Art styles that take a long time to develop and are very difficult to master (Photo-realism...

>Art styles that take a long time to develop and are very difficult to master (Photo-realism, classical art) are seen as boring
>Art styles that are quick to be good at (Cal Arts beanmouth, psudo anime styles) are massive hits

It's not fair.

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It's called Market and Customer analysis, user.

If you don't know the waves, you'll be crushed. That's how the system works.

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Sometimes i feel like nobody in this world has a fucking taste

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What are some of your favourite animated shows that have a photo-realistic or classical art style OP?

>Internet would rather look at tits and ass than my still life oil painting
Go to a fucking gallery and join some high society club.

its not about that retard, i think what op tried to say is that customer is a shit eater

bros how do I find a misogynistic gf?

Be hot. If some feminist starts shit the other girls will rip her apart.

>still thinking that popularity = good

>i think what op tried to say is that customer is a shit eater

If that were the case, then why be concerned with a metric on a platform that is comprised almost entirely of shit-eaters? All it shows is that the girl on the right has no idea on how to properly market her talent and how to reach the customers she wants.

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Life is unfair. Learn to cope or perish

Tough titty kid, if your goal was popularity/money you should have just started drawing fetish art on patreon and rake in those sweet coomer bucks, there's dudes who make their entirely living wage on that shit.
No one owes you money, it's YOUR job to figure out how to make it.

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this is a comics board too, dumbass


My buddy invited me to an art show recently. The painting were good, lot of talent. But it was all anime, pop culture, and stuff that's ironic like baby Yoda in a team cup. To top it off they sold prints, so nothing you would buy was original. They had an artist add accents to a painting I guess to make it look more original if you spent more.

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Do you get it
That line from the movie
Do you get it

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Get a sense of humor you joyless prick.

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Some times less is more
adapt or die

The sketches were cool in hindsight I wish I took a photo where you could see more of them and not just the one. It was crowded though didn't give you much time at one place.

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Because realism for all they time it takes to master is boring. It's just a boring imitation of reality, It's a waste of art and it's true potential, to show us the fantastical, and beyond.

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And that's it. I really didn't take these pictures thinking I'd share them on Yea Forums but it felt relevant.

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People are drawn into art mostly be the elements of design and evocation. What hits first is always the basics of shape and color and what first impressions the create. You don't need a lot of complex detail to do that.

Pic related, when it's posted and argued about a lot of anons end up saying that the left drawing has the most "dog energy." It uses a few lines to communicate the "feeling" of dumb little, happy looking dog. The fact that it's so stupidly simple only enhance that impression.
The right is skillful and looks most like a really dog but it doesn't communicate anything about the dog.

In art style is part of the substance. We expierce reality every day and need ways to parse meaning out of it. Evoctive art melds the meaning into the image of the thing itself.
Even in the case of what makes those pictures so beautiful is not the realism but how the artist chooses to break from the real. The colour, the slightly smudged details, the placement and perspective of the actors are not natural but make the scene more than natural. It gives an impression of the "soul" of the moment rather than simply reporting a scene.

I don't think realism or abstraction are good or bad in themselves. Realism is a mark of skill but not necessarily beauty. For the time and effort to be worth while the artist needs to understand what draws people to art in the first place.

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Haha. Fuck dogs. That's all they deserve

it's shit though

>still life
but OP's pic is totoro
desu skill > subject
i'd rather stare at buscema's garbage bins than mcfarlane's tits

>men are coomers and most don't care about art

I'm not sure about current year, but animators used to be proficient in the fundamentals, kind of like how those poser rappers who never actually lived in the hood all were proficient in music theory and played piano.

But how would we feel superior to everyone else if everyone liked the good shit?

Reminds of when Drake became a rapper and started talking Hood shit. I'm like nigga you were on Degrassi

One of these two works hard. The other plagiarizes shitty hentai.

Post the lesbian continuation.

