What did Nickelodeon mean by this?


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>makes the spongebob characters look like they've been drawn by groomers

Really makes you think.

>entire episode shitting on Steven Universe
Pretty based, but Spongebob is supposed to be a timeless show, it never relied on spoofs or referencing pop-culture.

I don’t know but it’s not even a quality art style transfer, the artist completely lost the plot and is going through the motions. You could really do a Stephen universe styled SpongeBob animation that was interesting for kids and did fun things from Stephen universe, but that’s not what they did here. This is a very superficial copying of SOME design elements of SU without understanding them, it looks awful

It was shit. A fat corporate dump

>shitting on
Nah read the post, she was being sincere

Man, talk about a word that's quickly lost all meaning.

>This is a very superficial copying of SOME design elements of SU without understanding them, it looks awful
She says in the comments that her entire reference point came from binging season 1 of SU in a day to get a "feel" for the artstyle

it never had a social meaning until now

Yeah, rightoids did to "groomers" what sjws did to "nazi"

SpongeBob is a show by boomers for kids and is aesthetically derived directly from shows like Diver Dan and The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, with additional references such as Nosferatu and the movie M

The social meaning of it right now is "anyone I don't I like".

It definitely did for actually considerate and aware parents but you’ve only heard about it now because it’s a meme and you’re a meme person

I know. Republicans hate fun. No way they few this.

>The short was ceated in a month with a team of four people
>It was all done over a discord server where they shared memes
Nevermind, fuck them

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I'm guessing this was mostly done by woman because they all had the hots for squidward apparently

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>hots for Squidward
What the fuck is wrong with women?

It's called semantic satiation, when you say/heard a word so much it loses all meaning.


He's a depressed artsy type, it's like one of the most classic archetypes women go for. Just ignore the four legs and giant nose and he might as well just be a balding angsty artist.

quote on quote women

>h-h-haha yeah there's no groomers it's j-j-just right wingers seething haha yeah!
t. groomer

It wasn’t a spoof they just did an episode in the style

I didn't say there aren't groomers, the point is your incessant use of the term interchangeably as its actual meaning but also as an insult to anyone who disagrees with you is backfiring and letting actual groomers get away with being degenerates because nobody takes the accusation seriously anymore. Literally the same thing happened with calling people nazis. Horseshoe theory is real.

i refuse to believe this is actually legit

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ok groomer

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Well it is lol

Why do they feel that Steven Universe is to be imitated? That show was garbage.

Steven Universe and its consequences were a disaster for animation enjoyers.

Because groomers gonna groom

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Denial will get you nowhere.

Okay, groomer.
>muh republicans hurdur
Stop living in the monoparty's false left-right paradigm, queer.

That Patrick is simply repulsive.

I don't think SU's style is awful, but this is such a weird and forced application of it, which is made worse since I usually love style swaps. SpongeBob and (especially) Patrick look very off-putting with those lips, feeling more like as if they were trying to inject them with SU design principles with little care of trying to actually invoke the feeling of the source material.

Squidward looks the most fine here. Think they could've enlarged his schnoz and mouth a bit more though, and maybe enhance his brows by a pinch. His attire fits his snooty demeanor too, I think.

SpongeBob looks as if he specifically went under mandates to make himself still look more SpongeBob-ish, seeing that he's still wearing the same clothes amidst the others having Gem-esque attire. Seeing that most SU characters don't have eyelashes (not even female ones), I think it's fine to make them more spaced out instead of distractingly feminine. The stylization of his teeth could look better, he could get away with thinner limbs while still adhering to the style, do away with the lips, allow him to have a wider grin, and widen his holes by a smidge.

Who in the motherfucking seven seas decided to give Patrick massive DSLs, and why?? To make him look goofy??? I mean yeah, you succeeded, but not in a good way. Literally everything else about this design is fine, from the body shape to the attire, but god dammit give his lips a liposuction or something.

The folks who worked on this are still fairly young so like, I don't think all of the hate they got was necessarily deserved. These designs need a bit more work regardless, though.

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>wall of text analyzing awful designs
You seem like someone who'd make 3 hour long video essays.

NTA but god forbid we discuss cartoons on the cartoon board, sorry we interrupted your ADHD live action marvel shitposting threads

>their models are fucking hideous
>nick presents this garbage as "oh look, how cool!"
they really are out of touch

> he might as well just be a balding angsty artist
Man with this and learning Bill from Eltingville is popular with women idk how I’m not swimming in bitches.

Yeah wouldnt want to intrude on another stone toss shit post

>Who in the motherfucking seven seas decided to give Patrick massive DSLs,
This may be a shorthand for the entire thing, but maybe they decided to put them lips in just because it's a thing that characters like Amethyst have.

>animators received death threats
Holy based Spongetists

rejected spongebob design that looked even more like steven universe than the current one

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Come on, republicans don't create things. They kill them. Usually in school or a movie theater.

I like them more actually
Wonder why


>Put more effort into models than the actual Steven Universe crew

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Yeah, those discord kids ruined the words those years ago

Oh god it's the amedot lovechild

>anyone I don't I like

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I give it about a month before they burn out on it, "midwit" seemed to die off in about 3 months and the "bucked" meme died out about 2 months in after /pol/tards realised spamming gay white on black porn to "own libtards" is a bit gay.

The artist deserves to be lynched just for this Patrick design.

I feel like that would more so describe "Incel". Every fucking man on the internet who disagrees with a woman is apparently an Incel now I guess.

Rebecca Sugar drew porn of 13 year old boys.
People were fired for less, yet SJWs turn a blind eye on her

Now do SpongeBob in Arcane artstyle

>incredibly so. i’ve gotten death-threats on instagram after they aired a sneak peek.

>bringing this up because someone criticized the rightwing use of the word groomer
Spotted the incel


You have to admit, the lips are too much, especially SpongeBob's.

Huge yikes


why are Steven universe artists making SpongeBob art? is this the trend of designing art of it?

They were hired to animate Spongebob in a modern cartoon style, hence Steven Universe

Cartoon Network not sending its best

>user, why do you have all these pictures of kids saved on your computer

>It's to own the groomers mom you wouldn't understand.

But that’s literally all they are.

And I’m sorry but a little kid doesn’t know what they want. They aren’t capable of understanding forever when they decide they want a sex change at 8 years old.

What is the flag in the right about?

ask whoever runs the nickelodeon twitter account