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There is literally no reason voluntary abortion should be legal. You made the decision to have sex, live with the consequences of your actions.

what about rape?

kill he rapist

>doesn't know the definition of voluntary abortion

he din du nothin

what the fuck is wrong with women just take birth control if it's that hard to keep cum out of your pussy

Kill the rapist, but keep the child.
sucks for the one raped, but punishing the child with death for the crime they are living evidence of is unjust.
don't force the victimized parent to raise the child

If only the people who hated abortion didn't also hate birth control and also hate condoms and hate non-vaginal sex and hate teaching people about sex

I hope you get raped by a pack of teens.

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Nice strawman

It's really not, there's legislation being passed in red states to outlaw birth control as well or restrict it to married couples.

Ooof that's incredibly racist.
Would be doubly awkward if abortion ended 1/3 of all black pregnancies too.

Show us.
Send us the copies of the proposed laws.
It should be very easy as these bills are openly free to access via the internet.

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Conservatives want more unwanted babies for the free market!

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Top of the progest sign, first panel

Isn't that a good thing from all perspectives. Not a joke, why would anyone from any demographic be against lowering black birth rates?

I love this post. It truly shows the insanity of modern right as they desperate claw for power.

There's no child. No mind, no body, nothing. Nothing wrong with abortion unless it's behind your partner's back.
>inb4 But muh jew book said...

>anyone from any demographic
What about the black demographic?

>just take birth control

Conservatives want to ban access to that as well

It's the truth. Conservatives hate abortion, hate birth control, hate sex ed and want to ban it all. And they also hate any social programs that aim to help mothers once they have a kid, like paid maternal leave,
paid childcare, etc. And they don't give a shit about the US having rather high rate of maternal mortalities compared to other countries. If they actually cared about the sanctity of life they would want to help people instead of going FUCK YOU NOT MY PROBLEM GET A FUCKING JOB YOU FILTHY SLUT I'M NOT PAYING FOR IT

>140 characters explains everything about a judge's opinion
>And he's definitely not gaslighting me


Somebody doesn't realize the brain develops sufficiently to the point of creating delectable brain waves at the 6th week of gestation. You literally had your first thoughts during the first trimester of your development.

Post evidence then.
You seem to be incapable of this and are just making shit up because you can't make a logical argument only an emotional one

>live with the consequences of your actions.
>however it is fine for the US to waged war on the middle east after having the CIA train the same terrorist group they hate and wrecked their twin towers

>this is the future conservatives want

Don't let evil take over.

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the consequences of her actions in that case is the need to get an abortion.

Literally who said it was fine?

The difference is there are limitations on one but not the other; free speech means you can tell unhinged retards why someone's whole family should be robloxed and giving out their address.

>don't force the victimized parent to raise the child
ok but have the kid be raised by someone else, why would a woman want a kid she conceived though a crime and against her will?

Less child support to have to avoid.

You can google it easily if you don't believe it. I'm not going to spend time spoonfeeding you every single red state trigger law and proposal just for you to go lol I don't care like an asshole. It's well known that conservatives want to ban these things and have all kinds of laws in place regarding restricting/banning reproductive issues related things.

Conservatives going masks off and revealing their evil nature just makes it easier to lynch them later.

Post evidence, the burden of proof is on you. Otherwise I've seen nk evidence to support your outlandish claims

Pregnancy from rape is an ‘opportunity,’ according to Ohio Rep. Jean Schmidt (R).

>implying women don't get off on playing God

This world is overpopulated and it could use a nice spot of murder for the benefit of everyone. Really hope we can get some real bioweapons to drop soon, Bill Gates agrees with me.

m8 nobody is going to waste time arguing in good faith against /pol/, the constant dishonesty and goalpost shifting isnt worth the effort. if you have any intellectual integrity at all you can just go google it for the sake of having a rhobust and well informed opinion on the issue. you wont though. because you're not interested in being well informed or research. you're interested in winning an "us vs them" culture war. but by all means, prove me wrong

How is stonetoss similar to Shmorky?

You're still forcing the rape victim to go through 9 months of an unwanted pregnancy against their will. That's fucking horrifying.

