Why is this show so weridly sexual?

Why is this show so weridly sexual?

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Gays and trannies obsessed with sex because it's their only personality trait.

Written by a femcel

The creative team's gender-related neuroses, I suppose

because it stinks

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Says the person on the board with 80% of threads about cartoons you whack it to.

this might come as a shock to you, so be sure to read slowly and multiple times until the message sinks in. Yea Forums is not one person

So it could pander to gays and trannies

Well Yea Forums doesn't make cartoons do they?

it was made by deranged queers

Because the creator is a mentally imbalanced fucking creep.

Noelle Stevenson is in reality some troon who lives vicariously through cartoons because her real life is so bad she turned herself into a dude to try and be happy(hasn't worked and is still depressed)

this show... sexual
>Latest season took inspiration from Handmaid's Tale imo

I agree that the show is very sexual sometimes, but why? Idk.
Possibly the premise it'self puts sex/gender front and center. The concept that a woman, already quite... butch for a female can possess a large sword (phallic symbol) and gain strength and power WILL put sex onto center stage.
But I think the writers/animators dug in deeper and chose not to shy away from sexual elements in the show.

Ultimately it's up to the creators of a show to decide what's in it. Show the creators decided they wanted a sexual show. That's why. How the show is sexual is a more interesting question imho. The answer to "why" is rarely satisfying when observing this kind of media...

Oops I didn't format my first lines correctly. I'm sorry if that's unreadable to anyone.
>this show [is] sexual
I totally agree! I thought the last season took inspiration from Handmaid's tale even, especially implying themes of sexual violence, and sexual abuse. But themes concerning sex, gender, and love were riddled throughout the whole show. Totally agree user.

>she ra thread
>it's not kylechad
looks like the retard is back

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>this SHITTY KITTY is triggering tons of fat neckbeards with Asperger's and basically YOU ARE A FUCKING INCEL
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I wish this show was nearly as sexual as you guys seem to think it is.

kinky stuff

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They don't even show cleavage in this show, what the fuck are y'all talking about

Cause the girls be THICC.

I never got that vibe

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bless this show for providing more reasonably thicc girls

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Here's a clip I found on Youtube to respond to you It's metaphorical rape. Even more overt is the "pullout" scene which I believe is immediately after this scene (not included in the clip unfortunately) where it's very much a wet, limp, penis being pulled out of Hordaks face. And She-ra sees and makes a face of disgust.
Just because it doesn't show Glizzy getting pounded, or Catra getting her clit knocked around doesn't mean the show isn't very sexual user. Some things can be kinda submerged and closeted. And if a sexual theme is closeted but persistent throughout, then the show is probably pretty sexual.

>that part where Prime is talking about moving into different bodies
>is basically fondling his own clones the entire time

Prime is just Horatio from Endless Space 2 but with a better internet connection. Also, don't worry guys, Catra wasn't sexually assaulted, she was just subjected to mental violation that makes Asuka's mindrape look like a trip to the aquarium.

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>tags: corruption, mind_break, weird_pupils

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I've noticed that in her latest substack comics. They are depressing.

I want to smell Catra's feet

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kitty's flexible

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Oh, you know.


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I bet in the future people will stop caring about this shit and kids cartoons will have sex/rape and the like.

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It'll fit, just relax...

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>the autistic girl stuck in her lab all day has zero flexibility
checks out

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Something tells me that etherians are polygamous and they fuck each other like they shake hands

That's just a type of BDSM. Nothing wrong with them being a couple!

But look how flexible her boyfriend is! He needs to train his autistic lab partner.

holy projection batman!

I should edit that after "thread-" so that it says
>Your dad wants to fuck you
Since he's not seen her in 10 years and she'll remind him of his missing wife.

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Someone in the crew definitely had it for Seahawk's background character ex

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The Between and the Beauty comics I found particularly sad

so these two are the best thing about this show, right?

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It's kinda funny how the show that claims to be progressive has all these fetishes in them. Ironically it appeals to the males who like to see bondage, torture, and kinky shit like that more than the original series. This show was a failure in all fronts.

I want to ram her fat ass.

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she deserves that and worse

who doesn't?
>women don't have fetishes

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women have only two: being abused or making someone into a cuckold

always two there are

speak for yourself, I'm a vanilla chad

>women don't have fetishes
sure, but then don't claim you're being progressive when your show is fetish fuel for both genders.
>Latest season took inspiration from Handmaid's Tale imo
I don't remember the Handmaid's tale ending with the victims befriending their abusers

so a cuckold then

what happened that made you stop believing in good things

user the overlap between radlibs and kinksters is a near circle

good things constantly turning into shit when there is already plenty of shit around

Entrapta best girl, no one will convince me otherwise.

Not gonna lie, I think a whole bunch of you need to be strapped down and forced to watch some shitty anime. You need your sensors recalibrated.


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When I realized that real life isn't a cartoon.
There are no happy endings, nobody is as accepting as you want them to be, you're gonna struggle every day of your life, and there is no Queen of England.w



>so these two are the best thing about this show, right?
Hell no. These two are.

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>speak for yourself, I'm a vanilla chad
Post pic. I don't know what a chad woman looks like.

i would have done anything for what they had

>Show aimed for lesbians
>Best pair was the chaotic straight one

he's just a dumbass