Calarts shows are not massive hits. They're all disposable to throw at the wall until something sticks, which they never do given the lack of bean mouth reaching rick n morty levels

The ones who have no taste are you faggots. You're easily impressed plebs that think realism is the end goal of art. Realism is predictable, tired, limiting and easy. Replicating what you see is the most fucking basic, crude and easy thing you can do. It's mindless. Any decent artist masters realism early and searches for something new, fresh and interesting. Something that is his.

Someone shared the link to that contest before and that image is deceptive, the dog they were drawing was in the pose of the left, the right one looked like a entirely different dog breed and was not the image they were supposed to draw a portrait of. Yes the right looks better, but it didn't follow the rules of the contest so really it shouldn't of even made 2nd place.

just take a photo bro lmao

Life isn't fair. The average person is shallow and mediocre so they gravitate to shallow and mediocre things.

I'm a fairly skilled artist and I'm not a tranny, but I've been thinking about pretending to be a woman online in order to get patreon simps, I make basically nothing now and I see lots of female artists who make lower quality art and make $5K+ a month. Should I make a new account and hire some woman to talk in a few vids of mine to get simp money?

>bros how do I find a misogynistic gf?
I hate women but I’m already with a blonde gigachad, sorry bro

you have never picked up a pencil in your life. Copying a photo is the easiest, and developing a style that's both attractive to the viewer and time-efficient is the hardest.

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>photo realism
>art style

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Post the wholesome lesbian edit

>Post the wholesome lesbian edit
I’m tired of the trend of suppressing female competition, “cutting down the tall poppy” as it were, which is what “gatekeeping yuri” really is.
There is no sisterhood like men have brotherhood; there is very little genuine respect among women social groups, they merely tolerate each other.
Also “happy wholesome lesbians” are pure fiction, the 53% domestic abuse rate exists for a reason.

If a fucking woman on the right shows that she is a woman, she would instantly become the simple city in an hour or less.

more real =/= more good, you smooth brain faggots. you sound like the two idiots talking video games and all you have to say about it is "yeah, yeah, the graphics look good on that one. its not the like one with kiddie graphics"

i did not argued for just realism, but for classical manner, (what is beyond simply looking realistic as you noticed yourself) of painting to be superior to heavier stylization

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Uh-huh. Now tell me about the romans.

you are a pleb here if you see it this way and unable to look at even slightly more subtle accents in these works

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The high rendered stuff becomes massively less impressive once you're aware of the amount of references used.
I like character drawings that express strong action and life. I can appreciate some of the technical skill in well-painted drawings, but I don't get what I like about art from it.
Most of these artists who do high-quality renders are very limited in what they can draw.

who said iam talking about pure realism

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Rennaisance paintings like these are highly stylized and animated, almost like a play, I wouldn't call them photo realistic

because iam am not arguing for photo realism
they are considered classical paintings that op also put in opposition to recently popular way more primitivistic styles

>Uh-huh. Now tell me about the romans.
your lack of a meaningful refutation means I am correct

But /ic/ says I have to get good at photo-realism in order to draw simple cartoon styles...

Explain what you mean by 'subtle accents'; specifically in that lion-hunt work.

I don't think photorealism should be the be all-end all of art
That being said, you definitely need a solid grasp of how to make realistic art to properly stylize it

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That's fair then

Shut up turd, you know nothing about art. You're like idiots who comment under 2000s pop music videos that "they don't make good music like this anymore!".

Didn't say you were wrong, though that you couldn't read what I was actually implying means that I already know you, and I know you're a lost cause.

But look on the bright side, you don't have to tell me about the romans after all.

inst this site 18+?
go back

> it's the girl on the right drawing porn of the one of the left as her artist avatar.

So the other 47% just doesn't exist?

you post a beutiful artsyle, OP complains about undeserved popularity of beanmouths and anime/anime-ish styles

Men can be scheming, petty cunts too, they just have the brains to shut up about it most of the time

>undeserved popularity
No such thing.

if 53 are straight up beating each other, guess how much of them are at least content with their position

Staceys win again.

Not here they don't.