Ectopic Pregnancy (where the fertilised egg implants outside the womb) is fatal for the patient, and can only be treated by performing an abortion.

Ohio attempted to pass a bill which would mandate that, in order to avoid criminal penalties, a doctor would have to attempt to re-implant an ectopic pregnancy into the womb, otherwise they'd be considered as having committed the crime of abortion murder. I think it was Ohio HB 413, it didn't proceed past the committee stage.
Doctors are broadly in agreement that an ectopic pregnancy cannot be 'reimplanted'.

That's one example for you, focused on a single particular thread of abortions.

so fucking what if they do? are you going to refuse chemotherapy because you don't wanna murder your cancer cells?

Why does he believe people who believe in abortion don't believe in free speech?

I admire the sentiment but a lot of people aren't fit to be parents and we already have an alarming population size as is.

>punishing a victim of rape
This is why the rest of the world knows you're objectively evil.

It should be legal and easily accessible to keep poor minority children from being born in broken homes


Don't forget the medical bills & potential of losing their job as well!

That's funny because the small chance somebody can be rape if we allowed to trans people in bathroom is apparently enough of a reason to not allow people to use the washroom they want to use.But merge greater motivation which probably makes a lot of rapes happen of forcing a woman to become pregnant by rape is apparently not enough for them to be allowed to have an abortion.

>we already have an alarming population size as is
no we don't, stop falling for jewish tricks

I'm NOT against abortion, but all you people who are using "the rapes" like it's imporant are totally braindead.

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but black and hispanics are working together to outbreed to whites right?

>no reason (elective)
most women don''t feel comfortable talking about their rape.

back to Twitter with you, schizo

1 How honest do you think the women are going to be considering how honest they all about rape normally being reported to the police?
2. how many psychopaths are going to commit rape during the science and calculations specifically to know they will get women pregnant if they know it's illegal to have abortion now instead of one that study was made where the way paste knew it would be an illegal?

I love going to the FREE SPEECH/FREE ABORTIONS dual protest

Literal schizo, who is saying this is fine

Rape is not the pervasive problem that feminists want you to believe it is.

If it is such a tiny issue, then it should be no problem at all to add "...except in cases where the pregnancy is as a result of rape" to all the bills that the (R)s are pushing in the various states?
Louisiana's 2006 Act 467 provides no exception for rape victims, as an example.

>ectopic pregnancy
Not a voluntary abortion, a necessary one

>Ohio attempted
So it didn't pass

no, they just have a bunch of kids because they're poor and stupid

And that justifies not allowing abortion even in case of rape or incest? At least 11 US states – including Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas – have passed legislation that bans abortion without any such exceptions. And now republicans want to pass laws that gives a rapist's family members the right to veto an abortion, since they want to give ANY afflicted family member that right.

> it really so bad?
Do you have any self-awareness at all?

Being sexually assaulted once can screw you up for life even in a modern society where you can have an abortion.

Also in many parts of the world is used as a weapon of warfare.

>women aren't raped
>this means you support rape
average twittoid logic

At least this thread showcases how Republicans are no longer human are ok to kill

>And now republicans want to pass laws that gives a rapist's family members the right to veto an abortion, since they want to give ANY afflicted family member that right.
For real? I can see SVU denouncing dumb as crackpots and showing why. Is a horrible idea that will lead to more rapes.

They’d be mad she wasn’t in a neighborhood where they could get rapped by white men or at least Asian.

These threads are made by jannies so they can delete them so they can pretend the do their jobs.

Man when did Yea Forums lose its edge
You're all a bunch of pansies.

if getting an abortion is the same as playing god than all modern medicine is also playing god.
>woman gets pregnant
>she can't abort the baby because that's playing god
>doctors say that the woman will literally die if she doesn't terminate the pregnancy
>still doesn't matter cuz we're not allowed to play god
>baby is born with life-threatening bone disease or whatever
>can't cure the baby with medicine cuz that's still playing god
>pro-lifer shoots an abortion doctor in the back of the head while he's attending sunday mass
>Can't perform life-saving surgery cuz only god can play god now

That's not what he said, read again.

>women aren't raped
Do you have an self-awareness at all?
Do you have to try this hard to be stupid to hold your beliefs? If you do, you should probably reconsider your beliefs.