That pick never gets old

that pick never gets old.

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Like the children he probably groomed.

Oh God. What did they end up being caught doing.

how many groomers are there, jesus christ, western entertainment industry needs to be fully inspected, every single one of them


What's so fucking latina about her?


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Uh, she has BROWN feathers? What more do you need? Would you prefer a scene of her jumping the border to America?

My, my fragile white ego is shattered you guys, what do I do?

her voice actor is latina
that's literally it
there is absolutely no mention or reference to her being "latina" in the show itself, it's entirely SJW brownie point shit for twitter faggots to circlejerk over

The best part was all the Latinas dunking on him, seriously this is fucking embarrassing and weird thing to post.

She's spicy

I guess you can do that.

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....ducks can be latina?

Why are all these kinds of people such fucking creeps?

I haven't seen the show, but please, tell me they spare us the "spicy/hot-blooded Latina" trope...

If they're coming from south America then yeah.

The same way they can be Scottish.


Everything about it is perfect. A suitable time capsule of the times.

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of COURSE that's what he looks like.

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When you get singled out as latine then everything you do gets labelled as hot blooded.

Nusalyn-sama, I genuflect. Please bring my tomboy daughter to Frank Angroomer with my best regards.

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Damn, those chilis look good.

>Spicy Latina Duck
>Exaggerated Swagger of a Black Teen

Eternally relevant

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I remember someone once saying that a great thing about using animals in cartoons is that you don't have to worry about shit like race or skin color.

Ducktales showrunner race swapped an old established character, was very smug about it and came off as a creep while trying to bring attention to it.


It's always the dumb shit that pisses of Yea Forums so much.

Say what you will about Frank Angones but the fact that so many people will pretend Ducktapes 2017 is good speaks volumes about his marketing skills.

I, think it's less "race swap" and more randomly inserting race, they're fucking ducks.

>there is absolutely no mention or reference to her being "latina" in the show itself, it's entirely SJW brownie point shit for twitter faggots to circlejerk over.

That describes the vast majority of the show. Half of the show’s canon is on social media posts - can’t wait for the art book so we can be informed of even more things that happen off-screen!

Dollars to Donuts the artbooks is gonna confirm Webby/lena as canon.

that duck is asian

If they did, I actually wouldn't have too much of a problem with that

I know you’re joking, but seriously slightly brown so she’s Latina seems unironically racist. Like I’m all for more Latina characters but SmugTales ain’t it

I don't know, getting cancelled on the third season despite how huge the marketing was for it when it was about to premiere makes it seem like kind of a failure.

If the original author of this is here, I have an idea for a sequel, if you're interested.

The crew chose to end it on the third

There's just so much to dissect:

"No, but really," - Completely unnatural dialogue, cementing the performative nature of the tweet.

"Look at this cocky teenage Latina" - Ushering the reader to look at the character (objectifiation), they acknowledge they are fetishizing their age ("teenage") and ethnicity ("Latina") while invoking thoughts of male genitalia ("cocky"). Reminder that this is an adult white male talking about a drawing of a cartoon duck.

"coming to destroy your fragile ego with a look." - Bait to get negative reactions from other adult white males who he can then admonish. He is the good guy, he is the winner, he isn't like them, you can trust him with teenage Latinas.

"I love this image so much." - Overblown reverence for, again, a drawing of a cartoon duck. He doesn't love the image, he loves the ideas he is projecting onto the image. He loves that this image is (apparently) an attack on the white male patriarchy (which he isn't like!), he loves that this image (apparently) depicts a cocky teenage Latina, he loves that he can post an image of a teenage Latina on his twitter account and proclaim how cocky she looks without looking like a weirdo (apparently).

You do not choose to end television shows, especially the crews of those television shows. Networks would prefer to run the same series for as long as possible. Just because the crew said that does not mean it is true, there are a million other examples of this.

>exotic, homegrown chiles

Every time

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3 Cabs is a thing you know

To be fair, Panchito and Jose aren't Ducks.

> Reminder that this is an adult white male talking about a drawing of a cartoon duck.
I appreciate this verbal beat down but it’s funny to me that this is all that needed to be said

The marketing is still on point because the general consensus is not "oh in retrospect Ducktales 2017 was kinda mediocre".

ive never even seen a clip of this show but if this came on when i was a child i would've have given it a second look.
damn the jews really did the 90s wrong.

Frank was such a terrible showrunner.
It wasn't even little easter eggs or BTS details posts but full on explanations about stuff that should've been in the episode.

The current normie consensus is "it was good, but eh" and that is despite having all the ingredients and network support to be one of the best cartoons of all time.

>Overblown reverence for, again, a drawing of a cartoon duck
Bite your tongue.
Also never says or implies white, Yea Forumsmblr. The projection is ironic.

>her voice actor is latina
Excuse me, it's latinx.

It's a fucking duck you clout chasing s o i drinker

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The furry's not wrong about that expression being overused to hell and back, but he's such a smug, smarmy and condescending cunt about it and about other overused art tropes himself that I'd rather have Dreamworks Face over his faggot drawings anyday


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Scrooge is a Scot.

Don't leave us in suspense let's hear it

The duck that destroyed fragile white people

Guys like this make me insecure about wearing plaid shirts, as well as my inevitable hair loss. Best I can do is probably eat healthy and shave so I don't look like a groomer in the future.

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I am curious about thos chilies does he just give them out for free or do you have to buy a book or autograph

No I think you're wrong, the current normie consensus is that Ducktales was a great cartoon cancelled because it was getting too bold.

Don't make constant söy faces and you'll be fine

If that were the case then there'd be lots of petitions to keep it going, fanart getting churned out all the time and constant rewatch parties in different websites.

>latina duck
It would make for an interesting burro show at least

> and more randomly inserting race,

Floodgates were open as soon as the name “Mc”Duck, and Donald’s Latin American friends, were introduced.

Yeah and they’re waking stereotypes because there’s no way to tell otherwise since they’re ducks.

That's a better way of doing things than painting feathers brown

Wasted quads.

It’s the glasses too. Work out and get contacts and shave your head Army style at the very least.

early sexual maturity

>fanart getting churned out all the time
This happens.
Paint them white with semen