bill they would be hurting hurting corporations monopoly on history/ and cultural , and giving it back to the pepole.

I mean do you know what a bill like this would mean for the Academic world ? This would historically inmpoarnt photos, scientific journals journals,books, News Articles of the past 56 years would be easy to access for students and teachers. They wouldn't have contently be buying new copies of like Mice and Men, Catcher and the Rye for students. Nor would high school have to pay up to like 5k for their students perform like oklahoma, or The Odd Couple